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Found 577 results

  1. Have you ever seen Britney live? Tell me about your experience
  2. Lady Gaga's #Chromatica Ball tour is rescheduled to summer 2021. She'll kick things off July 25 in Paris before making her way to London on the 30th. On August 7th, Gaga will perform in Boston, followed by shows in Toronto, New Jersey and Chicago. Check out the dates below. Exhalers, do you plan on going?!
  3. As of posting this, Taylor Swift was about to take the stage in aprox. 1 hour on the first date of her Lover Fest tour. She was supposed to kick the event off at the Werchter Boutique festival in Belgium. Taylor hasn't toured Belgium since 2011 with her RED tour. I was supposed to attent the shows in Belgium AND Berlin. Can we have a moment of silence for all the beautiful memories that ain't happening cause of corona?! I'm super sad but also glad to be healthy these days. Were you attending one of the Lover Fest dates? Post below!
  4. This is my first topic! Maybe you guys have heard about the Kylie Minogue Anti Tour that was specially made for the die hard fans only. The tour setlist was full of B-sides, demos and non-single songs that fans really adored, but never had the chance to see them performed live and never imagined that it could happen. I was wondering if Britney decided to do something like Kylie did and I’ve imagined everything in details. The tour name would be The Justice Tour. Everybody in the audience could be holding signs written #JusticeForPutTheNameOfYourFavoriteSongHere and if we purchased the tickets on pre-sale, we would receive a bottle of Fantasy Justice Limited Edition as a gift. That’d be the same fragrance of the original one, but Lou really loved the idea and found that intere$ting. What do you think about this setlist? Did I forget about anything? Let’s have some fun! Justice is Blind Intro Over To You Now Justice for Rock Section (I’ve Just Begun) Havin’ My Fun Don’t Keep Me Waiting Rock Boy Wait And See Interlude By Demand Act Better Coupure Électrique/Mood Ring Medley Don’t Hang Up My Prerogative Monalisa By Demand (Previously Unrealeased) Just Chillin With You Act Out From Under Just Yesterday And Then We Kiss If U Seek For Justice Section State Of Grace Passenger/Brightest Morning Star Medley Amnesia Unbroken Before the Goodbye Section Before The Goodbye Walk On By (Demand) It's Never Too Late for Justice Encore Inside Out
  5. In 2011 Kylie (the only one that matters) Minogue, went on tour with one of the most spectacular and well received shows of the last decade. It had a high-scale production, beautiful costumes, magnificent props, live vocals, great stage presence and still she remains one of the most humble, genuine, unproblematic and underrated pop divas in the scene. At 43 years old she was capable of putting on a great show, with a strong concept (Greek and Roman mythology), thirty water jets, a tilted platform, Dolce & Gabbana outfits, dancers and aerial performers. I hope I'm not giving you new information and just refreshing memories, but if this wasn't the case, I'll link down some pics, highlight performances and the full show, so you can enjoy. Also, stream Kylie's Aphrodite album for good luck and clear skin, xoxo
  6. Cause of the quarantine thing and isolation I started doing home concerts I started doing them every Sunday lol. (if I can’t go to a concert then bring the concert home and do them yourself) I started with Madonna with came out successful then I did JLo which was umm... less successful Now tomorrow I’m doing Queen Britney and I’m doing The Onyx Hotel Tour it’s gonna be my most successful concert yet after that I’m doing The Circus Tour, if y’all want I’ll do a live stream lol Wish me good luck I’m gonna slay What y’all been doing since quarantine?
  7. • UPDATE • In the past few months, we've been working on something very special to celebrate halloween and also to relaunch our tour with a special thing. I introduce to you The Sleepover Tour - Trick or Treat! Trick or Treat is our special halloween edition of The Sleepover Tour, coming with a different setlist, new remixes, and a spooky new act. We've been working on this for at least 3 months now and it's still uncertain if we're gonna be able to release it on the day we planned, but we're doing our best! Sadly we won't be able to launch the show today (Oct 30th) as we planned, Tokyo Teen have some personal stuff to solve and couldn't finish all the mixes in time for our launch, so we'll postpone it to november. We know this will most likely kill the ''halloween'' vibe, since we wanted it to be a special halloween concert, and it really makes us sad that we can't put it out in October, but we'll try to get it released in November! When we have everything ready, we'll come back with the livestream announcement and you'll get a new date as well, don't worry. Meanwhile, thanks for understanding and we cannot wait to share this special concert with you guys! We are thrilled to share this new step of our project with you and i can't wait to see your reaction at our livestream. The Sleepover Tour Welcome to The Sleepover Tour project! In this topic you'll find all the information about our new tour project, all the details and all the concepts, and some exclusive information! Please, take a seat and enjoy, because not everyone was invited to this party.. • • The Sleepover Tour • Are you on the list? • • What is the Sleepover Tour? - Sleepover was thought to be one of Spears' most ambitious tours, a tour aimed at promoting the album "Glory". The setlist was defined with the utmost care by two fans who already know the best that Britney has to offer, studying her past tour and patterns for over 20 years of her career, creating a story throughout the show that will keep everyone entertained for at least 90 minutes. The Story The concept of the Sleepover Tour was created around the music and video of Slumber Party, a pajama party at millionaire level, where everything on stage is set like a grand mansion. Large, window-shaped LED screens, as well as circular screens similar to the ones used in The Circus Starring tour, designed to act as giant chandeliers. The setlist, as said before, was carefully thought out to tell a story: Act 1 - The Arrival: Britney wakes up from a late-night dream where a mysterious man was looking for her at a party in the 40's, then she decides to call some friends for a pajama party at her mansion, and soon the party is packed with people, including some romantic interests, the first act revolves around Britney flirting with a man who showed up at the party. Act 2 - Pool Party : In this act Britney is playing with her prey, playing a game of seduction while everyone celebrates at a pool party. She has to convince the guy to stay with her, and this is told in the course of the songs Change Your Mind and Hard To Forget Ya, which will include a participation of one random fan from the audience. Act 3 - Midnight Mood: All her seduction paid off, and Spears takes her newest escort to her bedroom, it's the sexy act of the tour, with remixes totally geared towards sensuality, typical of Britney's tours. Top moment of the act being Mood Ring. Act 4 - V. I. P. Lounge: After much sensuality, Britney decides to speed up things a little bit, the guy is sleeping in her bedroom so she decides to go back to the party and do what she does best: dance. It is the dance act of the tour, with remixes quite agitated that will not leave any fan standing still at the show. Act 5 - Who's That?: In the midst of so many people and drinks, Britney ends up seeing what she doesn't wanted to, the guy with whom she went to bed did not want anything at all, and she sees him kissing another woman at the party (that looked just like her). She gets extremely hurt, but soon the guy tries to sort things out and she says: thank u, next! Act 6 (Encore): Britney realizes that she does not need any man in her life and from now on she is an strong independent woman, she get along with her friends and ends the party to the sound of Slumber Party. On the main stage we have LED screens that simulate the entrance of a mansion, a transparent lighted platform where the band stays during the show and occasionally Britney climbs to perform, and also a staircase with LED screens that can retract to become a single screen. On the main floor of the stage we have two steps that delimit an area where the team prepares the scenarios of the tour, each act has a different scenario that is mounted in that place. At the end of the last step there is a special waved screen that comes out of the floor during the interludes, giving a better visibility of the videos of the screens while the team prepares everything behind, it connects with the retracted staircase, forming a single and big screen with height of 2 and a half meters. At the end of the main stage there is a curved walkway that gives access to the secondary stage and the secondary walkway. The secondary stage has a circular platform that can reach up to 3 meters in height (similar to the one used in the Femme Fatale Tour and The Circus Starring tour), at the top there is another circular LED screen. In the secondary walkway there is a mat where Britney can do some choreography, as well as a ladder for access of fans in special moments of the show. The stage has an approximate height of 30 meters, with about 65 meters wide. As said before, the setlist was carefully thought to contain most of Britney's hits, and even if they're not listed here doesn't mean they're not on the tour, we added little special samples in every song! The Sleepover Tour • Are You On The List? 1. The Arrival • Prelude [Contain elements from "Womanizer"] 2. Intro [Contain elements from "Invitation"] 3. Do You Wanna Come Over? 4. Hold It Against Me [Contain elements from "How I Roll", "I Wanna Go" and "Toxic"] 5. 3 6. Pool Party • Interlude [Contain elements from Danja's remix of "Hot As Ice"] 7. Change Your Mind (No Seas Cortes) 8. Love Me Down [Date Of The Night • Fan on stage] 9. Hard To Forget Ya 10. If I'm Dancing 11. Midnight Mood • Interlude [Contain elements from "Coupure Électrique" & "Kill The Lights"] 12. I’m A Slave 4 U • Break The Ice 13. Radar 14. Make Me... 15. Mood Ring 16. V.I.P. Lounge • Interlude [Contain elements from "Scream & Shout"] 17. Boys • Baby One More Time 18. Gimme More 19. (You Drive Me) Crazy [Contain elements from "Gimme More", "Big Fat Bass" and "Stronger"] 20. Who's That? • Interlude [Contain elements from "Lucky"] 21. Just Like Me 22. Liar 23. Shattered Glass / Me Myself and I 24. Stronger 23. Encore • Interlude [Contain elements from "Toxic"] 24. Slumber Party Here you can check out the teaser trailer with some previews from the actual 3D stage lighting and backdrops! Don't worry, you guys will get a full trailer really soon, with the previews of some other mixes, as well the stage lighting and backdrops, stay tuned! The Sleepover Tour wouldn't be here if it wasn't for the team behind all of that magic you just saw, a work of more than one year is finally coming to an end and we cannot wait to show you guys everything we've prepared! Sleepover Tour YouTube Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrfW8-H0STQr8A8Gv9IILIA Sleepover Tour Soundcloud Channel https://soundcloud.com/the-sleepover-tour • THE TEAM • Tokyo Teen - https://soundcloud.com/tokyo_teen & Stuff - Creative Director, Stage Concept Designer, Backdrops, Setlist and Tour Marketing. Tokyo Teen - Music Director, Tour Mixes, Setlist and Tour Management. Special Credits Allan H. - 3D Stage, Stage Concepts and Lighting Ricard - Tour Outfits Thank you guys so much for all the support we've been getting in all of our social medias, and the best is yet to come, don't miss the tour launchment! We have plans on launching the project until the end of January, when that happens i will be making another post with all the download links and everything you need to know to improve your experience while listening to the tour! Thank you so much! xoxo, The Sleepover Team
  8. Adam Lambert revealed he and Christina Aguilera had plans to tour together, but before they could announce it, COVID-19 ravaged the world. He said: Also #JusticeForBionic Related:
  9. Another one bites the dust. Taylor Swift announced her Lover Fest summer tour is no longer happening due to the ongoing pandemic. It makes sense. It just sucks. Originally, she said shows will take place in 2021 instead, however there's buzz it's actually getting delayed another year to 2022. She is offering refunds. Were any of you planing on going?
  10. I'm sorry if you were having a good day, because I have some unsettling news that I need help coping with. The NY Times interviewed bioethicist Zeke Emanuel, who is vice provost for global initiatives and director of the Healthcare Transformation Institute at the University of Pennsylvania. Emanuel presented a plan detailing how we can restart the economy, and shared some unsavory news: concerts won't return for the foreseeable future. "Yes, restarting the economy has to be done in stages, and it does have to start with more physical distancing at a work site that allows people who are at lower risk to come back. Certain kinds of construction, or manufacturing or offices, in which you can maintain six-foot distances are more reasonable to start sooner," he said. "Larger gatherings — conferences, concerts, sporting events — when people say they’re going to reschedule this conference or graduation event for October 2020, I have no idea how they think that’s a plausible possibility. I think those things will be the last to return. Realistically we’re talking fall 2021 at the earliest." Thoughts on concerts possibly not coming back for a year and a half (at the earliest)?
  11. Ticketmaster pulled a fast one on concert-goers who purchased tickets to shows that are no longer happening because of the Coronavirus. They quietly changed their refund policy recently to reduce refund payouts. The old policy promised refunds for events that were "postponed, rescheduled or canceled," but the update now covers cancellations only. It appears to be a desperate attempt to stay afloat. Stubhub did something similar. They offered vouchers instead of refunds, which opened them up to a class action lawsuit. “It is currently impossible for us to offer immediate cash refunds to all buyers,” StubHub said. Do you think Ticketmaster did ticket holders dirty?
  12. As per Instagram post : Black Diamond! I am excited as I really enjoyed her last album she recorded while she was still married to this Qatari billioner and living in Qatar. And Made for now was a great song!
  13. Justin Bieber's Changes tour is officially on hold for the foreseeable future. Every date in 2020 is no longer. Obviously it's due to the Coronavirus. It's worth reminding you prior to the pandemic, the tour wasn't selling so well anyway. His stadium dates were downgraded to arenas. Here's the official statement: Below is the thread with information leading up to today's update. I bet you Bieber is so relieved Earlier:
  14. Pollstar just released this ranking of the highest-grossing female touring acts since the year 2000. Rounding out the Top 10: Madonna Celine Dion Beyonce Taylor Swift P!nk Lady Gaga Cher Britney Spears Rihanna Katy Perry Britney ranks at #8 even with 70+ unreported shows, including her highly successful Asian tour. Check out the full top 50 below. Are you surprised at all?
  15. One thing about Madonna is she's a perfectionist when it comes to her stage tours. From calling her dancers actors and actresses to help tell her story. From saying she doesn't condone weed or grass use. But as she is paying you. Don't do it under her payroll. From saying that the show is timed down to the seconds when it begans. Remember your cues and places for each second. If anybody makes a mistake or Fs up. It sets the whole show off and my mood as well. I understand why there's a lateness to her shows. As you see the choreographers and the assistant choreographers basically have to get the people back in line and remember that just because you had a few days off. Doesn't mean you can slack. They rehearse basically tills it's back in the perfection sync that's needed. And as her team said. Three months doesn't give you a great time to prepare. Once February hit the workshop basically started. And we have to parent them and tell them. You can get Fired for not doing what you are told to do.
  16. Once Camila Cabello heard the Olympics were being postponed, she knew it was time to throw in the towel. The Romance Tour, like everything, is on hold. "with all the news constrantly coming out and so much that is really unknown, we're also taking extreme precautions to protect ourselves, our team, our dancers, our band, our crew and ultimately you guys," she wrote. "i'm truly heartbroken to say that we've decided we need to postpone the tour... we can't start rehearsals without putting people at risk and with so much up in the air with no real and definitive end in sight, I feel this is the responsible thing to do." "I promise I'll see you and cuddle your faces off when it's safe and this all passes," she noted, adding that she was working on a tour that was "really magical and special." Thoughts?
  17. I personally think Britney should of retired after the circus era/tour The circus tour was epic!!! Always go out on a high.... Britney you dont need to do something we fan all see youre not enjoying, youre an icon!
  18. Billie Eilish tends to wear oversized clothing to keep the attention on her music and not her body. In a new video interlude on tour, Billie takes ownership of herself. It's actually pretty awesome. In the clip, she can be unzipping her oversized hoodie then stripping down to a black bra. “Some people hate what I wear, some people praise it," Eilish says. "Some people use it to shame others, some people use it to shame me. But I feel you watching, always. And nothing I do goes unseen.” "So while I feel your stares, your disapproval or your sighs of relief, if I lived by them, I’d never be able to move," she continued. "Would you like me to be smaller? Weaker? Softer? Taller? Would you like me to be quiet? Do my shoulders provoke you? Does my chest? Am I my stomach? My hips? The body I was born with, is it not what you wanted?" "If what I wear is comfortable, I am not a woman. If I shed the layers, I am a ****. Though you’ve never seen my body, you still judge it and judge me for it. Why?" she asks. "Is my value based only on your perception? Or is your opinion of me not my responsibility?” Check it out below. What do you guys think? Is this lame or empowering?
  19. Madonna has had her fair share of ups and downs with the Madame X tour, but drama aside... she proved the Queen of Pop is still very much in-demand! According to this data compiled by Touring Data on Twitter, the Madame X theater tour grossed nearly $50 million. Her London residency alone generated nearly $10 million Guess this is why she doesn't care about banning cell phones and cancelling tour dates. Ha impact! Are you guys surprised by these stats? To be honest I am a little. I knew she was a touring force, but dayum!
  20. It's pretty incredible how the world is shutting down right now. I can't decide whether I need to feel panic or not. The stories are pretty scary, but I think it would benefit us all to take a deep breath and keep calm. I wanted to put together a list of shows / tours effected by the outbreak. Please feel free to comment with any I may have missed. Were any of you guys planning on attending something that was shut down? Ally Brooke Avril Lavigne BTS Billie Billie Eilish Blake Shelton Broadway Celine Cher Chris Stapleton Coachella Dan + Shay David Archuleta Jonas Brothers Kelly Clarkson Kenny Chesney Kesha Lauryn Hill Lionel Richie Louis Tomlinson Madonna Maluma Mariah Carey Michael Bublé Miley My Chemical Romance Pearl Jam Pixies P---- Riot Quavo Santana Taylor Swift (Capital One's JamFest) The National The Who Thom Yorke Third Eye Blind Tove Lo Trevor Noah Ultra Wilco Zac Brown Band
  21. Well, it's over. If Billie Eilish, arguably the biggest star on the planet right now, has to postpone her tour because of the Coronavirus... everyone will.
  22. The Coronavirus is taking its toll on the music industry. Coachella, Stagecoach, Ultra, SXSW and a bunch of tours are feeling the pressure. Touring power house Live Nation is also feeling its effects. BIG TIME. Their shares dropped 43.3% over the past month. According to Digital Music News, on March 10th, "Live Nation’s market cap was measured at approximately $10.8 billion, a figure that plunged to $9.01 billion." They have also instructed all tours come to a halt. The announcement affects all Live Nation tours, domestically and internationally, Billboard reports. The World Health Organization has declared the worldwide outbreak of the new coronavirus a pandemic. Thoughts?
  23. Queen of not being scared of the Coronavirus. Queen of not taking individual group pictures. Unless you're Jlo. What do you guys think of these meet & greet pics from Billie's new tour?
  24. Enrique Iglesias & Ricky Martin are going on tour together beginning in September. Rising star Sebastian Yatra will join them as well. Tickets go on sale March 12th. It kicks off September 5th in Phoenix. I've actually seen both live and they're phenomenal performers. Ricky's Vegas show was a bit cheesy, but... Both of these men in the same room. Any Exhalers interested in this?! Sept. 5 -- Phoenix, AZ -- Gila River Arena Sept. 6 -- El Paso, TX -- Don Haskins Center Sept. 9 -- Edinburg, TX -- Bert Ogden Arena Sept. 11 -- San Antonio, TX -- AT&T Center Sept. 12 -- Houston, TX -- Toyota Center Sept. 13 -- Dallas, TX -- American Airlines Center Sept. 17 -- Los Angeles, CA -- STAPLES Center Sept. 22 -- San Jose, CA -- SAP Center Sept. 24 -- Sacramento, CA -- Golden 1 Center Sept. 26 -- Las Vegas, NV -- MGM Grand Garden Arena Oct. 1 -- Chicago, IL -- Allstate Arena Oct. 6 -- Boston, MA -- TD Garden Oct. 8 -- Toronto, ON -- Scotiabank Arena Oct. 10 -- Montreal, QC -- Centre Bell Oct. 14 -- Philadelphia, PA -- Wells Fargo Center Oct. 15 -- Washington, DC -- Capital One Arena Oct. 17 -- Newark, NJ -- Prudential Center Oct. 18 -- New York, NY -- Madison Square Garden Oct. 23 -- Miami, FL -- AmericanAirlines Arena Oct. 29 -- Orlando, FL -- Amway Center Oct. 30 -- Atlanta, GA -- State Farm Arena
  25. Touring is notoriously exhausting. It's burnt out some of our biggest pop stars because the intense travel demands, the energy it takes to put on a show, the struggle to calm down after the show's done, the events and gigs in-between performances, the meet & greets, the pressure to maintain relevancy with new music, social media etc. It's... a lot. I don't envy them. Halsey says after 2020 she's taking a long break from touring. She didn't specify why, but I imagine any (or all) of the reasons above could be it. I value having stability and routine in my life. Traveling and working non-stop would make me lose my ****, so I can only imagine the hard time artists like Halsey have. Especially cause her caliber of stardom isn't like Beyonce, where the label does what you ask for the most part. She's still on the up and up so there's a real likelihood she's being overworked. What do you think? Should she just "suck it up" or does she have a valid reason to take a break after touring concludes?
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