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Found 14 results

  1. Soo BritneyHiatus posted some very strange tweets, and then deleted them a couple hours later. “This will require a trigger warning.” “Just wait until you see the information we just uncovered about Britney’s conservatorship. We need to put it together in a thread first. #FreeBritney” ”What does Britney’s conservatorship have in common with the Harvey Weinstein case? Turns out more than you think! We just uncovered some shocking details. Stay tuned, thread coming after Christmas. #FreeBritney” Idk how to feel about this What do you guys think?
  2. Here are the Top 10 most Tweeted musicians of 2020. No surprise tbh. BTS' fans showed up and showed out all year. Kanye was a mess so that makes sense he's #2. TBH all those who appear on this list make sense to me. Surprised no Gaga tho.
  3. Britney Tweeted Selena Gomez with the video BreatheHeavy posted of the Disney star singing "Baby One More Time" at a SXSW Press junket on Monday. "Awww @selenagomez can duet with me anytime http://youtu.be/qMYLRYgUfbM ! PS- I heard @springbreakers is AAA-MAZING! Can't wait to see it!"What about Miley?! UPDATE: Selena Tweeted Brit back: "@britneyspears I can't breath. My life is made! Thank you!!"
  4. If you're on Twitter and have some free time, please consider liking this tweet to help Britney rise up on the "Hot Sheet" (a fan made Billboard Hot 100 stat sheet!). If you're a big music nerd like me, you'll enjoy this really great work from twitter user @BillBored5 ! Top 5 liked Artist Hot Sheets are updated often with Britney going up and down the top 5 with only thousands of votes making the difference right now! Just something fun for ya'll if interested! <3 ---------
  5. MTV Hottest liked a NSFW tweet. I think everything that should be blocked out is lol (If not I’ll delete it) @Jordan Miller @Roxxy What do you guys think?
  6. Twitter accounts belonging to Apple, Uber, Barack Obama, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, Joe Biden, Kanye West, and Mike Bloomberg and more were hacked on Wednesday. The hackers, under the alias of these high profile accounts, told people to send in bitcoin to a specific address and in return they'll send back double the amount. Obviously, that was the scam. Twitter is addressing the issue, in what appears to be the platforms largest, most wide-reaching hack to-date. I personally was having trouble sending out Tweets just now. When I tried, I saw a spam error. After I did a little investigating, I discovered the hashtag #twitterhacked and ran to Exhale. 2020 is so freaking weird y'all.
  7. Twitter did a little bit of trolling today. They said they'd implement the highly-requested 'edit' functionality if everyone wears a mask. What's interesting about this is people in the US equate not wearing a mask as a political statement, which in my opinion is very confusing. Twitter has come under fire recently for fact checking Trump's Tweets. Trump supporters claim it's censorship and an attack against his freedom of speech. In reality, Trump's unfounded statements in his Tweets can literally kill people or start wars. Anyway, there's several ways to go about this: Include a small message underneath the edited Tweet to alert followers that the original Tweet was edited and Include the Tweet edit history You may recall Exhale did not have an edit feature for a while. It's because we didn't want Exhalers to go back and edit their original comments. It's confusing for new Exhalers entering the topic / removes responsibility to create sensible comments from the get. However, enough Exhalers demanded it so we implemented it back and it's worked out just fine. Except for when we feature a topic on the homepage and the OP goes and erases their entire post 😏. But that's few and far between. Kim Kardashian is going to start a campaign in 3... 2...
  8. We have an amazing era. Think about Britney Jean. And think about glory. We we have a ******* epic carpool! We had Britney slay the BBMAs and do a great job at the VMAs and she is slaying the promo. Glory is currently at 4 and make me at 2. Lets trend #BritneySpears with anything we can. Share the carpool and tag it. Share make me and tag it. Share the vmas and tag it! She the interviews. Even share the BBMAs lets turn this horrible Beyoncé comparison into what we know this is. A great era that Britney deserves respect for. She has her most acclaimed album and can now perform. Wh are people dragging our Brit?! Let's ******* be thankful of how far she has come and let's change social media to positive Britney posts to help glory instead of showing ourselves up by fighting with other fan bases! go and #BritneySpears for your life! the VMAs is now on in the UK let's do this!
  9. Shady af. B Army went in (including me) and Cynthia is not backing down. I tweeted: Pretty reasonable but Cynthia is literally the most condescending individual, literally read her page. Never actually heard of her but turns out she's quite famous? If if you feel like dragging please feel free
  10. So obviously its time we all give our twitters to Britney for like, a week, so she can rule the world once more and clapback those other pop trolls back into famewhore hiding. Share your twitters so we can rate and assess how serious you are about britney aka how many of your posts from the last 24 hours are about her. ANY DEVIATION FROM BRITNEY counts as -10 points. you start with 5 points so. https://twitter.com/scotinthecity AND GO
  11. Not sure if already posted, but #DoYouWannaComeOver is the second most tweeted about trending topic on Twitter Worldwide
  12. Not sure why or where this came from, but I'm shamelessly using it to promote Make Me
  13. WE MUST bow down and thank our queen for this moment! None of us will ever forget where we were when we found out!!! BRITNEY IS PERFORMING AT THE FUC*ING VMA'S!!!! WTF!!!! IS THIS 2002!!!!???? BUY MAKE ME ON iTunes TO SAY THANK YOU!!!!! We should try to trend #ThankYouBritney !!!! TEARS!!!!
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