Lady Gaga is the new queen of pop. This is not a matter of opinion, it is a fact based on her talent, popularity, and level of success. FACTS - Lady Gaga can sing better than Britney Spears - she has a wider range and a more powerful voice. Moreover, she can sing live whereas Britney can\'t. - Britney Spears has no talent and is a complete and utter embarrassment to the music industry. Miming on stage and dancing like a turkey isn\'t talent. She wouldn\'t make it past Round 1 on American Idol. -Lady Gaga has better music than Britney. Gaga literally had ten hits in a row - she\'s unstoppable. She\'s responsible for the whole \'techno/dance/pop craze - she\'s a leader, not a follower. Britney will desperately try to emulate this style in her next album, and she will FAIL, just like Floptina did. -Lady Gaga completely destroyed Floptina. This is a competition, and nobody gives a sh!t about who\'s #2. People follow winners - Lady Gaga is now #1, Britney is not. - Britney Spears is a caricature of her former self who can\'t even dance anymore - Madonna can dance 100x better than Britney currently, AND sing live while she\'s at it. - Lady Gaga has complete control over her career - she\'s an attention whore, yes, but then again, so is Britney. The only difference is Gaga is responsible for her own image, whereas Britney Spears is still a puppet after over a decade in the business. -Britney Spears can\'t sing, can no longer dance, and has absolutely no talent to speak of. Lady Gaga can sing and is an amazing visual performer. There\'s absolutely no question on who is the more talented artist.