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Glory is a really good album but...

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14 minutes ago, BreatheOnMoi said:

This sh!t is fire.

I was being negative and stopped listening since Flop Party flopped. :shameless:

But i will not let you hoes drag this album, when I listen to Just Luv Me i realize EXACTLY why I loved the album in the first place. I refuse to accept that you guys feel as if Britney didn't put any of herself into this album because it's not true.:staysalty:

Then I listened to Love Me Down and I remember how wet all of you were, so I swear you can kiss my ass if you say you hate it now :madonna:

And then of course I played Better 10 times because that's my bae, and to this day it's still not tired or washed up. :bigkiss:


If I'm slaying, No Seas Cortes, MOTM,  Make Me, DYWCO all remain unbothered and iconic. :makeitrain:


My first rating of the album was in August 2016 was 10/10.

My new rating of the album today is 9.7/10 simply because Tinasha doesn't belong on the new version of the album.


Rant/ :arianabye:

lmfaooo the fact that Glory flopped fast and hard is a wake up call for Britney AND her delusional fans :shameless:

yawnn we remember your obsession over trash songs like Better. Not that you could do anything better with that trash taste of yours :madonna:
Your cute try-hard 'rant' for votes didn't really succeed. Oops :shameless:

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I like the mystery Glory left behind; the MM video, the lack of singles

I further think it's an amazing album, however imo the trinity is Blackout, ITZ and Britney, her 3 best albums. Glory is however an AMAZING album, but upon first listening I felt that the tracks were missing something and were so short. I don't like how MM is the lead single, I don't think it's Britney at all :staysalty:

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I think the biggest problem with this album is that because Britney always has known what kind of sound she wanted(she has always looked up to people like Janet Jackson, Whitney Houston, Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Lauryn Hill, etc.) she was disappointed that in the beginning of her career, she was put in this pop direction but anytime she had any control, she went for a more urban, melodic sound. With this album though, instead of finding her own identity within today's music landscape, she heard what was on the radio, listened to too much of Selena Gomez, and just said "this sound is me; this is what I want to do." Now, I think people are being a little hard when they said it completely Selena's sound. It still has edge to what I think Britney wanted it to sound like, separating it from Selena but she is not the wild party girl that she was in her 20s. She has nothing really to say anymore about how she feels sexually because now, she is just a mom and she was making the album when she was single, confused, and awkward. She is like a mother with teen kids(Selena and Justin being her kids LOL), trying to recapture her youth again by saying "I used to make music like this all the time; why can't I make it now" However, when the final result comes, it ends up being awkward, distant, and a deliberate copy. This is still better than her lame attempts on Britney Jean and Pretty Girls but Britney is still under conservatorship and has kind of lost who she is, so she needs to take time to figure herself out again. She is a child inside but she feels old. She needs to be a regular 35 year old woman. She is an adult who still has a voice. She just needs to find it. 

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In my opinion it's still fresh and experimental. Her voice sounds great on the tracks. I feel it was evolving her sound. Where as Femme Fatale was going by the trends at the time. Blackout and In the Zone are classic POP Britney albums.

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