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Found 9 results

  1. Hi! I'm happy to share with you my newest upscale of Stronger, with better quality, crisper details, better editing, audio remastered, original frame rate, and a few new scenes were added! We can even notice some pimples on her face (right she is human too). 480p SD YouTube VEVO: 4K Remastered Previews: I hope you will enjoy!
  2. Update: For anyone not able to see what I can see check out this super HD video and focus on her mouth and teeth on the close ups. You will understand where I'm coming from. By no means is this shade towards our Brit, NEVER ever. I just find it interesting. Maybe these things were used for specific lighting and shots? Who knows. You decide Has anyone ever noticed the weird and wonderful things inside of Britney's mouth and on her teeth in the 'Stronger' music video?First we have what looks like a diamanté. AND THEN We have something that looks like some sort of mouth guard? Who knows?! I have always wondered what is going on with her teeth in this music video. No shade, just curious as to why? And what y'all thoughts are?
  3. Have you seen this!?? I love it soooo much!!! They did a great job re-creating some iconic Britney music video moments!! Willam actually has a really good singing voice. It’s immediately a catchy song since it’s borrowing from Britney’s catalog.
  4. Hello everyone! So I re-edited my old Stronger video with better editing and better quality, hope you enjoy this awesome music video! Hope you enjoy!
  5. I don't know if I'm late but have you guys noticed there are Britney Spears music videos in 4K quality on YT?
  6. It's time to make the 100 million accesses full ;-) Show the world how strong the Britney community is still. https://kworb.net/youtube/video/AJWtLf4-WWs.html
  7. I was watching Britney’s “Stronger” from the 2001 AMAS, and got curious about the aesthetic and visual references in this performance. As a kid, I didn’t understand the choice of 80’s metal for it. Watching it as an adult, the stage set, wardrobe, and costumes are clearly borrowed from the late King of Pop MJ, particularly his Bad era, which makes sense considering Glam Metal, or big hair metal, were all the rage during the mid to late 80’s. In fact, MJ was known to employ female rock guitarists for his tours in the late 80s. Scrolling through gifs of late 80’s MJ, the references become even more obvious. The use of fog, big hair, wind, and overall grittiness, I mean. Then, I browsed YouTube comments for the Stronger AMAS, and discovered that the lead solo guitarist was Jennifer Batten. Googled her name: I’m a little shook tbh, because I had no idea that that was her on stage with Britney! I mean, I still don’t really know who she is, I just know about her link to MJ. As a kid, I didn’t understand any of the choices in this performance and thought it was Britney wanting to be “edgy” lol. I used to think it was kind of weird, actually. It wasn’t until just now, when I realized this was definitely an homage to MJ. When it aired, the media was too concerned with Britney being a bad influence for being sexy on stage, and never gave any credit for the thoughtful treatment behind all of this. These sort of tidbits/facts about Britney's iconic performances make me appreciate them even more. Such an under-appreciated performance. Let's talk about why this is so very iconic. Queen of paying homage to her industry predecessors! Some thoughts: The light/non-eyebrow with that shade of blond <3 Girls in boy tightie whities, hot Hairflip at 1:49 before she snaps. The hairflip game is strong in this one! 2:25 when Britney becomes posessed by Jennifer Batten's guitar solo 2:38 hairography into the cannon 3:00 the backup dancers throw off their blond wigs and leave them on the floor. Britney snaps again, and chaos ensues. Watching this is like getting multiple ******* in the span of one song. Loves me some Badassney.
  8. AC3 stereo??? I was wondering why they did that... The quality of the song in the video is not as good as the quality of the song itself though... I typed stronger lyrics and on that video you can hear the difference... sounds much better. Team b get harmonised with your duties
  9. Remember AirAsia cabin crew that went viral dancing to Toxic last year? He created new video with Stronger Here's the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=smaup6Xyzi
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