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#bbhmm Producer Working With Beyonce

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#BBHMM Producer Working With Beyonce

"Bitch Better Have My Money" producer Deputy says he's collaborating with Beyonce.

As expected, details of Beyonce's followup to 2013's self-titled record remains under lock & key. There's rumors she's putting forth an album with husband Jay Z, which will probably be a surprise release and probably landing exclusively on TIDAL, but now we have a little more insight into her future musical plans. It appears Beyonce is (also?) working on another solo record, confirmed by Deputy, who had a hand in Rihanna's "Bitch Better Have My Money." We're impressed and surprised Deputy candidly admitted working with Bey seeing as she prefers collaborators to remain tight-lipped until its release. Expect his untimely demise.

He tells ThatGrapeJuice:

I did a record, and for the people who heard it, thought it was really a dope Beyonce record—so, we got it over to her and she liked it.

The whole ‘Bitch Better Have My Money’ experience has opened a lot of doors. It’s also taught me to not overthink things anymore. You know, once I do the record and I decide to just leave it alone and just let things happen, right? And then if they happen, they happen, and if they don’t, I just keep it moving—work on to the next project.

We imagine Beyonce will scribble in a few words and add her name as co-writer.


Are you ready for Beyonce's kitty dropping anthem?


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OMG the producer that stole a song working with the artist who steals writing credits basically everything  :arilol:


Match made in heaven  :arilol:

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I'm not here for it. 


BBHMM was trash along with everything else Rih has released so far this era. :4music:

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