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Diamond Horse

I am a man and lately I have been beating myself up for loving soft things

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I feel like I have gone really soft

And, I have a K-mania :britdrown: 

I sometimes want to find something deeper in it all, but sometimes I think I just deceive myself into thinking there is anything deeper.

Then again, I am not being a stereotype of screaming girl for my "idols" either, it is a little different

I guess I just want to live a little more beautifully :britdrown: And maybe even apply some principles to my life. I would want to change myself and change my attitude to humans and myself after all. Some of the movies give much perspective. It is a good thing that you are more neutral to the characters in series and therefore you can get some good ideas into your head without filter.

A quite successful singer I have met in Estonia said that she was helped in her life by creating fictional friends in her mind. #Imagination, why not though :britdrown: 

Today I realized that this is my fav song right now:

And K-drama Healer is my favorite drama

I sometimes feel like I shouldn't get into that fantasy world

Even so, can it make me a better person, as I think it might make? Thinking about life and values to dramas and stuff.

Do I just deceive myself?

Even so, K-dramas are much more than these senseless Latin dramas, lol

Maybe I am just a poor little lonely soul (although I still have people in my life)

Does it all sound pathetic?

Am I getting old?

I feel like I have never been so soft!

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One of my men said to me that movies is escaping reality. Movies is not the truth. But it is not completely unrelatable either. I think it is somewhere in between. 

As there is soul in the actor's creation and many K-dramas seem to want to depict something about humans still... As many movies I guess.

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The are always things in movies that apply irl and make you think about your own. :outwithit: 

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