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Miguel Alencar

Beyoncé SUCKS

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9 minutes ago, BOBIBCFBG said:

She's just way overrated. 

Ugh, agreed. Although I think she really is an amazing vocalist, I can't at her thinking she is this world 8th wonder. Grammys don't mean sh!t when your daddy gives them to you and they already don't mean much sh!t:outwithit:

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On 18/09/2017 at 8:33 AM, I Always Sing Live said:

You sound salty AF. I hate Beyonce but saying she has no singing and dancing talent while on a Britney Spears forum is silly and delusional. Bey can outdance and outsing Britney, besides Britney isn't known for her writing either, + the fake BJ writing credits. :girlwhat: 

Bish, first of all, Britney's latest IG video slays thiefoncé's "dancing" and her Singapore Grammy-winning "Happy BDay" performance>>> :lemmetellu:

Now bish, don't make me call child services on cho ass, come on now. :lemmetellu: 

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