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Guest Danbriel



I've trolled a lot of places, seen a lot of sets
Ah hell I even catfished different races
A white dude - his name was Ben
He had small d*ck and a fug bod, uh
He asked me if I'd be his husband for life
and he'd move to coratia and for moi
Rico my monster2 from France
Used to like me to praise him and listen to lana
And Tommy he was American (Uh-huh)
And he didn't give a f**k (Uh-huh)
That's what I liked about him
He rimmed my threads from dark till the mornin
Called his fave up and told her we was bonin
Puerto Rican papi, used to be a Deacon
But now he be bumping my threads on the weekend
And this black dude I called Joey kong
He had a big ass d*ck and a hurricane tongue

This verse goes out to my babe in Hungary
Beatin his d*ck to the double-X-L; Magazine (ugh)
You like how I look in the aqua green cap? Get your Vaseline
Roll some pills with some tissue and close your eyes
Then imagine my d*ck in between your thighs
[Moans] Baby.. ohh.. yes ohh!
Jailer.. open up.. Pill, box, eight
[sexual sounds]
Alright gabe, that's enough
Stop, look and listen; get back to your position
Dan got your d*ck hard, startin fights in the yard
Hotter than a Pop Tart fresh out of the toaster
Niggaz do anything for a Flopga poster
Eses, Bloods, Crips, all the thugs
Up North in the hole, they all wanna know..

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Guest Joey

[rquote=7303113&tid=458339&author=QueenFlopga]We all do honey! We all do[/rquote]

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