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Iconic: Janet, J.Lo And Britney Would Be Fire

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Just now, MC The Songbird Supreme said:

Its not one sided. Mariah was asked a question in the Charmbracelet era and she simply does not know J.Lo. She knew Beyonce because they both met and had a conversation. Mariah only responds to the situation when she's asked about it.

Lets talk about how J.Lo wanted Wendy Williams to shade Mariah on commercial break! But Mariah is the "petty" one. Mariah is the "angry black woman" in this situation. 

Since we're talking about careers now, Jlos performing skills wont matter in the future. Mariah will always have a more legendary iconic career than J.Lo and thats the hardcore truth and I know its a hard pill for you J.Lo fans to swallow. You can stan J.Lo but to say Mariah has been petty in this situation is biased as f**k when J.Lo has been stealing from Mariah and other black artists like Usher, Ashanti, Kiera, etc for almost 2 decades. 

I'm not denying Mariah's past career, I'm discussing the struggle now.

She's constantly drinking in her interviews and appearing to be buzzed or drunk.

Clearly Wendy threw her usual shade off camera against Mariah, and Jennifer only wanted Wendy to finally show ha balls and say what she said.

Stealing, isn't Mariah notorious for copying do we need to bring that tea?

Mariah is jealous over the up and coming vocalists and shades Christina, Ari, and more cause they get compared to what Mariah's vocals use to be.

Keep note Rihanna is coming for Mariah's #1's record and Rihanna currently has 14 and Mariah has 18.

Bottom line is you can toss Jessica Simpson on stage next to Mariah and Jess would leave her in the dust.

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Janet would make Britney look like a 150 year old dancer next to her dancing skills these days and J.lo make Britney look about 70.

Some of you are really in delusion about Britney's current dancing skills.

This would have been good during Britney's prime but that was 12 years ago 

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