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Found 17 results

  1. Do you think she is ever going to perform there again? A small part of me says not but then another part says that she will. If she does she would have a lot of pressure on her due to how bad 2007 went and the media would go crazy... Thoughts?
  2. Hey guys, if you love Britney and love her VMA performances, you gotta check this graphic made by an artist on Etsy. It combines all her VMA appearances in such a creative way. Already ordered mine https://www.etsy.com/ca/listing/631581664/britney-spears-vmas-print
  3. This is been happening in every performance in this era, specially the vmas... After Beyonce was done with her performance we saw a 5 minutes reaction and screaming from the audience, I´m not hating but why they don´t let Britney have her moment? what do u guys think?
  4. http://onairwithryan.iheart.com/articles/trending-104650/heres-what-sis-jamie-lynn-spears-15069125/ "She was confident and happy and to me that is success so I was really happy to see her up there and she looked phenomenal." And then she said something that made us all say, "same." "(It was) extremely nerve wracking. I was very nervous and she was nervous. It was a big deal for her," Jamie Lynn said. "She gets more nervous than I think people could ever imagine and then they put her on after Beyoncé and I was like ‘Why would they do that?’" In between feeling all nervous for her sister (and let's be honest, we were too!), JLS has her own things to stress about like new music and her daughter Maddie going back to school. Yup, valid. She says her song "Sleepover" was an attempt to embrace her fun side and oh hey, send an awesome message to little girls everywhere: "I want young girls to know you can be fun, flirty, confident, but you still can be in control." OK, GIRL. YES.
  5. I absolutely LOVE her vocals on the track during "Me, Myself & I" so I really really hope they are going to release it on iTunes, thoughts?
  6. Rolling Stone: Watch Britney Spears, G-Eazy's Fiery 'Make Me' VMA Performance http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/mtv-vmas-watch-britney-spears-g-eazys-fiery-performance-w436450 Billboard: Britney Spears made a triumphant return to the MTV VMAs stage. http://www.billboard.com/articles/events/vma/7487905/britney-spears-g-eazy-perform-make-me-and-me-myself-and-i-at-the-2016 Spin: Given the unenviable task of following up Beyoncé’s Super Bowl halftime showLemonade concert, Britney impressed with a throwback performance that also included her playing (pre-recorded) hook girl to her rapping boytoy on his smash “Me, Myself & I.” It won’t totally erase pre-viral memories of herinfamous 2007 performance, but it won’t elicit comparisons to it either. http://www.spin.com/2016/08/britney-spears-g-eazy-vmas-make-me-myself-i/ HollywoodGossip: Britney Spears Returns to VMA Stage, Totally Slays http://www.thehollywoodgossip.com/videos/britney-spears-returns-to-vma-stage-totally-slays/ PEOPLE: Britney Spears Gives a **** Performance of 'Make Me' with G-Eazy at the MTV Video Music Awards http://www.people.com/people/package/article/0,,20946992_21026971,00.html?xid=socialflow_facebook_peoplemag TIME: Watch Britney Spears Make a Triumphant Comeback at the 2016 VMAs http://time.com/4470107/vmas-2016-britney-spears-make-me/?xid=time_socialflow_facebook COSMO: Britney Spears Gave a Wonderful Performance at the VMAs, So Everyone Smile! http://www.cosmopolitan.com/entertainment/music/a63231/britney-spears-make-me-performance-mtv-vma-2016/?src=socialflowFB US WEEKLY: Britney Spears Makes an Epic Return to the MTV Video Music Awards Stage: Watch Her **** Performance! http://www.usmagazine.com/entertainment/news/vmas-2016-britney-spears-makes-an-epic-return-with-****-performance-w436552 Vanity Fair: Britney Spears Did Just Fine at the VMAs, Which Is Good Enough It was sort of cruel to make her perform after Beyoncé—though Spears looked great in comparison to the rest of Sunday's muddled, dull event. http://www.vanityfair.com/hollywood/2016/08/britney-spears-vmas-2016 E!Online: Britney Spears Slays 2016 VMAs Performance With a Surprise From G-Eazy http://www.eonline.com/news/790585/britney-spears-slays-2016-vmas-performance-with-a-surprise-from-g-eazy ELLE: Britney Spears's 2016 VMA Performance Was Very "Oops, I Did It Again" http://www.elle.com/culture/music/news/a38762/britney-spears-performs-song-vma-2016/ FUSE: "tonight, the pop superstar rewrote the narrative with a performance that displayed how much of a pro she still is nearly two decades into her career" http://www.fuse.tv/2016/08/britney-spears-mtv-vmas-2016-performance-make-me-live-g-eazy APlus: "In full form, Spears hit her moves with the precision we expect from a VMA veteran. " http://aplus.com/a/britney-spears-g-eazy-mtv-vmas-make-me-me-myself-and-i?c=15247&utm_campaign=i111&utm_source=a99231 BUZZFEED: Britney Spears Just Destroyed The Same VMA Stage That Nearly Destroyed Her Career https://www.buzzfeed.com/christianzamora/britney-spears-just-destroyed-the-same-vma-stage-that-nearly?bffbmain&ref=bffbmain&utm_term=.auYmvEMoA#.svQvJ2Gy3 POST MORE
  7. Shady af. B Army went in (including me) and Cynthia is not backing down. I tweeted: Pretty reasonable but Cynthia is literally the most condescending individual, literally read her page. Never actually heard of her but turns out she's quite famous? If if you feel like dragging please feel free
  8. Can someone post links to see the show live? Thank you
  9. https://www.instagram.com/p/BJnmMsWhC8e/
  10. Hi!!! I just found out I won VMA pit tickets on 1iota. Is anyone else going? None of my friends are going so going alone and would love to meet up with other Britney fans!!! im super excited I can't wait. I feel so honored to attend her first performance since '07. P.s my Insta is laurenboni !!! If you wanna get an idea of who I am. Looking forward to meeting any of you going!!!!
  11. Since waiting for Glory has this place upside dow, what with the Carpool Karaoke, the VMA's, the videos, her new lips... all the way to, Britney performing in the Super Bowl in 2017, with Adele. We've also heard Glory. I live in Mexico City. On a side note, Mixup, the store that got the album out early has done this since Britney. Every single time. And, I used to buy CDs so I know that they did and still do respect such a date.... I think it's assumed that Mexico resents her in anyway, and I can't help but to disagree with that. Otros fans no me dejarán mentir So...? You ask. Well, I believe this is THE definitive Britney song, and I've realized its because I believe every single word she sings in that song. Despite that video. Lets remember WHY we care so much Making this THE ULTIMATE Britney record. Am I wrong?
  12. Those who know me well know that I have a creepy gift of guessing stuff or thinking of things before they happen (hand to Godney).. I had this crazy light bulb moment & I just seen a flash in my head of Britney & Rihanna making a cameo in a performance for "Sucker For Pain" w/Lil Wayne, Wiz Khalifah & Imagine Dragons.. (The other ones).. A brief moment of just flawless S&M tie in.. I have no idea if "Sucker For Pain" is being performed at all.. I'm not even all that big on the song tbh.. Why I had this moment come too me idk.. Just figured I'd throw it out there because Exhale is a heaving pile of mess right now anyways
  13. So as I read comment after comment flipping out about the VMA's here is the most logical thing I can think to say to calm the nerves of TRUE FANS! (Y'all weirdos.. Idk what will help you) Britney & Team Britney would not decide to take the VMA stage unless they were sure!! Era after era everything has been played SAFE.. Everybody with half a brain can clearly see a shift this year in Britney. Everybody with half a brain also knows that Britney taking the VMA stage again is a "career moment", it represents so much more than just a VMA performance!! If she wasn't ready & the team was nervous.. She'd be presenting or doing some kind of video reveal. The short video Britney posted to announce her performance was DRENCHED in confidence. They wouldn't revisit, remind & then pretty much elude to her next "VMA History" event unless the performance was filled with confidence & positivity! They obviously feel good about it! To end... Let me please reiterate my point. There is no way in HELL after a decade Britney would take the VMA stage unless she was ready! It's her TIME & I doubt she's going in half assed!
  14. The red carpet has just finished and now we see the MTV opening logo before the show begins. MSG is pitch black and the show is about to begin as we begin to hear classic Britney phrases (like that!, o baby baby, you better work) than - ITS Britney *****! And private show begins play as Britney ascends from the top of a staircase with her back facing the audience wearing a gold body suit( similar to one in the private show commercial and jimmy kümmel prank) The crowd goes wild! The dances move are Similar to the one in the commercial with **** walks, hip thrusting, and hair flipping as she makes her way down the stairs as dancers begin to emerge. she sings the chorus walking towards the audience with sas and owns it.with a wind machine blowing her blond locks ! The chorus ends ends with a boom of pyro as the beginning of make me begins to play where she performes the original video choreography . After the first chorus Geazy appears in the aile making his way towards the stage to Britney where the meet and have amazing chemistry as he raps for her. At the end of his rap Britney says "baby make me ooh" and we hear slave for you panting . She than does slave for u dance break just for good old times and kills it! Flow back into the final chorus of make Me where a wire elevates Britney back to the top of the staircase as she moves sensually( similar to dwad tour BOMT) and she takes her final bow. I made this up as I was going bye guys lmk what u think. I'm not only so excited that Britney performing but at the V M FREAKING A's!!!! During the same weak as an album release! I'd never thought I'd be this excited as a fan again and we all know she has to have a shocker moment like Vma tradition!
  15. Can't believe this was 9 years ago. I remember seeing the snippet uploaded by MTV as a promo, and felt that it was not going to be a good performance. Before the live performance, I just hoped she would pull through even though the dancing was basic. I felt sad after watching the performance, and the succeeding news articles were largely negative. I remember listening to Blackout for the first time, and thinking that the album was a huge departure from the Britney that I knew. Listening to Blackout prior to posting this made me realize that this was the peak of her being an artist, while not caring about commercial appeal. She didn't care much about promoting - she focused on creating a record that she is personally proud of. I remember her label even having a poll on what the album title should be before deciding on "Blackout." I think she came up with a good record, and let the label and everyone else handle the succeeding promo. It wasn't a great time to be a Britney fan, and I'm damn proud I stood with her even though I have my own misgivings from time to time. 2007 was not a great time for Britney personally, but it was a great time for Britney as an artist. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pNlzgGYKs0w
  16. WE MUST bow down and thank our queen for this moment! None of us will ever forget where we were when we found out!!! BRITNEY IS PERFORMING AT THE FUC*ING VMA'S!!!! WTF!!!! IS THIS 2002!!!!???? BUY MAKE ME ON iTunes TO SAY THANK YOU!!!!! We should try to trend #ThankYouBritney !!!! TEARS!!!!
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