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Found 9 results

  1. In the past decade of Selena Gomez career, she has already 3 studio albums. Which one of them is her magnum opus (her best album). Vote down here.
  2. So... MTV Latin America decided to start a fight... Vote sistrens
  3. *RULES* 1. Vote on which MUSIC VIDEO, not song, you like more than the other! 2. Do so by clicking on this Google Forms, as only 3 polls can be created on Exhale which would take many threads! 3. Round 1 results will be released Tuesday around 8pm EST or after 50 people have voted, whichever comes first! NOW GO VOTE!! https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScLZt_TN3FcPancTXwaZNlJmnVhuEWphBT5begktsMjOuPtAw/viewform I'm A Slave 4 U Lucky Round 1 Winner Round 1 Winner Stronger Piece of Me Round 2 Winner Round 2 Winner Everytime (You Drive Me) Crazy Round 1 Winner Round 1 Winner Circus Hold It Against Me Round 3 Winner Round 3 Winner Till the World Ends Work ***** Round 1 Winner Round 1 Winner Me Against the Music My Prerogative Round 2 Winner Round 2 Winner Scream & Shout 3 Round 1 Winner Round 1 Winner Overprotected (Darkchild Remix) Slumber Party ...Baby One More Time Oops!... I Did it Again Round 1 Winner Round 2 Bypass Round 4 Winner Overall Winner Round 4 Winner Round 2 Bypass Round 1 Winner Womanizer Toxic From the Bottom of My Broken Heart Do Somethin' Round 1 Winner Round 1 Winner Someday (I Will Understand) Ooh La La Round 2 Winner Round 2 Winner Born To Make You Happy Don't Let Me Be The Last To Know Round 1 Winner Round 1 Winner Criminal Pretty Girls Round 3 Winner Round 3 Winner Boys Sometimes Round 1 Winner Round 1 Winner If U Seek Amy Gimme More Round 2 Winner Round 2 Winner I Love Rock N Roll Make Me Round 1 Winner Round 1 Winner I Wanna Go Perfume (this is my map bracket in case you wanted to see)
  4. VOTE HERE U have to scroll down tho ( You may have to open it with a different browser Because they have a problem with their site) http://celebmix.com/celebmix-awards-2017-round-one-open/
  5. Best Performance? Heart for Madonna aka #QueenOfPop Like for Michael Jackson aka #KingOfPop
  6. Go vote, these are allegedly among artists selected to perform
  7. End Result: The Queen Won them All. ////Voting is closed//// ---------- LAST STAND Deadline - 15th December - Favorite Female Artist - http://vote.peopleschoice.com/#!/home/all/45/3 - Favorite Pop Artist - http://vote.peopleschoice.com/#!/home/all/51/3 - Favorite Social Media Celebrity - http://vote.peopleschoice.com/#!/home/all/56/4 - Favorite Comedic Collaboration - http://vote.peopleschoice.com/#!/home/all/59/4 Army! It's time to fight for our Great General Britney Spears! /// Please VOTE \\\ + leave a comment so that the thread could attract more attention! YOU CAN VOTE MULTIPLE TIMES SO DO IT!! Thanks~<3
  8. Since the album is receiving pretty good reviews, don't forget that other fanbases are creepy jealous ******* and they are starting to downvote Glory, so don't forget to give Glory the praise it deserves on 'Metacritic' too. http://www.metacritic.com/music/glory/britney-spears We need to keep it as high as it is right now while the rest of the critic's reviews come. Just that, have a nice day and enjoy Glory
  9. On MTV's Birthday, Vote for Your Favorite Music Video From the Channel's First 30 Years. On Aug. 1, 1981, the world’s first music video channel was born. Monday (Aug. 1) marks 35 years of MTV, which made an even bigger star out of Michael Jackson and introduced us to pop stars like Britney Spears. To celebrate MTV's 35th birthday, vote for your favorite from the 30-video list -- or write in your own personal pick. You can pick Britney videos "Baby one more time" or "Toxic" (this one is wining) or just write in others. http://www.billboard.com/articles/news/7454432/mtv-birthday-favorite-music-video-poll
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