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official ♫ The Iggy Azalea Thread ♫ Iggy Slay Szn ♫ The Great Escape Tour American Dates Announced/on Sale ♫

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♫ Who dat, Who dat? 

♫ I.GG.Y ♫




 When God created Adam and Eve, he tore a piece of Eve's weave, and used it to make the worldwide phenomena Iggy Azalea. She was beautiful. Her gloriously gold hair, tall structure and enormous derrière had Adam and Eve envious. Her time however had not yet come, and she ascended into heaven anticipating her arrival back to planet earth. Today, she is one of the hottest female MC's on the earth, and she has already made a household name of herself, and is the only thing on the tip of everyone's tongue at this very moment. From mix-tapes to albums, Iggy knows how to rap. Within a year of her success, she managed to surpass what Lil Kim did in a decade. Her name sends Azealia Bankrup to the pits of hell, never again to be seen on the face of this earth. An upcoming collaboration with Britney Spears has the world 

on their knees, waiting to hear the masterpiece about to be brought onto this earth. 2015 will only continue to bring fame and fortune to 

the princess of rap herself, Iggy Azalea. Be ready, as records will be broken...








  • Ignorant Art (2011)
  • TrapGold (2012)



  • Glory (2012)
  • iTunes Festival: London 2013 (2013)



  • The New Classic (2014)



  • Reclassified (2014)



As Lead Artist



  • Work
  • Bounce
  • Change Your Life (Feat. T.I.)


Fancy (Feat. Charli XCX)

Black Widow (Feat. Rita Ora)

Beg For It (feat. MO)


As Featured Artist



  • Beat Down (Steve Aoki and Angger Dimas featuring Iggy Azalea)


  • Know About Me (Remix) [DJ Green Lantern and Valentino Khan Feat. Iggy Azalea]
  • Problem (Ariana Grande feat. Iggy Azalea)
  • No Mediocre (T.I. Feat. Iggy Azalea)
  • Booty (Jennifer Lopez Feat. Iggy Azalea)




Achievements & Certifications




(Thanks to Mordecai for this flawless post)


1. Only other act besides the BEATLES to have a #1 and #2 simultaneously.


2. Lead the VMA nominations, won one too (For Problem, as a featured artist)


3. Lead the AMA nominations, won 2 AMA's as well.


4. 1 BET Hip Hop award (Best New Comer)


5. "Fancy" named song of the year by MTV, ITunes.


6. 4 Billboard Mid-Year music awards.


7. 5 EMA Nominations, won one too (For Problem, as a featured artist)


8. First Female AND non american rapper to appear on the XXL freshman list.


9. 4 Grammy Nominations.


10. 3 Teen choice awards.


11. Longest #1 by any female rapper ever, and second longest #1 by a female this year.


12. #1 New artist on Billboard's year end chart.


13. Only artist to have #1, #2, and #3 peaking songs this year.


14. Only artist to have 4 songs in the Hot 100 Year end chart this year (Fancy, Black Widow, Problem, No Mediocre)


15. 3 Multi platinum, 1 platinum, and two gold songs this year.


16. Fourth artist in Mainstream top 40 (behind Gaga, Avril and Ace of Base) to send her first three chart entries to #1.


17. Fancy was the first song of the summer to block all other songs from reaching #1 since 2010 (Katy's teenage dreams)


18. Only the third female act to have a simultaneous #1 and #2 (behind Mariah and Ashanti)


19. First Australian female artist to top the charts since Olivia's "Let's Get Physical"


20. Only artist in 2014 to have 2 songs in the Top 10 of the Billboard year end chart.


21. Appeared in the top 10 of 22 + year end charts this year, and is #1 on FIVE and #2 on FIVE others as well.


22. #1 on Maxim Australia.


23. 1 ARIA Award.


24. Billboard's women of the year honouree.


25. Winner of the Chart Topper award (Billboard Women in music awards)


26. 1 People's Choice Award


27. Ariana Grande's Problem (ft. Iggy) went 5x Platinum


28. TNC is 15 K away from going GOLD


29. Black Widow exceeded it's certification in pure sales (2.1 M sold) and so did Fancy (4.03 M sold)


30. Beg For it went gold without a MV!!!


31. Nominated for over 100 awards, winning 24 of them


32. 'The New Classic' was the second most streamed album in the US in 2014


33. The New Classic has also exceeded 1 million TEA (Track Equivalent Album) units sold. 





ARIA: Gold

BPI: Silver

MC: Gold

RIAA: Platinum




Change Your Life:



ARIA: 3x Platinum

BPI: Gold

IFPI DEN: Platinum

IFPI SWE: Platinum

MC: 3x Platinum

RIAA: 4x Platinum

RMNZ: Platinum


Black Widow:

ARIA: Platinum

BPI: Silver

IFPI DEN: Platinum

IFPI SWE: Platinum

MC: 2x Platinum

RIAA: 2x Platinum

RMNZ: Gold


Beg For It:

`Updates will be coming soon`


Feature Singles:


ARIA: 3x Platinum

BPI: Gold

IFPI DEN: 2x Platinum

IFPI SWE: 3x Platinum

MC: 3x Platinum

RIAA: 5x Platinum

RMNZ: Platinum


No Mediocre:

RIAA: Gold





Social Media and Links



6.38 M likes/ followers (As of 14 January, 2015)
3.86 M followers (As of 12 January, 2015)


6 M followers (As of 12 January, 2015)


Subscribers - 2.59 M (As of January 12, 2015)
Total Amassed views - 899 M views (As of january 12, 2015)
Vevo Certified (VC) videos - 3
1. Fancy 4x VC
2. Black Widow  2x VC
3. Work VC

"Fancy" is the second most viewed rap song by a female artist on YT, just below Super Bass (it will overtake it though   ;) )

Upcoming Projects and Iggy News

1. Iggy has confirmed that she has started working on her second album, however no news on an expected release date
2. An upcoming Britney Spears collab was rumoured months ago, and has been stated true by Iggy herself. The collab is set to debut sometime in the beginning of 2015. No set date has been given.
3. Iggy has announced that she will be headlining 'The Great Escape Tour', and tickets for the American leg of the tour are on sale, and are already selling out. 
4. Iggy has confirmed on her twitter that the tour will be heading to Australia, but she still needs to plan dates. It has been rumoured that the Australian leg of the tour will run sometime in July, but nothing has been confirmed.

This thread will be updated exactly every month to count progression, and thank-you once again Mordecai for your amazing contribution!

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Bounce Premiere in 2 HOURS! Can't wait tbh.

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Talentless bitch. :cinema:

Oh really? :cinema:

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Bumping this thread so the newbies come join.

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I love her!

Bounce is my favourite tbh...

Shake It, Break it, make it bounce!

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idk why i just can't get into this woman :/

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