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  1. After his 🍆 pics leaked (do not post or link to them here obviously), him and his girlfriend started an OnlyFans. Is this the 2020 version of making lemonade??? Who's going to pony up https://onlyfans.com/AaronAndMelanie
  2. A Maluma thirst trap is like a breath of fresh air Name a hotter man. I'll wait. Related:
  3. Just last year, he shared a nude photo of himself in the shower after losing a bet to Jessie J, but he shows off his more shredded and lean figure today. How do you feel about his transformation? Do you have anything to say to him? What would you let him...? Related:
  4. So- whats the most important feature to you when youre looking for a guy- the face or the body? If its the face- are you willing to be with a hot-faced guy who has a less than pristine body? If its the body- are you willing to be with a hot-bodied guy who has a less than pristine face? I vote face. There is no shortage of hot-bodied gay guys but if the face is not attractive to me, then the body wont do anything for me. Not even the hottest body in the world Id easily choose a gorgeous-faced guy who isnt particularly fit as opppsed to a very fit guy who isnt particularly gorgeous Exhale hby?
  5. My Internet was acting funny all day. I thought it was because my router was bugging, but nope... Niall Horan broke the web with a new shirtless photo. Thots, Exhale? Related:
  6. Tyler Posey posted a photo in his underwear, and it's making my body feels a certain type of way. I can't tell if I think it's hot or not (his stare is kinda unsettling), so I'll default to yes. Thots, Exhale? Related:
  7. Lil Nas X posted a thirst trap and it's worth your undivided attention. X teased a while back he was thinking about creating an OnlyFans. First Cardi, now maybe X? Take all my money Thoughts, Exhale? Related:
  8. Ricky Martin lands in the new issue of Out magazine. He looks stunning, as does his husband, Jwan Yosef, who's also featured in the photoshoot. Aging like a fine wine There's an interview on Out.com to accompany the photos. He opens up about the pandemic and how it affected his mindset. “I went through this mourning process of me letting go of the possibility of ever performing in front of 20,000 people again,” he said. “That’s what they were telling us. For me it was like, I don’t know how to do anything else. I always thought I was going to be able to do this as long as I wanted to— even if I looked ridiculous onstage at 70 years old with a cane, it was my option. But apparently that was no more.” Related:
  9. Justin Bieber posted a shirtless gym selfie on Instagram. Exhale, how we feeling about this? Does your body tingle or nah? Related:
  10. Team, I was just casually sipping my morning coffee, surfing through Exhale and social media when BAM. Football/soccer super-star Cristiano Ronaldo's junk in my face. His piercing stare like a laser through my soul. His shins glistening, man-bun perky, feet on full display, wearing some kind of EMS training gear. Why did that come off like a poem This photo is an assault to the senses. Obviously I RAN to Exhale to share. How we feeling bout this?
  11. Thank you king Exhale is collecting a pretty epic list of Charlie Puth thirst traps. Here's the latest. Remember when BH used to be a music news site.
  12. Chris Hemsworth lands in the new issue of GQ, and dayum! Maluma and Chris are trying to kill yo famous *****. Have any of you seen Extraction on Netflix? It's on its way to becoming the biggest-ever film premiere on the service, with 90 million households projected to watch it in its first four weeks.
  13. Actor Jake T Austin posted a shirtless mirror selfie. Before y'all slam the comments with WhO?!!!1 , here's a copy + paste from his Wikipedia page. And now, the trap :
  14. Big 2020 mood energy right here. A reporter for Good Morning America went on-air without pants on. He obviously thought the camera wouldn't get his legs in-view. Honestly, why wouldn't he just throw on a pair of pants. Sweatpants at the LEAST. He's kinda serving though. The replies on Twitter are thirsty. They should join Exhale.
  15. YALL. Go to Ansel Elgort's Instagram. I can't post the photo here, but it's worth a peek. He posted a NSFL photo directing people to his Only Fans link in his bio. However, the link is actually a Go Fund Me page for charity. https://www.instagram.com/ansel/
  16. The 21-year-old undefeated boxing phenom is one of the sport's best. He currently holds the Silver Championship belt in the lightweight division. Garcia is dubbed the Golden Boy of boxing. He's also an advocate for treating one another with respect and kindness. A boxing rival of his, Devin Haney, recently said he would "never let himself get ‘beaten by a white boy.’" People believe he was referring to Garcia, who is of Mexican descent. “We should all respect everyone from every race and see who the best man is,” Garcia said. “I respect Devin Haney and I believe he didn’t mean this with racist intent. Let’s all respect each other for the love of the sport.” Brains AND braun. I stan. Check out his interview and photoshoot with Interview. Thoughts??
  17. Troye Sivan shared a shirtless selfie, and the Internet is SHAKING. Thoughts on the new snap? Does your body feel anything? Stream "Take Yourself Home"
  18. Brooklyn Beckham did a photoshoot for Icon mag, and it's a slay. Beckham, 21, the son of David and Victoria Beckham, poses in front of a mirror and with a camera. Very groundbreaking stuff. He looks cute doe. What do we think ladies?
  19. Yup, today is ya boy's birthday. So touched Charlie Puth started celebrating already.
  20. I needed this thirst trap today. You can't count on a lot in 2020, but you CAN depend on Maluma showing off his hawt boday.
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