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The Chainsmokers Tell Breatheheavy "roses" Is A Reflection Of Themselves

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The Chainsmokers' Tell BreatheHeavy "Roses" Is A Reflection Of Themselves

The Chainsmokers tell BreatheHeavy they've come full circle with their latest release for "Roses" featuring Rozes.

Following their latest release for "Good Intentions," Alex and Drew of The Chainsmokers return with their latest jam titled "Roses" alongside Rozes. We're used to hearing their work in nightlife, but the light-hearted electro tune for "Roses" fits better playing poolside than at the clubs, a refreshing change for the duo, who told us it's the most important song they've ever completed.

"This song represents an inherent change in the right direction not the beginning, but the end of that transition - almost like we have finally come full circle to a place musically we are finally completely happy with a song," The Chainsmokers tell BreatheHeavy.com. "That is not just a reflection us personally but also a reflection of us currently. That isn't to say we won't continue to evolve and take chances and the music will all sound the same, but this to us felt as natural as drinking the bottle of Patron every show. Roses is us, through and through. It's also the first song we co-wrote the lyrics for with the amazingly talented Rozes (also Drew sings on this song which is a first for us but not the last)!"

They add, "This song is super special for us and we just rather let you listen and hopefully if you love it support it! This is The Chainsmokers we always hoped to become."

Check it out:


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