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  1. I saw this thread topic on ATRL and I was wondering who do you guys think has the biggest OVERALL career? use these to help (or dont lmao) back up your claims with actual stats ppl sales critical acclaim tour gross hit songs longevity Discuss
  2. Taylor Swift's re-release of Fearless (Taylor's Version) shifted 500,000 units globally, in just 24 hours. This marks her 9th album to debut with 500k. 27 songs, including vaulted tracks never heard by the public, this could easily move over a million by weeks end! Fearless (Taylor's Version) also has the biggest debut on Spotify in 2021, surpassing Justin Bieber's new album Justice. thoughts? How big will ‘Fearless’ be?
  3. Hi guys, this time I bring you a concept that I did a while back from "Bad Blood" with well-known singers, a video that YouTube shut down this year from my channel unfortunately, but allowed me to do it again and now it looks much better than before. I edited the hell out of it, so let's hope they don't take it down again. Hope you like. Enjoy it, and thanks to the users who tried to help me with the names for each singer.
  4. Hello everyone Sales label, IFPI's list for 20 Global Artist Of 2020, that was supposed to come out later this year was leaked so watch me fuel the spreading of the leaked list In Top 3, we have BTS, Taylor Swift and Drake The mega-popular South-Korean band released 2 studio albums last year with both debuting at over a 1.000.000 units, and had one of the biggest hits of the year which Grammy-Nominated "Dynamite". The Asians are coming to conquer and we love to see iT Even though, she has been in the game since she was a little girl, Taylor Swift still rakes in millions of sales due to her loyal fan base! She released 2 albums as well last year, with Folklore becoming the US Best-Selling album. Its the power for me your honor Who was streaming Drake honestly last year? In the Top 10 we have artist like Billie Eilish, Ariana Grande, and Justin Bieber dominate the list whom released viral hit songs and were on everyones Spotify playlist. Its shocking to see how Billie barely released music, but still came at #6 of globally most popular singers. And yall still say she aint a main pop girl? And at Top 15, we have everyone's favorite white singer, Ed Sheeran, whom barely missed the top 10 reaching #11 in IFPI's list. We then have Gaga who has made a highly successful comeback with her first studio album since Joanne (2016), which is 90s-house record, Chromatica Dua Lipa AKA MPG of 2020, also graced this list at #16 after bagging 4 huge hits from her sophomore record, Future Nostalgia We also have legendary bands like Queen and Beatles on the list. True legends What do you guys think? Slay? Shooketh? Did your fave enter the list? Lemme know
  5. update: it's out! earlier: Taylor Swift tweeted, 'I’m thrilled to tell you that my new version of Fearless (Taylor’s Version) is done and will be with you soon. It has 26 songs including 6 never before released songs from the vault. Love Story (Taylor’s Version) will be out tonight.' The tracklist: Listen to Love Story (Taylor’s Version) below:
  6. Taylor Swift surprise-released a new song titled "Mr. Perfectly Fine," a track she originally intended to land on Fearless. She's including it on the re-release out Friday. The track is autobiographical - fans believe it's aimed at her ex, Joe Jonas. The song is about a guy moving on from a breakup without a care in the world, meanwhile the girl picks up the pieces. Thoughts, Exhale? Related:
  7. Am I the only one who hates THIS? (I don't listen to Taylor and Olivia but I noticed that they do that too. Seems like Ariana started that ugly trend)
  8. Taylor Swift revealed the tracksuit for Fearless (Taylor's Version). It features re-recordings of the originals plus a ton of songs left on the cutting room floor. She is NOT playing around
  9. Katy Perry toys with the idea of a collab with Taylor Swift, saying “Can you imagine if Taylor and I work together, what we could do?" Do you think Taylor, who's collaborated recently with the likes of Bon Iver and HAIM, would agree to a Katy collab?
  10. Taylor Swift released a new song on Thursday. Well, sort of. Swift is re-releasing her music following the catastrophic Scooter Braun deal. Along with her classics, she's releasing songs left on the cutting room floor. The first is titled "You All Over Me (From the Vault)" and features Maren Morris. Thoughts, Exhale?! Related:
  11. Beyonce sent Taylor Swift a bouquet of flowers for breaking records at the Grammys. Beyoncé became the winningest woman in Grammys history with her 28th Grammy. Taylor became the first female artist to win album of the year for a third time. We love to see women uplifting each other!
  12. I REPENT TAYLOR IS QUEEN queen of songwriting, charisma, stage presence, sales, touring, youtube , spofify stan godlord swift y'all
  13. Oh to be a fly on the wall to hear Taylor Swift's conversation with Harry Styles. Whoever uploaded this is kinda shady though
  14. Taylor Swift performed a few of her folklore hits, including cardigan, august and willow. Stunning
  15. Folklore makes Herstory. Taylor Swift became the first female to win album of the year three times (and with explicit content none the less, joining Outkast as the second album to be labeled explicit. It took 17 years for an explicit album to win the night honor). Taylor Swift joins Stevie Wonder and Frank Sinatra as the only artist to win the big award 3X. Can Evermore be her 4th time to win album of the year? Related:
  16. Spotify has the old and new version but Apple only has the old version. Do we think they will replace the old version in these playlists?
  17. The GRAMMYs take place tonight, Sunday, March 14th, at 8pm EST. Performers include Bad Bunny, Black Pumas, Cardi B, BTS, Brandi Carlile, DaBaby, Doja Cat, Billie Eilish, Mickey Guyton, Haim, Brittany Howard, Miranda Lambert, Lil Baby, Dua Lipa, Chris Martin, John Mayer, Megan Thee Stallion, Maren Morris, Post Malone, Roddy Ricch, Harry Styles, and Taylor Swift. Feel free to post about the performances in this topic before, during and after the show. If you'd like to create your own topic about the Grammys and have it considered to be featured on Exhale's homepage, tag your topic with the word "grammys"
  18. Taylor Swift has been cancelled and thrown into drama countless times. From the moment Kanye West took the stage in 2008 declaring that Beyoncé deserved the award that then 18-year-old Taylor had won rightfully. Kanye said that Beyoncé had one of the greatest videos of all time? That may be true, however that was not up for debate. The VMA's are fan voted. Taylor has been known for interacting with fans on a personal basis. She has paid off student loans, donated to sick fans, showed up at the hospital to play for some people, sent gifts to them near Christmas, and so many more things. She has EARNED her fan's love and support. She has invited them into her home for secret sessions to listen to her albums before they get wide released and guess what, the fans keep their lips SEALED. There is MUTUAL love and respect. When you love and support your fans, guess what? YOU WIN FAN VOTED AWARDS. People continue to state that she is overrated. She has the most awarded pop album in history and the most awarded country album in history. In 2010, She was the youngest country artist, and the youngest artist in history, to win album of the year with Fearless. This is NOT a fan voted award. This was chosen by people who work in the industry. Yes, they've made mistakes before with their choices, however this was not one of them. Taylor has cowritten or written on every song she has released on any of her studio albums. That is an accomplishment that few artists can claim. That is not the mark of an overrated woman. That is the hard work of an accomplished artist. She has also had successful albums in three different genres thanks to her most recently released album, folklore, which is listed as an alternative album and has claimed the top spot of the Hot 200. They say she causes drama, but she often doesn't start it. The Kanye incident in 2008? He walked up on stage. She didn't invite him. The Kim Kardashian feud? She posted the videos on her snapchat story after Kanye recorded their call without her consent. The Katy Perry drama? Katy hired dancers, that were currently touring with Taylor's highly acclaimed RED tour, to come dance for her. Countless times, she has been shaded and dragged and she does what? Releases a song about her experiences? Guess who else does that? LITERALLY EVERY OTHER ARTIST. You say she only writes breakup songs? Here is a list of songs from her 8 studio albums that she has released that are love songs or inspired by other things: Taylor Swift: A Place In This World, The Outside, Tied Together With A Smile. Stay Beautiful, Mary's Song (Oh My My My), Our Song, I'm Only Me When I'm With You Fearless: Fearless, Fifteen, Love Story, Hey Stephen, You Belong With Me, The Best Day, Change, Jump Then Fall, Superstar Speak Now: Mine, Sparks Fly, Mean, Never Grow Up, Enchanted, Innocent, Long Live, Ours, Superman RED: State of Grace, Treacherous, 22, Stay Stay Stay, Holy Ground, The Lucky One, Everything Has Changed, Starlight, Begin Again 1989: Welcome to New York, Blank Space, Style, Out of the Woods, Shake It Off, Bad Blood, This Love, Clean, You Are In Love, New Romantics reputation: …Ready For It?, End Game, Delicate, Look What You Made Me Do, So It Goes..., Gorgeous, King of My Heart, Dress, This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things, Call It What You Want, New Year's Day Lover: I Forgot That You Existed, Lover, The Man, The Archer, I Think He Knows, Paper Rings, Cornelia Street, London Boy, Soon You'll Get Better, False God, You Need to Calm Down, ME!, It's Nice to Have a Friend, Daylight folklore: cardigan, the last great american dynasty, mirrorball, seven, invisible string, epiphany, peace In 2015, She singlehandedly made Apple Music change their policy by calling them out on the policy they had of not paying artists for streams while users were still in their free trial. Make no mistake: brand new, little known artists that don't have much money were getting paid because SHE wrote an open letter to Apple about their policy. They changed it the same day. She refused to put her music on Spotify for the longest time in order to fight for them to change their policy on how much the artists, writers, producers, and others who contribute were compensated fairly. She is a force to be reckoned with. Do yourself a favor and dig deeper than the popular narrative of hating on Taylor. She doesn't deserve it. She is an artist, and she is working not only for herself but for your next favorite artist.
  19. A trailer for the animated film, Spirit Untamed, has arrived, and it features the first snippet of “Wildest Dreams (Taylor’s Version).” The film features the voices of Jake Gyllenhaal and Julianne Moore. This is the first time we’ve gotten a glimpse of her 1989 re-recordings leaving us to wonder how much she has already accomplished with the process. With rumors swirling that she may release several re-recordings this year, no one knows what the roll out may look like. Hear the snippet below:
  20. 2020 is a terrible year for everyone. Some artists still worked hard to push out music for fans to listen to during the difficult period. IFPI has revealed the top 10 selling artists in the world in 2020 (in equivalent album units). 1. BTS 2. Taylor Swift 3. Drake 4. The Weeknd 5. Billie Eilish 6. Eminem 7. Post Malone 8. Ariana Grande 9. Juice Wrld 10. Justin Bieber This is the first time a non-English music artist has topped the year-end chart. Of course my husband would top the chart. No surprise. I bought 30 of his albums last year.
  21. I have not seen Taylor Swift this publicly mad in a while. A show on Netflix used her as the butt of one of their jokes and she's not happy about it. Had to screenshot the Tweet because of the curse words. Related:
  22. Taylor Swift has officially cancelled the previously postponed Lover Fest. Because the pandemic is so unpredictable, Swift has decided to cancel it altogether. She wrote a note breaking the news (see below). TBH it makes a lot of sense. She's put out two entire albums since Lover. She'll return no doubt, just not with Lover Fest. Was this the right move, Exhale? Sound off. Related:
  23. Taylor Swift's management company is counter suing Evermore Theme Park. Here's what went down: Evermore a theme park in Utah. They filed suit against Taylor because they believe her album of the same name had a negative impact on their business by causing "confusion." It makes sense. Taylor's online presence is so immense that anything she names will take over SEO (search engine optimization, meaning it'll rank at the top of Google pretty much no matter what). Swift's lawyers are calling the lawsuit "frivolous" and are even counter suing because they have evidence the Evermore theme park used Taylor's songs “Love Story,” “You Belong With Me,” and “Bad Blood” without a license. In fact, music publishing company BMI alerted Evermore theme park of their infringement but their requests went unanswered. So now, Taylor's team is using this as ammunition and countersuing The suit claims that Evermore “blatantly ignored the numerous notices from BMI and opted instead to continue to benefit from the free and unauthorized public performance of [the songs], despite actual knowledge of the liability and substantial penalties imposed by the Copyright Act to protect artists.” Evermore's CEO actually tried to get a retroactive license in light of everything, but it appears it's too late. Taylor is coming for Evermore's wig.
  24. Taylor Swift. She has released plenty of hit albums, saw a level of succes many could only dream of and yet...she's very hated on, even in the B-army. But why? Only recently the B-army got to tweet MASSIVELY about the Framing Britney Spears doc with all sorts of hashtags including #ApologizeToBritney and #WeAreSorryBritney. Yet, I see many of those fans dragging Taylor through the mud while demanding apologies to Britney Spears from others. From claiming she's attention hungry (while she hasn't been very active at all on social media and performance wise), money hungry (as if she needs it). They even put the re-recordings in question not realizing Taylor only wants to own her own voice. Something we would, again, applaud Britney for if she'd do the same but somehow if Taylor does it, it's not okay. - Q: Isn't that hypocrite? - A: Yes it is. Whenever Taylor releases an album, a single, goes on tour, gets a major victory in her career, a lot fans gear up in Exhale (and other platforms) to talk trash about her. In a way, I dare to say, Taylor is no different than 2007 Britney. Just like Britney, Taylor gets slammed for the men she's dated, her breasts, her personality (even though she's VERY generous towards fans), what she wears, ... She has been the victim of s€xist interviewers, including female s€xists. All of this led to Taylor barely eating and developping an eating disorder. People talk about her as if they know her personally when they know nothing in fact. The big difference is that Taylor figured out a way to deal with this by mocking all of these people in albums like "Reputation". Let's be real and honest, any Britney fan would die for Britney to slam any hater on an album full of anthems. Any Britney fan would die for her Reputation era. !I'm, however, NOT saying she entirely underwent the same as Britney, just stating that there are some hard similarities between both ladies.! People, have we literally LEARNED NOTHING from 2007? Are we really putting people to blame for what they did to Britney to do it ourselves towards Taylor Swift? Are we this s€xist we can't support 2 female celebs? Do we have to put them against each other to make ourself feel better? This is just wrong...I felt like I needed to write this as my mind can't process so much hate towards somebody that in fact, hasn't done anything wrong to any of you. Its injustice makes me feel sick. Call me weak but I needed to get it off my chest. Just remember that Taylor NEVER, not once, has said anything negative about Britney. She's not the enemy. Taylor even wore all Britney perfumes when going to school Taylor also stated Britney's "lucky" as one of her favorite Britney songs. - Love, a diehard Britney/Taylor fan.
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