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Found 16 results

  1. Hey fellas, firstly, wish you all some happy holidays! Secondly, me and my bf are heavily considering ordering a bulk of vinyl albums through UO from USA but we live in Portugal (Europe), which means we pay a s**** ton of money just for shipping. So we are very hopeful there's a considerate sale after Christmas to save up some. Do you know if Urban Outfitters USA usually does sales after Christmas? If so when does it usually appear and so on? Thank you for your time dula peeps
  2. Britney Spears' label RCA is releasing a Deluxe edition of "Glory." El Corte Inglés (a Spanish store) leaked the tracklist of the re-Release. Their tracklist includes "Mood Ring" + Remixes + "Swimming In The Stars" and ANOTHER new song called "Matches." It's rumored to feature the Backstreet Boys. Update: Rumored lyrics courtesy of Britney-Online: The songs will be out on December 4th. Are you guys ready for the serves? Glory Deluxe tracklist: Invitation Do You Wanna Come Over? Make Me. Private Show Man On The Moon Just Luv Me Clumsy Slumber Party Just Like Me Loe Me Down Hard To Forget Ya What You Need Better Change Your Mind (No Seas Cortes) Liar If I'm Dancing Coupure Êlectrique Mood Ring Swimming In The Stars Matches Mood Ring (By Demand) Mood Ring (By Demand) Mood Ring (By Demand)
  3. Thought I'd let you know that Amazon stores decided to update the 2020 version of the vinyl to the old one for no reason (?). I did the pre-order (through Amazon.es) when it still said it had both white vinyl disks, the new tracks and new cover and now they put the old one (along with the new in the same page). I decided to contact amazon by describing the item that used to be there and what they updated to... they said the following: "I understand that you want to know more information about the order: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX which is an order that has not yet been launched so I sent you the most updated information about this product. In response to your query, I confirm that the product that you indicate does not match the one that appears as purchased on our page, for which I tell you that the product that will arrive in your order is the one that currently appears on the page that It is a black vinyl and not white like the one you indicate. Therefore in this case you can wait for the product to arrive and if upon receipt it is not to your complete satisfaction, I remind you that you have 30 days to return it and we will gladly manage your refund." So if any of you ordered through any Amazon (yes, this happened to all), I suggest that you contact the store for any information regarding possibly cancel if you don't want to risk getting the old version... or maybe just wait.
  4. I’ve just started mine. I have Oops, Baby, Teenage Dream, Chromatica, Future Nostalgia, and Romance.
  5. Hey, everyone. I had a look and didn't see this posted anywhere but I happened across this today - Britney has been re-released for the third time on vinyl via Urban Outfitters featuring a new colour variant (blue/yellow splatter) along with the cassette. Seems like this new wave began with the release of BJ, where they're now releasing new variants and the cassettes. Vinyl: Ships August 14th (Says Limited, but no quantity listed) Cassette: Ships September 11th (Limited to 3K copies) Unsure why they've missed the clear versions for both FF and BJ (for the completionists out there) but I wonder if this'll just be a continuous, ongoing cycle once they keep hitting BJ...
  6. The Britney Jean vinyl is back in stock at Urban Outfitters! Only a few left!
  7. hi guys! i'm new to breathe heavy but I thought this would be the best place to come for some help on a lil project im working on. I'm currently working to create Britneys discography in high quality gatefold vinyls (yes this actually is possible to print and even press vinyl). Im sure most of you guys have seen or purchased the urban ones. the problem with these are the vinlys and sleeves are so tragically low quality and super thin, its NOT what we deserved. I've uploaded a concept image (credit to whoever made it) to show you guys as an example, in case you aren't familiar with gatefolds . my only issue is that most of the album covers/ booklets/backs/ and general album imagery are super old and super LQ. I don't have the imagery in high enough quality to produce it on my own. im assuming urban had to recreate the backs and spines etc, if any of you have HQ scans of the urban ones that work or HQ covers, album imagery (for the inner gatefold), please use this thread. (sidetone: yeah im aware its all copy written but these are for my own personal collection, not selling).
  8. https://www.urbanoutfitters.com/shop/britney-spears-oopsi-did-it-again-limited-lp2?category=SEARCHRESULTS&color=100&searchparams=q%3Dbritney%20spears&type=REGULAR&size=ONE SIZE&quantity=1 also has cassette tape. https://s7d5.scene7.com/is/image/UrbanOutfitters/57521734_050_b?$xlarge$&fit=constrain&qlt=80&wid=683
  9. I was going through the record store day releases for this year and I was shocked to see Britney has one! https://recordstoreday.com/SpecialRelease/11963 kinda a weird release imo . It’s just a few remixes of oops and the B-Sides from all the singles released. Either way take my money team B edit: there’s remixes of oops, stronger, lucky, & dlmbtltk not just oops!
  10. So, has anybody listened to the Urban Outfitters vinyl reissues? Do they sound at least OK? Are they well produced? Not that I'm planning to buy them cause they're very expensive, but I'm curious!
  11. Circus vinyl must be coming 🎪 get your coins ready sis 10/30 UPDATE
  12. Does anyone know if the vinyls are available in the UK at urban outfitters. More specifically the bluewater store..
  13. https://twitter.com/popqueenbritney/status/1061169406196281344?s=20 is this true? Why is it not out now?
  14. Does any of you planning on donating $500 for the signed copy of Glory? Trying to make a decision before the fundraising session expired... Thoughts?
  15. Now that Glory is releasing in Vinyl. What are her other official Vinyl releases?
  16. Let me start this off by saying that I work in online customer service where I deal with people's payments and credit cards. I know many of you will be ordering the vinyl, so this is just a warning because I'm hella worried for y'all. I'm like 99% sure someone is attempting to spam me through the Britney Spears store. I purchased the vinyl through the official website (YASSS), received confirmation from the "[email protected]" email, etc. All seems fine. THEN I receive a random email from "[email protected]" (sketchy as **** email address btw) which states the following: Thank you for your recent order. Unfortunately there is an issue and your order has been flagged. The payment information you supplied with your order seems to have an error. We will need to get in contact with you before the order can be processed. In addition, we are unable to reserve stock for your order. A prompt response will increase the likelihood of fulfillment of your order. If we do not hear back from you within 48 hours, we will have to cancel your order. Regards, OK so FINE, I get a little worried cuz I want dat vinyl, so I ask what they need from me to make sure it goes through. I check my credit card, it's fine, etc. They don't answer for like 2 days so I ask them again to confirm if it went through or not. Then I get this: The issue lies in the fact that there are people who are trying to commit credit card fraud on our website. We are trying to do our best to protect our customers like yourself, as well as protecting the company. In an effort to protect all parties involved, we have tightened our security protocols for all of our orders. Another aspect is that some foreign banks (outside of the United States), do not adhere to the same security protocols that we have in here in the United States. Some of these international transaction, consequently getting flagged. We usually can overcome this situation with the customer verifying certain information. Should you be willing to provide the necessary information, we should be able to remedy this situation. All we need from you is to verify the name on the card, complete billing address, the last four digits of the credit card used for the transaction (last four digits ONLY), the expiration and CV# on the back. If you are comfortable moving forward, please provide the above information. Should you not be willing to share the above information needed to move forward, we will unfortunately have to cancel your order. We apologize for the inconvenience. If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to ask! So just to inform y'all (even though it's common sense), all of this info should never be sent out over the internet. Companies can ask you for a FEW of these things like "the last 4 digits + expiration" etc, but not ALL of them at once. They also should never be asking for the code on the back. It's pretty smart of them to spin it off as being like they are the ones trying to avoid fraud. What worries me is that this email came linked to the original confirmation email which is like 99% legitimate. I almost feel like someone who works on the inside is attempting to steal card info by gaining access to their emails. PLEASE don't fall for this, at least without asking a ton of questions first. BE CAREFUL GIRLS!!!!!! (I emailed the orginal "orders" team about this, will post updates if I get any)
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