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  1. Tinashe says she tried creating pop music, but the general public didn't embrace it because she's black. "As a black woman I fought HARD AF , for years, to be considered 'pop' by my label without changing my sound because of the inevitable ceiling I felt was put on the urban and rhythmic departments.... then the pop department didn’t find my music acceptable so I molded it for them," she said. "& in an attempt to make my sound more pop department friendly, the public rejected it, I lost my spirit/ inspiration as a creative, &had to part ways with the label entirely. Luckily I’ve thrived as an independent artist, but I know first hand how insidious & traumatizing this is." Tinashe makes valid points. I often see black artists placed in urban and R&B categories versus pop because they're black. At the same time, it's worth pointing out that the king of pop was Michael Jackson, and Janet Jackson is considered pop versus urban or R&B, but they're outliers. Regardless, Tinashe is right and that must be super frustrating to be put in a box due to the color of your skin. Thoughts, Exhale? Related:
  2. Tinashe and Iggy Azalea were photographed hanging out with 17-year-old JoJo Siwa. They were also pictured together in a car with Jojo's face plastered over the entire thing. Kinda iconic NGL. Are Iggy and Tinashe positioning themselves to take over a younger audience? Marketing queens! Exhale, thoughts? The new Lindsay, Britney, Paris? Related:
  3. Welcome to @CrazyButItFeelsAllright's second edition to Songs That Deserved More Last post I wanted to limit myself to 10 artists, but for the remixed, reimagined, but still iconic edition I wanted to include 10 more in addition to the females in the first post. *I'm only including songs that were released as singles or promotional singles and didn't do as well on the Billboard Hot 100* 1) Britney Spears - Overprotected Peak: #86 on the Billboard Hot 100 (in Darkchild Remix form) Highest Peak: #1 in Poland Fun Fact: Grammy Nominated for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance 2. Christina Aguilera - Dirrty Peak #48 Highest Peak #1 Croatia, Ireland, Scotland & UK Fun Fact: The video is credited as the origin of the "slutdrop" 3. Dua Lipa - Physical Peak #60 Highest Peak #1 Bulgaria, Croatia, Israel, Lebanon, Poland Fun Fact: song made Dua Lipa the first female to have 3 songs in the top 10 simultaneously in the UK since 1952 4. Taylor Swift - Wonderland Peak #51 Highest Peak #51 USA Fun Fact: Based on Alice in Wonderland and rumored to be another song about Harry Styles 5. Lady Gaga - Eh, Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say) Peak #(not released as a US Single) Highest Peak #2 Sweden Fun Fact: Although not released in the US it was certified gold 6. Nicki Minaj - Beez In The Trap Peak #48 Highest Peak #7 US Billboard Hot Rap Songs & US Rap Airplay Fun Fact: Complex named it as #9 best song of 2012 7. Ariana Grande - Be Alright Peak #43 Highest Peak #8 New Zealand Heatseekers Fun Fact: Demo with Migos leaked in 2018 8. Beyoncé - Countdown Peak #71 Highest Peak #1 German Urban Charts & US Hot Dance Club Songs Fun Fact: Belgian choreographer Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker accused Beyoncé of using concepts from two of her pieces, Rosas danst Rosas (1983) and Achterlund (1990). 9. Hilary Duff - All About You Peak #119 Highest Peak #20 Australia Fun Fact: Savan Kotecha co-wrote the song. He's also credited for writing I Wanna Go, Up 'N Down and If U Seek Amy for Britney Spears 10. Marina (and the Diamonds) - How To Be a Heartbreaker Peak #42 US Pop Digital Charts Highest Peak #3 Poland Fun Fact: Certified gold in the United States even though it didn't peak on the main charts 11. Carly Rae Jepsen - Now That I Found You Peak #25 US Pop Digital Songs Highest Peak #6 Japan Hot Overseas Fun Fact: Billboard named it #43 of the best 100 songs of 2019 12. Tinashe - All Hands On Deck Peak #101 Highest Peak #8 Belgium Fun Fact: Tinashe and Iggy Azalea teamed up for the first time on a remix for this track. They now have a new collaboration released this year 13. Kelly Clarkson - I Dare You Peak #86 Highest Peak #3 Israel Fun Fact: Song was recorded in six different language versions 14. Iggy Azalea - Started Peak #120 Highest Peak #10 Greece Digital Songs Fun Fact: music influenced by Anna Nicole Smith and features Trixie Mattel and Vanessa Vanjie Mateo 15. Selena Gomez - Boyfriend Peak #59 Highest Peak #1 New Zealand Hot Singles Fun Fact: Song was created after Selena sent Julia Michaels a text saying "I want a boyfriend" 16. Madonna - Celebration Peak #71 Highest Peak #1 Bulgaria, Finland, Hungary, Israel, Italy, Russia Airplay, Scotland, Sweden, UK Dance, and US Dance Club Songs Fun Fact: Became Madonna's 40th number one song on US Dance Club Songs (the most for any artist) 17. P!nk - Trouble Peak #68 Highest Peak #1 Belgium Fun Fact: Tim Armstrong wrote the song for his band Rancid's album but offered it to P!nk after it didn't make the final cut 18. Rihanna - Man Down Peak #59 Highest Peak #1 France and Switzerland Fun Fact: One of the songs written during a writing camp where Def Jam rented almost every recording studio in LA to write as many songs possible for the album 19. Katy Perry - Harleys In Hawaii Peak #110 Highest Peak # 1 New Zealand Hot Singles Fun Fat: Included this for you Katy Clowns and although I don't like her anymore this song should've been what NRO is 20. Miley Cyrus - Who Owns My Heart Peak #DIDN'T CHART Highest Peak #2 Belgium Fun Fact: The Parents Television Council criticized the video for its sexual elements
  4. Iggy Azalea teamed up with Tinashe for a new song "Dance Like Nobody's Watching," and they just released the lyric video for it! Watch it here: https://youtu.be/Rc5FxAGX6nk The official music video is coming next month and it's A1! Azalea replied to a fan! In the lyric video, Iggy and Tinashe have fun behind the scenes of the music video, photoshoots, etc. 'Dance Like Nobody's Watching' is Azalea's lead single of her upcoming 3rd studio album titled 'End Of An Era' Azalea described the name of the album as 'it's about looking back on your 20s and all the wild things you did' & 'like a time capsule of my 20s' basically she's celebrating the end of her 20s, (iggy turned 30yo on june 7th 2020) Related:
  5. The pandemic might've slowed down some of our faves, but it appears Tinashe is just warming up. She's hard at work making new music (including an upcoming song with Iggy Azalea), and if she gets her way, could have collaborations with Ariana Grande, Kehlani and Saweetie. The Songs For You songstress sent them demos in the hopes they hop on. The world needs a Tinashe x Ari collab Exhale, are you down for these potential collabs? Related:
  6. It appears Tinashe and Iggy Azalea are cooking up a collaboration together. Britney Spears would be so proud The two showed up at the same recording studio at the same time. The paparazzi captured the ~totally unexpected~ moment. The photos also serve as a clap back. One fan claimed Iggy Photoshops her photos to be skinnier, so she said I'mma call the paparazzi so you can see my body is the real deal Exhale, are we here for a Tinashe and Iggy collab? The answer is yes. Related:
  7. Tinashe dropped a spicy music video for her new song “Rascal (Superstar).” The song is unlike anything Tinashe's ever released. Over a slinky beat, Tinashe sings about money, cash, clothes and fast cars. She even dishes out some opera-style vocals. Give it a spin below: Related:
  8. Hot off the press! Tinashe dropped another raging Songs For You remix, this time for "Touch & Go" remix featuring Tarro & 6LACK. It's otherworldly and hard-hitting. It's not too often I enjoy remixes, but the latest string of re-workings Tinashe has released in recent weeks sound fresh. I'm getting to enjoy Songs For You all over again, but in a different way and I'm here for it. Listen below. How we feeling about the remix, Exhale? Related:
  9. Tinashe unleashed a new remix on us. She re-worked her lead Songs For You single, "Die A Little Bit," and it's pure fire. Like the original, it includes ZHU (who co-wrote and produced it) & Ms Banks. I love the orig, but this remix feels super fresh. I'm loving the remix route Tinashe is on right now. You may recall last week she dropped a remix for "Hopscotch" featuring THEY. Check out her new offering below: Related:
  10. Tinashe submitted Songs For You as an independent album to the Grammys for consideration. Hopefully she gets nominated! She deserves it. SFY is one of my favorite records of the year. "Hopscotch," and its remix, "Perfect Crime," "Story of Us," "Save Room For Us," "Link Up..." so good. Do you think Tinashe's new tunes deserves a Grammy?
  11. UPDATE: The music video is out now and it is HOT! 🔥 Tinashe remixed "Hopscotch" off Songs For You. It features THEY and is produced by Killah B. I love the original, and I rarely like remixes, but this is fire. Tinashe's vocals sound clearer than the original version, and I can't put my finger on why. I'm wondering if the new production elevated it that much that it transformed it entirely. Feeling this! Non stop bops. Give it a spin above ta-da da.
  12. Here are some of the artists' singles discography playlists that I've created if you like listening singles in release order sometimes. https://music.apple.com/tr/playlist/ariana-grande-singles/pl.u-gxblvBRu5PNN2VA https://music.apple.com/tr/playlist/beyoncé-singles/pl.u-xlyNAVPukMbbZRN https://music.apple.com/tr/playlist/britney-spears-singles/pl.u-gxblMy4C5PNN2VA https://music.apple.com/tr/playlist/christina-aguilera-singles/pl.u-8aAVob9ToVBBERM https://music.apple.com/tr/playlist/lady-gaga-singles/pl.u-GgA52M6IZWJJvqG https://music.apple.com/tr/playlist/madonna-singles/pl.u-xlyNJJWCkMbbZRN https://music.apple.com/tr/playlist/rihanna-singles/pl.u-NpXmY7Wum522JMr https://music.apple.com/tr/playlist/tinashe-singles/pl.u-KVXBq5LFZNaapMj
  13. The disrespect! A politician just skull-dragged Tinashe for being unable to chart on the Billboard Hot 100. Let’s stream “save room for us” so Tinashe can chart‼️
  14. Tensions continue to rise in the US amidst the Black Lives Matter protest, a response to the unjust killing of George Floyd by a police officer. Protests are popping up in major cities, which are also inspiring people to loot. Lana Del Rey shared some footage of the looting in LA, which fired up Tinashe. Tinashe is likely upset because it could potentially lead to the arrests of the people looting. Thoughts? Was Lana in the wrong? Related:
  15. Tinashe’s overdue time is here According to E! Tinashe has signed with Roc Nation after Jay-Z gave her positive praise for her independent release Songs For you. She mentioned They're just always focused on, like, the next thing and hustling and planning for the future," she relayed. "And that is, I feel, so aligned with what I like to do and who I am as an artist." She also mentions Britney “I love Britney Spears, so I will never get over moment. I can talk about it every time I do an interview because it was just...it's a career highlight for me," she explained. "Collaborating with your childhood idol? It doesn't really get much better than that."” https://www.eonline.com/shows/e_news/news/1156699/tinashe-talks-new-music-britney-spears-joining-jay-z-s-roc-nation
  16. Hey Exhale, instead of doing individual threads for new songs that come out on Thursdays & Fridays... I'd like to create dedicated threads to New Music Friday each week. If something huge drops, it'll get its own dedicated topic, but I've had a lot of people reach out cause they miss the NMF roundup I used to do. More importantly, this gives YOU the opportunity to share new music you've discovered this week. Charli XCX's new album and Katy Perry's new single have their own threads. I'll add more tracks as they trickle in. Please add new ones in the comments! Favorite new release? Sound off! Jonas Brothers – “X” featuring Karol G & “Five More Minutes” Kygo Reunites & OneRepublic - “Lose Somebody” Pia Mia - "Princess" Tinashe & ZHU - "Only" Martin Garrix & John Martin - “High Ground” Chloe X Halle - “Do It”
  17. Tinashe released a video for an acoustic-style re-working of "Remember When." The tender love song details Tinashe's aching heart as she recalls somber memories of a former flame. I love that she's not letting her era fade into oblivion. Looks like Songs For You is turning into Videos For You! Exhale, how we feeling about Tinashe's new clip?
  18. I love how much Tinashe stans Britney. She posted BOMT on her Insta story, and gushed about some of the other tracks on Twitter. I really would love to have Tinashe participate in an AMA on Exhale.
  19. I'm super stoked Tinashe released a music video for "Same Room For Us." It's one of my favorite tracks off Songs For You. I just don't understand why the GP pays her dust when all she does is bring it. Why do you think she doesn't connect to a wider audience?
  20. Tinashe dropped a music video for one of my favorite tracks off Songs For You. Thoughts on the "Save Room For Us" music video?! Besides obviously that it's a serve.
  21. Get your coins out ladies! You ready to see "Slumber Party" on tour again? For real though... Songs For You is a great album.
  22. Hey, y'all. For such a long time - I have pondered (and tbh, SCOFFED AT) what Brit meant when she says "We Use our bahhdays, to make our own videos". Just recently it dawned on me that the body, or bahhday in this case, is technically the first ever camera, being that we see with our eyes which is a part of our bahhday. Our memories were technically the original videos before actual videos came out. The film b4 film if you will. So what Brit is really saying by "we use our bahhdays to make our own videos", is that we will make memories (but in a very abstract way). Ain't that cute, y'all?
  23. Cause Tinashe moves like primeney
  24. Uh-Huh (Womp woomp, Womp, Chicka-Cha') wut? Yesterday my day was the BADDEST. I came home after work (*****) and my husband and I discovered that my car had been broken into. We had my dad's old falling apart briefcase in the backseat so the crooks smashed the back window (Yoncé style I assume) and took it! This was not what scared me though. There was nothing valuable in the briefcase BUT THERE WAS something valuable in the car - MY ENTIRE BRITNEY CD COLLECTION. 1-9 Y'ALL! Without letting the shock consume my entire Bod-eh, I quickly opened up my glove compartment and to my amazement THEY WERE ALL STILL THERE. TBQFH, I didn't know if I should be relieved or insulted! They (as in these crooks) had the opportunity to get their hands on the most immaculate audio collection known to the human race, and they didn't take it. I am glad that I still have them but part of me keeps imagining the sense of pride I would have felt if they were all stolen. If they were stolen it would all be forgiven. As Holy Scriptureny Stateth: Thou shalt be thankful for the opportunity, whether it be the good or the baddest, to share the divine word of the Holy Spearit with the unsaved. AHH, men. But in reality these *Duckers* just took my briefcase that I was never going to use that had nothing in it. And my BJ collection was safe in my glove compartment. Thank Brit. Has your Britney collection ever been compromised?
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