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Melanie Martinez Is Delightfully Crazy In The "Mad Hatter" Video

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The final 'Cry Baby' visual.

Melanie Martinez drops her 13th and final Cry Baby visual with a self-directed video for "Mad Hatter."

Martinez has had one of the most impressive debuts in recent history with Cry Baby. Over the weekend, the imaginative singer-songwriter completed her visual project by releasing a video for "Mad Hatter," and it's wild.

In it, Martinez takes a sip of a magic potion and slips into a nightmarish dream where Teletubby-inspired characters act as her guardian angels against high-power threats. She's cute and psychotic at the same time. One thing's for sure, the best people are crazy, and Martinez is one of the craziest.


Thoughts on the "Mad Hatter" video? Let us know in Exhale.

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This video is a literal live-action interpretation of a Mark Ryden painting. It's really well done, but I hope she gave him credit somewhere.

I don't really care what people think, tbh, but Cry Baby was a really good conceptual album :urite:

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21 hours ago, ItsEJBitch said:

I can't believe she's still releasing singles off Cry Baby

She promised to make a video for every track on the normal track listing to give fans things to look forward to while she makes her next album with a visual movie. 


Slay! I hope the next album has a strong theme as well 

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