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Found 32 results

  1. The VMAs already weren't what they used to be, but this year will be exceptionally different. The VMAs will indeed take place admits the global pandemic. New York governor Andrew Cuomo announced the big news: the show will take place on Sunday, August 30, at Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY. Cuomo says it will have “limited or no audience present.” The BET Awards were digital, and everything looked pretty great. The performances looked like music videos. Thoughts? Are you excited for the VMAs?
  2. September 6, 2001
  3. Never forget Taylor swift freaked Katy Perry. She mocked katy for not winning a Grammy, and fashion sense.
  4. The 2003 MTV VMAs, when Britney Spears infamously kissed Madonna. Christina Aguilera, was also there and alsokissed Madonna⁠—but MTV panned to Justin Timberlake's face during her kiss, so she missed her moment. Missy Elliott closed out the iconic performance with a few lines from her song "Work It".
  5. now that the 'TROUBLE intro leaked in HQ, did anyone put the works to update the trouble/gimme more studio version? I want it help a good sis i dont want to download it from lowQ YT just to have the main track mp3 or something
  6. I came late from my university and this was on my TV when I turned it on. And after the show mtv repeated it and thank God I watched it in full. I have to say that I was really happy but the end was a little weak, but I WAS NOT EXPECTING THE MEDIA REACTION.
  7. Full article: Every VMAs Video of the Year Award, Ranked From Worst to Best By Larry Fitzmaurice AUG. 20, 2018
  8. September 7, 2018, marks the 18th anniversary of Britney Spears’ 2000 MTV VMA Performance, where she performed her remake of Rolling Stones’ 1965 “Satisfaction” hit, and “Oops!…I Did It Again,” the lead single off her sophomore album Oops!…I Did It Again. On this night, the Princess of Pop definitively shed her teeny-bop persona and cemented her status as one of the most iconic performers of our time. Comments/thoughts? (Where were you when this iconic moment aired? Age?) Let it out. In celebration of this performance’s 18th birthday, let’s give it proper respect! Let’s go back to a time right before YouTube, smartphones, or cell phones for that matter, Perez Hilton, mass media culture, massive internet fan culture. There were no spoilers, leaked info to the press, excessive media coverage via the internet/social media like there is now. Let’s recapture that global excitement surrounding this iconic moment and put it on this thread! Hit the upvote please!
  9. She would have looked like this and probably would have killed the choreo
  10. After that hot VMA performance by Britney and G-Eazy I was thinking they need to have a tour together! Headline together! That chemistry = FIRE! Call it "GLORIOUS WHEN IT'S DARK OUT!" It will be EPIC! Imagine Pop and HipHop fans combine! Arenas everywhere will be jumping dancing lit! Hoping for another performance of "Make Me" at award shows and her Piece Of Me Vegas show has a special guest! And hoping for another song together!
  11. So Zachary just uploaded his reaction to the vma performance. Do yall agree with him? And is it true that this is the general publics reaction too, or has it been more positive?
  12. First of all i rarely comment over here as i love reading the comments.So NO hate comments please Secondly my english is not good so please apologise for that actually i am not sure what exactly geazy forgot when britney grabbed his crotch coz as i remember he hassung his full make me ooh lines pretty well. Could you please tell me what was the rap he forgot ? what was the original rap ?
  13. Xoxo http://www.vogue.com/slideshow/13470114/mtv-vma-best-dressed-celebrities-red-carpet/?mbid=social_facebook#1
  14. I didn't catch the VMA's as I don't every year, but it was wrong to give Beyonce's insanely pretentious behind a 15 minute slot for no reason, when it was Rihanna's night to shine. A true 2011 tea with Brit and the Vanguard. I am at my wits end with Beyonce and the media treating her like she is the second coming of Christ. When in actuality, she is no better than the others. She has done nothing pop culturally remarkable and has no iconic moments outside of Single Ladies. She has not pioneered nor set a blueprint for anything and every single thing she does have been done before her and miles better. Madonna is the blueprint for reinvention and controversy. Janet is the female blueprint for entertainers. Whitney is the blueprint for vocalists. Mariah is the blueprint for range and Pop/Hip Hop collabs. Britney is the blueprint for Teen Pop. Now, what is Beyonce's blueprint? I will probably receive hate for this, but this is a genuine question, as I know many others are wondering and asking themselves the same thing. I am asking because it baffles me why Beyonce was given a 15 minute slot, when it should have been the other way around. My apologies if this not being Britney related but I had to get it off of my chest.
  15. THE PLACEMENT OF BRITNEY SPEARS "How do we properly assess the performance of Britney Spears last night? Knowing what she’s gone through, is it the gentle approach? Do we make an exception on standard and collectively agree that it was a decent return to the VMAs? It was a decent return to the VMAs. And she looked terrific on the red carpet in that black dress, really fit and extensions in good shape as well. But now I’m focusing on the physical before the creative. Which is problematic too. It’s just that if we are to actually assess Britney’s performance by what her peers are bringing to the industry and manifesting on stage, being that Britney is, after all, a previous recipient of the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award, shouldn’t our expectations be higher? Otherwise, why wouldn’t we just watch Fifth Harmony? No disrespect to Fifth Harmony. They’re at the beginning of their careers. And, to be honest, that’s where Britney’s level of artistry is now – in measure with a musical act that started out on a talent show that she judged. So this is not just about the lip-synching; live singing has never been part of her arsenal. It’s also not just about the fact that MTV scheduled her immediately after Beyoncé which so many people are calling unfair. I mean…yeah… it wasn’t the ideal placement, for sure. But MTV didn’t choreograph that number. MTV didn’t decide that it would be shadow hand puppets. HAND PUPPETS!!! MTV didn’t design that horribly low rent yellow costume. Those boots, God, they made me so sad. MTV is not responsible for those boots. Nor is MTV responsible for the tired, unimaginative choreography. Yes, she hit most of her moves. But for most artists, that’s the bare minimum. And this brings us back to the original question: Do we judge Britney on a bare minimum now or do we aim for more? More for me isn’t even about the dancing. Look at Rihanna. It’s not like Rihanna’s choreography is all that special. In fact, it’s pretty forgettable. The difference between Rihanna and Britney, though, is the primal energy. There’s a rawness in Rihanna’s presentation that has characterised her entire career. She’s pure spontaneity to Beyoncé’s total control, and nothing feels missing in either option, because each artist, in her own individual way, is connecting with her material. With Britney, there’s always a gap that’s left behind when she performs now, not just a gap between her and us but a gap between her and her art. In the before times, when Britney was on stage, that space wasn’t there. It’s what made her so electrifying and it’s what has sustained us all these years – we have lived on that specific, lighting special spirit of Britney for almost 20 years. But for how much longer?" SOURCE: http://www.laineygossip.com/Britney-Spears-MTV-VMA-2016-performance/44769
  16. The EPIC Part was Britney closing her cycle, letting go all the **** from her most dark era. the performance is epic because she is letting know to all haters that she's not going anywhere, she's here and ready To give It all again.
  17. My Facebook had a lot of articles praising Britney, but I noticed I had a small handful of friends posting statuses shading Britney. And the the majority of chatter was Beyoncé praise I noticed one of my good friends was live tweeting the show, saying awesome things about Bey and comment on other things. Not a peep about Britney. I bet he probably didn't wanna offend or upset me because he knows she's my fav. What at was your social media pages' overall commentary? Flop friends like mine?
  18. Sorry not sorry. im still waiting for the orginal mm video tho I guess i have to move on.
  19. Thats what an article said .... They said beyonce stole THE show .... i think they might be RIGHT
  20. The queen is so secretive Ariana posted a rehearsal photo.cmon vmaney
  21. We all know she looked flawless on stage-from head to toe- Her hair was perfection,her make up was decent,the outfit was iconic too.ill be happy if she tops that and even more impressed if she snatches that and look even bettah.#sohyped what hairstyle do u want her to have though? Id literally be ok if she had the same hair for vmas.
  22. I want moaaar you? I mean one more song from glory would be glorious.
  23. sooooo I just got a pit ticket to the VMAs and I'm freaking. Anybody else gonna be there??
  24. OK, this isn't happening But imagine how ******* funny it would be Britney get on stage to give the "Song of the Summer" award, fab like she always is And the winner is... Justin Timberlake ! Imagine the meltdown this would cause!!! Here's to a great performance tomorrow, because we know she'll slay :D Good luck Brit
  25. I am not living in the US and ı dont have MTV's channel in my TV. How ı'm gonna watch the vma's live ? Please help me !! PS. dont be rude
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