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12 Never-Before-Heard Demos From The Weeknd Surface

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They are all SO. GOOD.


Here's 12 new demos from The Weeknd that are all equally killer.

An album's worth of material from The Weeknd mysteriously turned up onto the Internet on Wednesday – unfinished demos left on the cutting room floor. It’s hard to say whether any of the material was meant for his LPs Kiss Land or Beauty Behind the Madness LPs or his House of Balloons, Thursday and Echoes of Silence mixtapes, but each track is single-worthy in its own right. One of the demos, "Pullin Up," landed on Meek Mill's Dreams Worth More Than Money album. Same with "Might Not Make It," his feature on Belly Is Dead's original song "Might Not." "Gone (Tell Your Friends)" sounds like a combination of "Gone" from Thursday and "Tell Your Friends" from Beauty.

Abel Tesfaye has one of those unmistakeable voices that sounds better with every listen, and the latest offering is no exception. In typical fashion, his falsetto is paired with chilling production like on "Quatre Neuf" and "It's Ending."

Last month, Tesfaye revealed he was back in the studio with some of his House of Balloons collaborators. Tesfaye worked with Balloons producer Illangelo on Beauty Behind the Madness, but did not enlist Doc McKinney since. Same with Zodiac.

Justin Timberlake recently mentioned having music in the works with Weeknd.

DeadMau5 Tweeted Tesfaye about a potential collaboration, but these demos sound like something from Weeknd's distant past.

The Leaknd Tracklist:

1. Insomnia
2. Be God
3. Out Here
4. Lonely Thoughts
5. Quatre Neuf
6. It’s Ending
7. Wanna See
8. How Will I Know
9. I Wanna Feel You
10. When I (Pullin Up)
11. Gone (Tell Your Friends)
12. Might Not Make It

Listen here.

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