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Found 8 results

  1. When I say ‘stan’ top 5 I mean these are the 5 artist you would stan if the one above didn’t exist. So I’ll go. My top 5 artist of all time (or my stan top 5) 1. Britney Spears 2. Taylor Swift 3. Miley Cyrus 4. Mariah Carey 5. Lana Del Rey GO!
  2. I swear people pick celebs to stan as if they are picking a character in an RPG (role playing game). They see their choice of which celebs to stan as an extension of themselves because they have this image of themselves that they want to project to others. They become identities, and we all know how vigorously people will defend their own identities. Without trying to get too big here, I think the 2010s will be defined by identity politics and the increased number of ways we can define ourselves which is of course good and bad. Stan culture is just one of the many new ways people are choosing to define themselves. Stan culture is so unhealthy for a number of reasons but namely that we forget our faves are humans, too. We treat them like untouchable gods or objects belonging to everyone, but when they show themselves for being flawed humans like the rest of us we discard them. Then it won't be long till we place someone new on that pedestal. It's kinda vicious. I wonder if we, as a society, will ever move away from worshipping celebrities ? I follow a bunch of fan accounts for TV shows that I like and these people have slowly morphed from just standard fans of the show to people who treat the actors like they're their friends. You know how some people see Taylor Swift as their friend / sister? That, except worse... There's this one girl and she goes to like ten of those Comic Con type things a year and does a cosplay each time. There's this group of actors that she always meets, and then one in particular, to the point where they all know her name, her job, family issues, etc and it's so damn weird to me.
  3. Some months ago she copied the Make Me Official video concept (why somebody would do that? )... but that was not enough. It appears she is a big Britney stan, as yesterday she copied the entire MATM video outfit (hat, corset, neckline, tie, weird pants) for the opening performance of a singing realithy show in which she is a judge in Mexico. Video below... **EDIT: In her instastories she clarified: "This is a tribute to the pop diva Britney Spears"
  4. At 5:18 he shows his hubby work ***** candle and at 6:00 Justin Mikita says they listen to Britney on vinyl, such a stan
  5. Omg guys check out my flawless stanning on Roblox! My character even has a similar outfit to her's from PoM!
  6. Just finished my job, and began to cruise around the internet, and found this and realized I haven't read this in a while. http://www.thesmokinggun.com/file/britney-spearss-bizarre-world Looking at this forum, I see a lot of young people who haven't seen her tough days, and haven't seen it so publicly on TV. I remember when I came home from school and my mom told me from the door that Britney was hospitalized, I was really worried like every other fan who remembers that feeling. We all know the feeling, the moment and what we did at that time when we saw she was not doing okay, when she was around some bad people. A lot of these kids don't remember this, not to mention the prime days when she was all over and was a sweet heart of all of us. It just makes me so fortunate to have seen all that, to see someone being on the top, then hitting rock bottom, and then returning to being back on top. I already see this post getting a lot of negative comments since: she no longer dances the way she used to, costumes are horrible etc. But I just wanted to say how lucky I am to be a part of the Britney Spears Army, someone who is a true inspiration for people who have seen her at her best, and worst, and for all the young people who are her fans already, and those who will become. Just that, sorry for the long post.
  7. I will be giving my first speech, which could be about any topic. I chose to do "why Beyoncé isn't better than Britney" and there's a huge Beyoncé Stan in there so this should be fun
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