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A question about Lana's "Heroin"

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When in the last verse, she sings

"I'm flying to the moon again, dreaming about marzipan,

Taking all my medicine, to take my thoughts away".

What exactly is the marzipan reference? Cuz in earlier verses it is heroin, but she changes the lyric here...

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9 minutes ago, neel21 said:

@danny1994 or @Shadow. ? Could y'all help?

in cruel world she sings this 


I like my candy and your heroin,

and im assuming she is referencing drugs as "candy" & marzipan is a type of candy so yeah that's all i got :quirkney: @cheri might be better at explaining this

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i think it's a double entendre

marzipan as in the anti-depressant which she is abusing to "take her thoughts away" hence it is treated like the candy. heroin is commonly packed in marzipan candy boxes for drug trafficking also. "medicine" could be referring to methadone/dolophine to coincide with the subject of heroin or simply the marzipan anti-depressants

and yes most lana fans believe cruel world is tied to heroin whether it was inadvertent or not, she's usually always singing about the same person, she's addressed it herself: https://vine.co/v/OidnV7TYgxv and especially since cruel world is about a musician who neglects her in order to focus on outside pleasures such as music, other women, and drugs (blue jeans, white mustang, best american record/architecture and quite a few others focus on this as well)

it's a recurrent theme in lana's songs and i believe it's mostly all about jimmy gnecco, someone who denied ever knowing her prior to 2014 even though she mentioned him in her 2008 index interview and has a song literally titled "jimmy gnecco" which was recorded in 2007. in the song hundred dollar bill, lana references to jim/jimmy and namedrops the word "ultraviolent" and we know that jim's name appears in the song ultraviolence as well.

plus bradley soileau was hired by lana because he resembled her ex. jimmy wrote this line in one of his songs, referring to lana's born to die song (bradley starred in the video): "if you think you were born to die and it makes you not want to try, then fall into my hands again"

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Thanks à lot everyone!

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