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I think we need to put a couple of things straight

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Id like to think we are all in agreement here when I say that as fans we aren't mad at the video change (albeit it is a boring vid esp for a lead Britney single which has been her best since HIAM) its the fact Britney teased us about this video with BTS shots and leaks of the video and then when the video was scrapped we weren't informed before hand. A simple statement about the change would've been acceptable BEFORE releasing the video and the fans meltdown would not have been as bad and the backlash towards Britney and her team wouldn't have been as shocking. 

I know not alot of people will agree with this point: I'm glad the video was scrapped. Now hear me out...

From the leaked scenes we have saw I agree with Britneys team, there is no cohesive storyline and it doesnt even relate to the song. But I would like to mention GM, WB, and many more videos havent had a cohesive storyline so therefore that point is invalid. 

The video screams trashy and desperate. We all know how Britney had been renouwned for her sexuality and for using it in a tasteful and classy way. Imo it makes her look desperate for attention and we all know Britney, she doesnt want the controversy anymore esp in that manner. But in the reshoot shes all over men and even at the end of the vid its racy. So the sexiness of the original video obv wasnt the issue.

I geuninely think David was being a bit of a d*ck about things and having the 'my way or no way' mentality. Now he was hired as the director therefore he should be listening to his client, Britney. I am sad that he didnt reach agreement bc the dance scenes looked amazing and I think that was what was missing from the reshoot (along with a good plot that didnt make Britney look like a desperate cougar).

I think its safe to assume both are at fault here and that whats happened has happened and we need to move on be excited for Glory! 

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