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Found 12 results

  1. Never thought I would say this, but with Justin Timberlake, being seen as the victim. it just proves His story by TLC is still relevant, 29 years later. This is a story of a male to female threat to society, why you wanna go and telling on me. His story, over mine His story, will be his story and you know, my story is a waste of time... You're gonna believe.... His story Even the verse hits hard. Girl's have an image to, but when they get mad at you. There's no telling what they say to hurt you. And Lisa's ending about no matter what we do, they'll all above his story.
  2. 29 years ago today, Laface records released Ain't 2 Proud 2 Beg By a girl group that would define the 90s TLC. The song peaked at #6 on the hot 100. Fun facts. Lisa Left-Eye Lopes is the first female rapper to have a US Hot 100 Top ten, breaking down barrier's for females in rap music. She might have been in a girl group, But unlike T Boz and Chilli, she never sang. Though a Gap commercial from 1999 actually proved she could, thus proving what most said. She was the talented one out of the three and they understood her frustrations. #2. It peaked at #6 ten years to the day Lisa would tragically die in the car crash. 04/25/1992. An alternate lyric was recorded by Lisa due to radio censors at the time was much stronger. The line "2 inches or a yard rock" was really Controversial ad the song is basically the girls have no shame in begging the guy for his Vitamin "D". Lisa was also the first female rapper to be nominated as a Songwriter Ain't 2 Proud 2 Beg was written by Dallas Austin (one of two of their main producers and songwriters outside of Babyface who was the Max Martin of R&B in the 90s. The Music video is known for being colorful and full of inneunedos and Wearing C?+!$ondoms as a promotion for the African American community who was suffering from the AIDS epidemic the most. Here's the video. FYI. TLC knows that the first album is really dirty and knows LaFace should have stickered the album. Both T Boz and Chilli said. We couldn't celebrate our success with our nieces and nephews. That's how ashamed we were cos there's no clean version of the first album. Here is the radio mix that was only Promo to radio with a kid friendly lyrics so questions are avoided.
  3. Tionne, Lisa and Rozanda aka T-Boz, Left eye and Chilli collectively known as TLC, the Best selling girl group in the US, and the second Best selling girl group worldwide is getting the Biography treatment as A&E is rebooting the channel and going back to its roots and going back to being about Arts and Entertainment. Citing lifetime and Bravo have the tabloid trash. We need some class up here. TLC was the biggest girl group in the 90s in the US. Their first album had them as kids, colorful clothes and also a very important message with Cundoms everywhere especially on Lisa's eye. Promoting the message that kids have *** and safe *** is important in our communities....that first album is where Lisa shines, two solo Tracks by Lisa. Plus several tracks on dating in the 90s and total girl power. Their second Album saw the girls became women, Crazysexycool also made history as they are still the only girl group to have a diamond Album, and it's also one of the first times that people learned about shady contracts and how the artists can sell records and end up broke.. All the designer clothes, video shoots and promotion costs spent up front by the labels, all get paid first. Lisa said TLC Only got 1.53 million as a group, divide that by 3 is 62,000 then add 48% bracket in taxes, each took home 1,000 when all it's done. Like Lisa said, I'm supposed to buy a house with that. So, they filed for chapter 11 Bankruptcy. People shaded them, but it has come out that filing these things is important as it protects what never assets you have in your possession, over Time they renewed their contracts and got a better precentage rate, than the previous 7% royalty rate they made. In, 1999 they came back with FanMail and the futuristic themes. If you Google the photoshoots, TLC actually had blue paint on them to give the colors of the artwork. It wasn't post production, but then again Lisa is all in and make it look authentic visionary, or it's not happening. FanMail was a #1 album, and it actually traded positions several times with Britney Spears and her debut album. This was the norm until Millennium by Backstreet boys came out. By, 2002 TLC was planning to do a final Album, but everything got derailed when Lisa, tragically died during production, so T Boz and Chilli planned to do finish it in 2003. After healing, But L.A. Reid forced the girls to finish it when they weren't ready, and he admitted he was very wrong to ask them when they weren't ready. They released a fifth album by Kickstarter and independently, and while it contained the classic sound. It didn't sell as expected. Can't wait for this to air.
  4. On their exclusive Vinyl edition of The iconic Crazysexycool (only album to go diamond by a girl group in the US, FanMail is coming close, TLC are watching the streams of No Scrubs and I pretty closely since RIAA allows that to go towards Album certs), But Rough Trade, an independent shop in NYC, while praising TLC, acknowledging the Spice girls were going to happen, they Drag the hell out Of Victoria Beckham aka Posh Spice And here's the quote "What a Rock N Roll story of Feuding, success, bankruptcy, premature death (poor taste despite the truth), and gazillions of over the counter sales, but all driven by an amazing amalgam of Pop, Hip hop and Sass. This, Their second album paved the way for the Spice girls with their female empowered songs, But TLC had much more funk and soul than Posh could muster." The drag of Victoria Beckham. None of the others got dragged, I wonder if it had to do with denying the girl group and not wanting to be a Spice girl, is what made this singled out drag happen.
  5. The top five greatest hits by solo acts, Before playlists, artists and labels would package a best of their biggest artists. Sometimes the greatest Hits have clever titles. Like the best selling compilation by a solo act, Female in the US The immaculate collection by Madonna. Or in some cases like TLC Now and forever. One greatest hits act I will be excluding from this list is the original 1998 Mariah Carey #1's album. She opened the album with a letter saying this was out of her hands, and this isn't a greatest hits, it's too soon. Just a thank you to the fans, when the greatest Hits comes I'll include songs that didn't go #1 that are better than some that did Underneath the stars, Breakdown, the roof. Mariah thanked the fans, but also shaded the concept behind the album. My opinion for the best Britney Spears greatest Hits collection The 58 track (29 CDs in the rare and hard to get cool box set which housed a b side or a cool Remix) that celebrated her first decade in the music industry. While the 2004 set Greatest hits: My prerogative was praised, many felt it was way too soon for Britney to actually have a Hits collection, saying it speaks of her short brief imperial phase. But 2009's Box set was praised and achieved universal acclaim, the only Britney album to achieve this. Saying as a singles act, it doesn't get better than Britney Spears. This set goes hand to hand with the just released Madonna's celebration, and is a great reminder, that just like Madonna and Michael Jackson was the top pop stars of their era. Britney Spears proves this box set start as a teen pop 🌟 brilliantly across 29 CD singles goes from pop star to established club act. It's perhaps an indicator when Britney goes out of favor for radio stations and album sales, the princess of pop will join the ranks of Madonna and Kylie Minogue as relevant in the dance floor forever, who needs a billboard hot 100 #1 hit when you have 15 #1 dance hits. For the males there is only two men I Stan both I was raised on in my household Prince the Hits. This release was right before the final Official album to bear his name under the moniker Prince 1958-1993, but this release he allowed to happen, but refused to promote given the battle he was taking on the music industry. While Taylor Swift got praised. Prince did it to, was ridiculed and made fun of. This is the only commercial he authorized for his first greatest hits set. Kylie Minogue step back in time deluxe 3 CD set Originally a 2 CD set, many fans felt jipped on kiss me once exclusion. Kylie obliged and released the expanded reissue of her Gold certified #1 Album. 10 more hits, plus a 40 minute megamix. TLC now and forever:The Hits represents the best American girl group compilation Like T Boz said, we're the only girl group to have funk, soul, rap. It wasn't done before, and never happened since them. https://youtu.be/NOOhqDpL5-k Michael Jackson History, past present and Future book 1.. Is perhaps the ultimate best of in make pop stars, 15 of his biggest Hits on one disc, the other is a complete studio album. Featuring Scream the only time Michael and Janet collaborated, plus it house's the very first single to debut at #1 on the Billboard hot 100 (which happened slot in the fall of 1995, but until the streaming era, it was way difficult to achieve that feat, it's easier now. Not so much back then) It's also to date his most controversial and personal album to date. Reason why it's controversial Michael was accused of anti seminite lyrics in they don't care about us, by the Jewish community. For the following lyrics. "Skinhead, dead head, everybody gone bad . Jew me, sue me, kick me, kik'e me Don't you black or white me." Let's just say Sony Music was extremely pissed that they had to pay an additional 2,000,000 for Michael to reedit the song without the offending lyrics. Hint the special effects. It's only the original print that contains the unedited version. Celebration is the ultimate greatest Hits set by Madonna.
  6. TLC is one of the highest selling girl groups of all time. They served us classic songs and had great live performances. Each member was distinct in their own way yet worked so well together. They are legends imo but I feel like they are somewhat underrated/ forgotten nowadays in comparison to other legends, which is a shame. Are you a TLC fan? What are your fave songs from them?
  7. TLC beat the likes of Mariah Carey, Toni Braxton and more, for a poll of who should get the 2020 Lifetime achievement award. TLC achievements are Second best selling girl group worldwide behind only The Spice girls. Which makes the best selling American girl group of all time. Top certified girl group according to the RIAA (billboard and others Don't consider The dixie Chicks a girl group, but a full fledged band) Crazysexycool is the top certified album by a girl group 12X platinum. TLC is closely watching the streams and sales of FanMail so they can hound Sony music to recertify it diamond.. I think they deserve it Mimi has the songwriting hall of fame. She can wait til next year.
  8. Mariah Carey tops the list of the most streamed pre 2000 female act song. Few surprises. Both TLC and The Spice girls are neck to neck. Spice girls wannabe is streamed more than Toxic by Britney spears Not surprisingly Madonna is nowhere on the list. Every playlist she's added she's the one that gets skipped the most. Which I find funny. Considering all out 80s spotify playlist has her on the cover.. But that's not shade. It's just that the 80s are one of the least streamed decades. I truly believe anything prior to 1994 isn't being streamed obsessively. So artists like Janet Jackson, Madonna, All the original MTV era stars are truky the least streamed acts. Cos the streaming generation or kids born in the 90s. Didn't grow up with them when they ruled the charts.
  9. I remember watching The vh1 reality series What Chilli wants. I wasn't surprised when the dating expert and even T Boz scolded her about some of the "requirements" to dating her. They understand smoking. But the alcohol and the six pack requirement was criticized. Both of them said. You tell any football loving man he can't have a beer with his boys while watching the game. You might as well be single forever. Scientific studies proven that drinking with your buddies socially is actually a health benefit. Not basically getting drunk. But a few beers is a good mental health break. My other problem is. She falls for the playboys. Who knows they aren't settling down for anyone. Their into flings. Once they are bored. They just move on. It's been that way forever. But girls really can't comprehend when they say. They don't want anything serious. The girks always try to change them. Only to have their heart broken. And eventually their self esteem going down to feeling that they will never find the soul mate.. Which in today's dating world. Most orientations are really into casual flings. Not really serious. As they don't have the patience to put into the work in a relationship. Most do settle down. But the average age is between late 40s and 50s now. Basically when you can't have children biologically. That's when the time to settle is. I hope chilli finds her soulmate. But then again. Sometimes people are meant to ve alone forever and that's ok.
  10. If The biggest selling American girl group of all time is known for one thing. TLC has always been ahead of the trend. Case in point. The anti mr. Right now anthem Silly Ho. Features a futuristic computer type Rapper named Vic-E. One comment just made me scream. TLC created Siri as a rapper first Before Apple made her a thing. All comments agreed that they can never hear the voice of siri in the same light ever again..
  11. Talk about defying the odds. Tionne Watkins aka T-Boz is the best example of this. Diagnosed with the very rare Sickle cell anemia. A disease that's common in the African American community with an expected Short life span. This woman was told. She would be dead by 30, Not have children, be in a wheelchair. She gave birth in 2000, turns 50 this year and can walk. Let's throw in a brain tumor that basically had to retrain T Boz to be living again. The weight gain is definitely caused by this. This is the true definition of defying the odds.
  12. TLC's iconic third studio album, FanMail is celebrating it's 21st anniversary! This is my all time favorite album from the group as well as one of my most favorite girlgroup albums ever. But that's really not why I wanted to discuss this album with y'all. Our fave's debut single ...Baby One More Time was offered to TLC (we all know that) for FanMail but was rejected by the group. They were also offered Heartbreak Hotel by Whitney Houston feat. Faith Evans and Kelly Price (I luuurve) but also turned it down. Now just think for a second had they hit their head on the pavement and took on Baby would we even be here on Exhale? Would Exhale even exist? That is why I believe we sort of have ties to this album because it kind of... started a butterfly effect that ultimately lead to us all being here. Our fates are intertwined to this album. Now let's discuss FanMail and be thankful they didn't end up with the record. Rise up, Exhale rise, this is the beginning. Released in February 23, 1999 and executive produced by TLC together with LA Reid [see Britney Spears singing Happy Birthday on the X Factor S2, 2012], Babyface, and one of my favorite producers, Dallas Austin. FanMail was a groundbreaking album not only for the group but also for american girl groups in general. The Spice Girls were busy taking over the UK and the entire world, while their equally good and extremely underrated R&B counterpart, All Saints, were also achieving a lot of success, though not in the same level as their pop sisters. No other american girl group at the turn of the millenium achieved the same superstar success as their UK sisters. This album would later pave the way for another legendary girlgroup that eventually outsold TLC, and that is Destiny's Child. The success of FanMail's R&B female empowerment sound would work in DC's favor (and later on, Beyoncé's solo work) as The Writing's On The Wall would debut just 4 months after FanMail and also gave DC their first Hot 100 #1 in Bills, Bills, Bills which shares a very similar theme and message with FanMail lead single, No Scrubs - also a Hot 100 #1. More on the singles later. It's worth noting that TLC's previous album CrazySexyCool produced 4 Top 5 hits including 2 #1s and achieved monster sales in the US. It was nominated for 6 Grammys, winning 3 awards at the infamous 1996 ceremony where Mariah Carey's Daydream was controversially snubbed and lost all of its 6 nominations. This is also the year that Alanis Morrissette's Jagged Little Pill became the biggest winner of the night with 4 awards. The most iconic Grammy ceremony, if you ask me. With FanMail, we saw TLC own their superstardom with a more commercial and polished look and sound. Think of it, like, with the case of ...Baby One More Time and Oops!...I Did It Again. Both iconic. Both are monster hits. Both nominated for 2 Grammys. And although B2's singles didn't chart as well as B1's singles and ultimately didn't sell as much copies as B1 in the US and worldwide, I think we can all agree that Oops! really gave us Britney, the pop phenomenon, that we didn't get in the Baby era.🌟 That's exactly the comparison I am making with CrazySexyCool and FanMail. Like with the case of Oops! being sonically the same as Baby, Oops! is more polished. FanMail is their Oops!...I Did It Again. FanMail was nominated for 8 Grammys at the 2000 ceremony and won 3 awards. The same ceremony where we saw our girl lose both Best Female Pop Vocal Performance and Best New Artist... to Christina Aguilera. FanMail gave us three singles - two of which hit #1 on the Hot 100 and became global smashes. The first single, the iconic and forever fresh, No Scrubs - teaches the listener that "a scrub is a guy that thinks he's fine and is also known as a 'buster'". The second single, Unpretty has a strong message about the pressure of looking pretty and outpeaked/outsold Beyoncé's Pretty Hurts. It's controversial music video on plastic surgery particularly breast implants is also iconic. The third and last single, my personal favorite, the criminally underrated, Dear Lie - which stalled at #51 on the Hot 100. Break the Ice outpeaked. Dear Lie is my all time favorite track from the group. In 2000, I even bought... well, I asked my mom... to buy this VCD with 16 music videos (most of which i didn't care for) just so I could get Dear Lie and Born to Make You Happy and watch them on repeat. Ugh. Good times. They also released Silly Ho as a promotional single which peaked at #59 on the Hot 100. I can neither confirm or deny that they actually wrote this for me. The song talks about a woman who isn't a "silly ho" and can buy her own rings and doesn't need a man to buy her stuff because she. owns. everything! Does that sound familiar? Independent Women Part 1 and Love Don't Cost a Thing outpeaked, outsold, outimpacted tho. The album also has a song called I'm Good at Being Bad that samples "Love to Love You Baby" by Donna Summer which was also sampled by... surprise again [!] Beyoncé, on Naughty Girl. Fun Fact: For those of you who watch The Necki Menij Show, and if you've heard FanMail, you know and should preach FanMail IMPACT! They were doing it waaay before our faves Necki Menij and Brinty Joan. Watch the music videos here and give #JUSTICEFORDEARLIE And listen to Independent Women Part 0 here. Listen to Naughty Girl Part 0 here. If you've reached this point, thank you for taking the time to read this thing I wrote out of boredom. Bless you! ❤❤❤ - Roxxy 💋
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