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Let's Be Real

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I'm pretty sure that even Team Brit knows that the MM video is probably not their best. Britney probably does too. She's said it herself in the past, there's no harder critic of her than herself. 

But they also knew they had to get something out. If they really weren't able to come to some compromise on the video - for whatever reason - it was most likely a scramble to get another video made and completed in time without disrupting the promotional plans they had to support the album (you know this stuff has been in the works for awhile). It's amazing that they were able to do it, and we have a lot more to look forward to in this era - iheartradio, vma, carpool karaoke, not to mention the actual fucking album! 

This era has already been a smash with Make Me and Private Show being two killer songs. Let's not kill the era over a music video. 

EDIT: And I actually like the official video. It's a perfect balance of sex kitten mixed with America's sweetheart, which is exactly who Britney is. And it's a fun, tongue and cheek interpretation of the song. The original video was hot, yes, but it not had no connection to the song and the video itself made no sense together. Let's face it, though, neither video is going to go into the canon of Britney's iconic videos, but given the circumstances, I think that's completely ok.

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This fanbase is disgusting. I bet Britney probably doesn't even feel like doing all that promo she has planned after finding out about the horrible things her own "fans" were saying about her. 

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