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Top 5 | Greatest Songs [Results on OP]

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This rate singlehandedly destroyed my faith in this site.

I'm A Slave 4 U above Overprotected. 

What the actual unloving f**k are you people smoking on this site now????


You guys either can't or refuse to recognize greatness. I'm outta here until you guys get some fucking sense and recognize that Max and Rami could have made I'm A Slave in less than a day. Overprotected was carefully perfected over the course of weeks. How can you just disrespect that crisp Swedish drum and keys mixing like that? blasphemy

For those who put Overprotected or BTMYH in their top 3, you have my support. If I could lock viewing my threads to just you guys, I would stay. Maybe I'll randomly come back once every 200 days or so...

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