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General, Read This About Appropriate Content Please.

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You may have noticed the image tag was disabled and no member could post or view images for the last several days. This was because there was a LOT of inappropriate content posted (naked, sexual, explicit gifs/pics and threads about sex etc.) and that doesn't comply with the terms agreed upon registering. This caused BreatheHeavy.com to get suspended from Google, which is bad, bad, bad. No Google, less traffic, no BreatheHeavy, ya dig?


Images are now RE-ENABLED, but there's going to be more restriction on images and textual content.


When posting a thread / comment, ask yourself if you'd be OK with your mom or little sister seeing it. If you have to question it even for a second, don't post it.


Love y'all! Happy posting!


- Jordan Miller, Owner of BreatheHeavy.com


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