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Found 9 results

  1. Hey Guys, I was on YouTube earlier and got bombarded with loads of Free Britney videos. I think its best if we can catalogue them and or correct them if they are wrong. As well as see who has the biggest reach with the right message about Britney. So post if you have come across any, even if there wrong. Its great to see what the GP actual thought of Britney and the #FreeBritney situation is. The Talko - 8.02Million Subs Phillip Defranco - 6.42M Subs Drama Kween - 124K Subs Without a Crystal Ball - 122K Subs Noor Jasmine - 5K Subs ET - Many Local Variants I haven't watched them all, and i don't intend to. But its a good idea to see how widespread this has become on the platform of YouTube. So what have you see? Who do you think is right or on the right track in regards to reporting the truth? Any you have watched and liked? Any you have watched and disliked? (First topic, be nice ) - Alestaos
  2. Hey everyone I have restored Gimme More (Uncensored Version) video, if you wanna check it out I will put the download link below I'm pretty sure it's better than we had, I tried to upload to YT but it's blocked WW it took me 2 days of rendering the video lol so I hope it was worth it!! Anyways if anyone has a request sound off below!! Link : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1QpNEmFx8qvtE2lPvMwTjdZ4iB__QEVv3/view?usp=sharing
  3. Can we? Just for the sake of it ya know Theres no such a thing as VEVO certified since when? 2013? But giving the woman her 22nd and 23rd videos above the mark seems so satisfying. Not everry artists has the star power to reach that Both videos are getting 50k average views daily, lets just open some tabs here and there whenever we're sending e-mails cause everybody does that nowadays, amiright? On a side note: I miss the days we used to flood radio stations with requests for Hold It Against Me, Till The World Ends and I Wanna Go yall! Refresh the page for her videos in the first week to boost her chances to get a better position in the hot100... Best time of my life in this forum Anyway, thats it have a nice day yall and be safe from Mrs Rona dont let her get ya, ok?
  4. So I want to play this game: Someone asks what's your favorite music video look from an era and the next person must post express pictures or gifs of their favorite music video look from thata era (you can ask for other artists eras as well, not only Britney's) and ask the next person. Example: 1st person: Favorite music video look from the Joanne Era (GAGA). Next person: Ready? Favorite music video look from the Britney Era.
  5. Why is that? She always looks so much younger, fitter, hotter in motion: This one is shocking: She looks amazing in all of these videos. Why are some pics so terrible?
  6. I'm just curious about what people think are Britney's 5 sexiest songs and videos what are yours? Mine are: Songs Gimme More Breathe On Me Touch of My Hand Get Naked (I Got A Plan) I'm A Slave 4 U Videos I'm A Slave 4 U Sweet Dreams (Circus Interlude) idc if this doesnt count as a video but she looked amazing Work ***** Toxic My Perogative
  7. Every year my school does the anniversary in which the students (us) have to do an amount of creative activities. One of them is RECREATE A MUSIC VIDEO on an scenario!! This is without a camera or cut scenes, is LIVE and it has to be inside the school itself (with props and lights and etc)! The only requirement for this test is that the MV has to have Choreography (and it has to be popular and not a ballad song), and almost 15-20 students have to be part on the music video. So I need your HELP guys, post here all britney's videos or ANY ARTIST's video that we could recreate! This are examples: (this is easy cuz is on a school so you don't have to use a lot of props and scenarios, we can find it here ) other examples are thriller, turn up the music by chris brown, candyman, etc etc (all of them have been recreated on the past years!) So I have to find videos that doesn't have cut too much the scenes (that would be hard to do), a lot of choreography (this is ESSENTIAL!!), not too much stages and with a lot people (that's why we can't do single ladies, cuz there are only 3 women in the vid), you get my idea? I had the idea of Oops, but britney does a 102920 somersaults and that is impossible 3 doesn't have a lot of scenes but it's too much skin so if u find a mv that has the requirements please post it here! No matter if it's a britney or artist
  8. RCA gave the go-ahead to release 'Britney Jean'. And ,whether you guys know it or not, Record Labels have the final say over whether an artists music video gets released/scrapped/re-done because the RECORD LABEL is paying for it. That is out of Team Britneys control. So blame Perfume getting scrapped, the Original Make Me... video getting scrapped/completely redone, and Britney only releasing 2 videos during the Britney Jean era.... and that cheap *** Work ***** video on RCA. They are at fault. Stuff like this did not happen under JIVE records and they had to deal with Britney during her worst years. RCA is also in charge of that Glorys screencap album cover! That is THEIR album. They put the money behind it and have the final say on what goes on their product! So now I ask, are we going to get a video for whatever 2nd single RCA (Britneys record label) decides? I would be shocked if we did. PREPARE YOURSELVES!
  9. I mean come on! I think it has the potential to be one of her most anticipated videos ever and ever who is directing it is has a lot of pressure on their hands
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