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Found 25 results

  1. On November 12, 2003, Britney Spears released In the Zone, her fourth studio album, in the UK and Italy. It was released on November 18 in the United States. The album showed a more mature sound and image compared to her previous three records, incorporating pop, dance, hip hop, electropop and Middle Eastern influences, among other genres, and lyrically, it talks about dancing, love, *** and even mas*******n. It features collaborations with Madonna and the Ying Yang Twins. The producers that worked on this album were Bloodshy & Avant, Brian and Josh, Roy "Royalty" Hamilton, Jimmy Harry, Penelope Magnet, Moby, The Matrix, R. Kelly, Rishi Rich, Guy Sigsworth, Shep Soloman, Mark Taylor and Trixster. Britney co-wrote all but 4 songs. She started recording the album in November 2002 after her Dream Within a Dream Tour finished, being Touch of My Hand the first song she recorded, and the one that set the tone for the rest of the album. She then continued with the Everytime sessions, which she co-wrote with her backup vocalist Annet Artani (Annette Stamatelatos). Annet confirmed another song Shine which was about Britney's sister Jamie Lynn, but that song didn't make the cut. It was precisely these two songs which she mentioned on an interview for hip to be the most personal of the album for her: "I really love the vibe of “Touch of My Hand.” When I was in the studio it really came off as like such a natural process. And I love the subject that, you know, I’m touching on because no one’s really talked about some of those things in a lot of songs written lately because people are scared to go there and to express themselves in that way. And, you know, I think it’s an empowering thing for girls, you know. And “Everytime” is just a really nice song because it’s just, you know, it’s kind of personal in a weird way. I just think the song — it’s one of the songs that when you hear, it’s like the kind of song when you go to heaven. It kind of takes you away. You know, it takes you in to a very cool consciousness I think." However she also noticed that every song from the album is a representation of her in some way: "I think every song. I mean you have to go through experiences in your life and go through day-to-day things to be able to write songs and to be able to express yourself and have something to be inspired to write about. So I think every song is a representation of me and like an art form. But it’s not completely too personal. Sometimes I write about fictitious things. You know, like I’ll make up a story in my head about someone going through an issue in life and I’ll be in the studio and we’ll have chemistry with people and we’ll go from there. So I think all of the songs are a representation of me." When asked about her contributions in the lyrics and music of the album she commented: "Well the main thing — like with “Everytime” I wrote the whole thing from scratch on the piano. Musically there was no track or anything. I was just at my house and I did the whole thing by myself. And then I went and I played it for (Guy Sigmouth) and I just basically told him exactly how I wanted the song to sound. And he was so amazing because there’s a lot of producers you tell them things and they don’t get it. And you’re like oh, that’s not the right way. He got it just right. He was amazing. And so that song specifically, you know, I did everything. But as far as like, you know, the other songs I would go in to the studio and they would play me just a bunch of different tracks. And I would pick a track that I liked. And then I would basically do the melodies and the words and they would do the tracks. And like if I heard sounds here or there,in my head that thought should be there, they would elaborate on. And if they wanted streams here, and more of a baseline here they would do it. So that’s kind of how it worked. But musically, I didn’t do a lot of the tracks. That’s something that I really want to probably learn on the next album. But for the most part I did most of the melody and just the words." Four singles were released in total to promote the album: Me Against the Music, Toxic, Everytime and Outrageous. Additionally, The Onyx Hotel Tour kicked off in 2004 in order to support In the Zone. The songs that appear on the album across its different versions are Me Against the Music (featuring Madonna) (I Got That) Boom Boom (featuring Ying Yang Twins) Showdown Breathe on Me Early Mornin' Toxic Outrageous Touch of My Hand The Hook Up Shadow Brave New Girl Everytime Me Against the Music (featuring Madonna) (Rishi Rich's Desi Kulcha Remix) The Answer Don't Hang Up The album went #1 on the US Billboard 200, as well as the Mexican, French and Greek charts. It was also Top 10 in almost every country it charted. A fan favorite album, it's sold over 7M copies worldwide. In 2019, it was sold as a vinyl for the first time through Urban Outfitters. In May 2003, she had shown a little teaser for the album on MTV: Besides the televised performances, including an ABC special, she also promoted the album at nightclubs.
  2. Have you seen this!?? I love it soooo much!!! They did a great job re-creating some iconic Britney music video moments!! Willam actually has a really good singing voice. It’s immediately a catchy song since it’s borrowing from Britney’s catalog.
  3. Hellloooooo! Does anyone know where I can find a remix/mashup of "Toxic" and "Breathe On Me"? It's just like, so of the moment with corona and everything. thanks *****
  4. I mean this is just some next level **** right there I am literally imagining a movie where Britney is the ultimate villain and an evil ******, how amazing would that be? Anyway, I thought ya'll might enjoy because it is next level production
  5. He creado una lista para hacer un viaje por canciones de Britney Spears y revivir esos momentos que nos hizo ser parte de su vida. #Freebritney Britney Spears: One More time Lista Spotify. Setlist Oops!.. I did it again Overprotected Big fat bass Early Mornin' Phonography Mannequin Showdown Unusual you And then we kiss Coupure electrique Breathe on me I'm Slave 4 u Get naked Tom's Diner Stronger Kill the Light Break the Ice Hold it againts me Toxic Gimme more ... Baby one more time
  6. This thread was posted just 17 days ago and I thought it was interesting since in my mind I never think of straight guys listening to Britney so it's kinda cool to see their opinions. Of course, some could be gay too lol. Most of them rave about toxic which is why I think Britney needs another toxic, a song that can appeal to everyone.
  7. Toxic is the word of the year! Britney's impact continues 14 years later. Thank you Oxford! They even used a Britney gif in the Tweet
  8. Full article: Every VMAs Video of the Year Award, Ranked From Worst to Best By Larry Fitzmaurice AUG. 20, 2018
  9. I was wondering if anyone had the instrument stems for Toxic, specifically the strings.
  10. Have you all heard this audio of Britney working on BTI and Toxic? I had no clue how much she loved ice
  11. hello! this is my first topic on here. I apologize for my English. I've been thinking a lot. Anyone on here really LOVE pretty girls? I feel like people pile on hate for it because that's the cool thing to do, but everyone secretly loves it. IMO better than Toxic.
  12. It is different from the one that leaked last month, including a lot of new vocals! This version should go viral again
  13. Love the reactions LOOOOL, TBH they would be delusional to not agree, Gaga looks like a underground sewer muppet while Britney could easily pass for the daughter or grandaughter of MarilynMonroe http://Gagadaily.com/forums/topic/238709-battle-of-the-body-naked-diamond-scene-Gaga-vs-britney/
  14. I just found it on tumblr this is amazing i would love to hear full version Just wanted you too to hear it guys
  15. the general public agrees with that in the youtube comments
  16. Guest

    Best Toxic remix

    I was bored sorry if this thread is pointless but this remix of toxic : its flawless I love the tropical vibe in it such a bopblood shy and avant are amazing I hope they are on b10
  17. This was posted 3 years ago, we had Vegas already for a small time, but did they actually got inspired by this to do the Toxic Remix for Vegas (First part, cause the rest of the song is mostly like the album version) but the person could also have done this after hearing the Vegas one, i don't know but i find this really interesting, cause this version keeps all the same theme and type of sound, give it a check
  18. Hi. I am Igor Moretto and I make remixes that value Britney's voice and creativity. You may know me because of the Legacy Editions I did years ago for Femme Fatale and Britney Jean. Now I did a Legacy remix for Toxic, since it recently leaked. I always loves that track and I got very happy it was made available to me and all of us. Here is what I ended up with: DOWNLOAD 320kbps .MP3 I hope you guys and girls like it. If you wanna download my older Legacy editions, here are the links: Femme Fatale (Legacy Edition); Britney Jean (Legacy Edition). Bye! :D
  19. Sorry if AP, I just noticed. Im a flop, and i dont know how to post the damn screenshot from my iphone. In the first verse of the song: Although she was making a comeback, Spears hadn't yet wrestled with mental health and substance abuse issues that would make her life a CIRCUS... No wonder the gp think she's a crazy woman. Anyways
  20. Sorry, but IMO it's I'm A Slave 4 U, it's not a bad song at all, but it gets way too much praise IMO, sure she has other songs that get more praise than deserved(Oops, 3, Make Me), but not like Slave, the only Brit song more praised is Toxic and though i find annoying that some praise it like she didn't have equally good if not better songs i can't say it's overrated, if i had to grade both songs Toxic would be an A-, Slave would be a B-
  21. Has anyone posted this? This has me DYING 2:38
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