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#fbf Happy Birthday Jlo!

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#FBF Happy Birthday JLo!

Happy 46th birthday to the legendary Miss Jennifer Lopez!

It really isn't fair. With every year that passes, the stunning and talented Jennifer Lopez seems to grow more beautiful inside and out, defying the basic laws of biology and physics. She can do it all: singing, dancing, acting, judging, it all comes natural to the Bronx, N.Y. native, and she's seen major success in any venture she pursues, all the while maintaining a solid foundation at home with her family and two kids.

As JLo preps her Las Vegas residency show kicking off next year, she'll revisit her most iconic hits. BreatheHeavy would like to take a moment to honor three of our favorite old school JLo music videos, including 1999's "If You Had My Love" and "Waiting For Tonight" and 2001's "Love Don't Cost a Thing." Though she has a complete catalogue of steamy and esteemed videos since '01, these clips are colossally nostalgic and will be sure to remind you at one point, girls crimped their hair, guys rocked frosted tips and none of us could ever be Jennifer Lopez.

If You Had My Love

Waiting For Tonight

Love Don't Cost a Thing

No matter where you go, know where you came from.


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Of course she looks fantastic for her age... but that photoshop job makes her resemble thief too much in this pic 

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so did Britney tweet her? :eatandlaugh:


or maybe she called her and told her they needed to have salad together when she's back from hawaii. :eatandlaugh:

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