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Found 46 results

  1. Of course, I think Britney's restrictions also include where to spend her holidays. she always said she loved Hawaii, but I think if she were free she would also opt for other destinations. What do you think about it?
  2. Bimba, ancora una volta Qualche volta Mi fai impazzire Born to make you happy From the bottom of my broken heart Oops!... I Did It Again Lucky Stronger Don't Let Me Be the Last to Know I'm a Slave 4 U Overprotected I'm Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman I Love Rock 'n' Roll Boys Me Against the Music Toxic Everytime My Prerogative Do Somethin' Someday (I Will Understand) Gimme more Piece of Me Womanizer Circus If U Seek Amy Radar 3 Hold It Against Me Till the World Ends I Wanna Go Criminal Scream & Shout Ooh La La Work ***** Perfume Pretty Girls Make Me... Slumber Party
  3. Hi everyone, on YouTube there is a channel that pretends to be the official Britney Spears channel. He has nearly 40,000 followers and from the comments he receives many think it is the official one. Can we do something? thank you https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC61rzfRHpyg2DovsoPOU79A
  4. Why, and when did you become a Britney Spears fan? As for myself, I have always had a passion for Britney since I was a child ... when I saw her on TV she always caught my attention and I always imitated her choreography. But I started to follow her constantly and with real passion around the year 2006.
  5. Have you ever seen Britney live? Tell me about your experience
  6. Mi sarebbe piaciuto vederla in Animali fantastici e dove trovarli o Harry Potter. 
  7. On June 20, 2000 Britney launched her 3rd tour titled after he 2nd album Oops I Did It Again in Columbia, Maryland! The tour ran till January 18, 2001 and consisted of 88 shows. The most she has done is any of her previous tours at this time. The set list was comprised of 12 songs and a encore, including "(You Drive Me) Crazy" "Stronger" "What U See (Is What U Get)" "From the Bottom of My Broken Heart" "Born to Make You Happy" "Lucky" "Sometimes" "Don't Let Me Be the Last to Know" "The Beat Goes On" "Don't Go Knockin' on My Door" "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction" "...Baby One More Time" Encore "Oops!... I Did It Again" I LOVE this tour almost as much as I love DWAD or Oynx! The outfits the hair the LIVE VOCALS!! It gives me LIFE!! Enjoy!
  8. "Before becoming one of the world's most important and influential pop legends, Britney Spears was living life in a small southern town by the name of Kentwood, Louisiana." And with those words, Kassie Thibodeaux opens her petition to replace the confederate statues in New Orleans with statues of Louisiana hero Britney Spears! Is this old news? Because I just caught wind of this. With all the social justice reforms happening, many fans of Britney are signing a petition, to have the Confederate Statues removed, and replaced with a statue of our Princess of Pop in Louisiana. The petition outlines many ways in which Britney has given back to communities in Louisiana over the years, which is true. The petition started by Kassie Thibodeaux, reads as follows: "Before becoming one of the world's most important and influential pop legends, Britney Spears was living life in a small southern town by the name of Kentwood, Louisiana," she wrote in the petition's description. "Not only has Britney proven her talent, but she's proven her strength of character by not only overcoming highly publicized mental breakdown, but by continuously working towards improving herself. She's an inspiration to millions." At first one might think "Wait, what? A statue of Brit-Brit?" but it makes sense. Britney has done some very importan things, including donating thousands to Hurricane Katrina in 2006, and also more recently, a portion of her ticket sales in Vegas were donated to schools for flood recovery. "Do the right thing: Replace the Confederate statues with an actual Louisiana hero and influential human being, Britney Spears," Thibodeaux wrote in conclusion. As of time of writing, the petition has 28,282 signatures + mine now! The goal is 35,000! In a similar manner on the website, another petition is calling for statues of Dolly Parton to be erected in place of Confederate monuments across Tennessee. I'm down for erecting of our fav legendary artists. How does everyone feel about this? I think we should have a statue for every one of her MTV performances. Weigh in below, and head over to change.org to sign that petition and get Miss Britney erected! https://www.change.org/p/john-bel-edwards-replace-confederate-statues-in-new-orleans-with-statues-of-louisiana-hero-britney-spears-a6d887db-e1d4-462b-b0f0-0c553066308a
  9. On July 28, 1999 Britney launcher her first tour titled after her first album Baby One More Time! The show ran till September 15, 1999. The tour consisted of 56 shows. The set list was short and sweet including 9 songs and a encore. The setlist comprised of "(You Drive Me) Crazy" "Soda Pop" "Born to Make You Happy" "From the Bottom of My Broken Heart" "Material Girl" / "Black Cat" / "Nasty" "The Beat Goes On" "I Will Be There" "Open Arms" "Sometimes" Encore "...Baby One More Time" I would love to see this concert in HD! If someone has a link help a girl out!! Enjoy!
  10. The 2003 MTV VMAs, when Britney Spears infamously kissed Madonna. Christina Aguilera, was also there and alsokissed Madonna⁠—but MTV panned to Justin Timberlake's face during her kiss, so she missed her moment. Missy Elliott closed out the iconic performance with a few lines from her song "Work It".
  11. I would have to say when I saw here Femme Fatal concert in Dallas because she sang most of it live! As well as the Britney In The Zone Live in Korea!
  12. Guys, if we want Britney back on the top this is an idea I have that can get her next album to #1 in late 2017/ early 2018! Please don't judge! Okay, I think Britney needs to give up on Glory and start anew at the top of 2017. We need her to release a song with either DJ Snake, Major Lazer, Jack U, or someone on the EDM scene that has a mix of edm and hiphop. I believe if she released a song with one the the heavy hitters it would REALLY reintroduce her to the GP and get her back on track to reclaiming her rightful crown. While on the high of her #1 featured single (she shouldn't be the main artist) she could be recording B10 and slaying the charts without having to heavily promote the song due to her not being the main artist. While finishing up Vegas (hopefully) she could spend most of 2017 recording a trap influenced sexy album (not full on trap more leaning more into Tinashe's Party Favors vibe) and remaining relevant by doing a lot of photoshoots and magazine covers etc. She should use 2017 to really and truly reinvent herself while staying partially in but totally out of the spotlight. Personally I would love a single with DJ Snake at the top of the year and then a single with Jack U towards the bottom of the year. (Kinda like Rihanna is doing by having a single with Calvin Harris and while that song is super relevant, she has stayed out of the spotlight and is crafting her next album.) If her singles turn out of be smashes, it would also make more producers want to work with her again and not only make the GP love her but the industry hungry to work with her again like back in the good ole days. At the top of 2018 she could release B10 (executive produced by DJ Mustard and maybe even have songs featuring Kanye West & or Drake (I feel like she shouldn't have any female features this time around unless it's Nicki Minaj!) Hip Hop is in right now and if we want her to see mainstream success (which some of y'all might not even care but if she goes number 1 & gets those sales that could literally mean a Femme Fatale era could be among us with 4 or 5 singles! the record company isn't going to spend money on video treatments on an album that isn't selling!) We need to spam Larry Rudolph and all the DJs because we need that #1 feature before any of this other stuff can even happen! What do you think? Take a break in 2017 with two featured singles, lots of photoshoots (Terry Richardson) and then a complete pop slayage in 2018? She has the body, she has the drive now, all she needs is the music, sexy videos (which a Make Me type video WOULD make sense with a hip hop vibe) and the GP talking about her again Let me know what y'all think or if y'all have any other ideas! This probably won't happen but you never know!
  13. Britney Spears suffered a string of meltdowns in 2007 and 2008 before being placed under the conservatorship of her father Jamie On the face of it, Britney Spears had everything. Good looks, talent and millions in the bank before she'd even turned 20. But as would become all too apparent, behind closed doors the superstar was battling a slew of personal demons. During the European leg of her Oops! I Did It Again tour in the winter of 2000, she began having 'massive anxieties' in the middle of the night. "She had trouble sleeping and crying fits. She was restless and agitated. Nights were the only times she was alone and she struggled with that… When nothing was happening, it drove her crazy. Only exhaustion would knock her out," a source previously told The Mirror. Such anxiety was not drug-induced. This was Britney’s natural state, but heightened by fame. Her moods started to swing noticeably, high and happy one minute, sad and brooding the next. She just dismissed it as “silly ole me!”. Such was the level of concern that aged 18, Britney was prescribed Prozac but she treated it like headache tablets, taking a pill only on the days she awoke depressed. This seemed to make her more manic. Then came the series of psychiatric breakdowns in 2007 and 2008 following her split from husband Kevin Federline. During one erratic meltdown, she shaved her head and attacked photographers with an umbrella. According to Rolling Stone, on another occasion she stayed up for 48 hours straight, fearing her mobile phone charger was taping her thoughts. After several failed rehab stints she lost custody of sons Jayden, 13, and Sean, 14, and barricaded herself in the bathroom with her youngest for three hours before being carried out on a stretcher and detained on a 14-day psychiatric hold for her own safety. But what sparked the downfall of one of pop's most promising princesses? Unsubstantiated rumours of post-natal depression and bipolar disorder flew, with others blaming the pressures of fame and her 2002 split from Justin Timberlake. But those who know Britney previously told The Mirror her problems stemmed from much closer to home . Born in the small town of Kentwood, Louisiana to an alcoholic father and a school teacher mother, Britney's childhood is said to have been deeply traumatic. The rows and fights she witnessed left her a bundle of nerves that others would mistake for natural excitement or energy. Her Uncle Willie – Jamie’s brother – bore witness to some of the ugly incidents. He previously said: “One time Jamie was drunk and tried to drive off with Britney in the car. She was no more than five years old. “I tried to stop him. We got right into it there by the car, fighting in front of her. “Britney was jumping up and down, crying. Lynne had to run out to get her inside. “We Spears men are known for fighting. If Britney happened to be there, so be it. “At first, Britney was a scared child and you’d catch her crying but she reached the stage when she just walked off, as if it wasn’t happening. And as she got older, she would scream and curse at her parents, trying to get them to stop fighting.” When yet another row erupted at their modest three-bedroom bungalow, Britney would seek refuge in her aunt Chanda’s trailer, parked nearby. Chanda recalled Britney as sweet but timid. A girl made quiet and withdrawn by all the hollering and verbal abuse – until she had to perform. Britney’s need to perform allowed her to escape the pain and anxiety of home. Although she is prone to over-analysing and appointing self-blame for her past troubles, her parents had their problems long before she was born. In fact, her mother filed for divorce in 1980, a year before Britney was even conceived. Divorce papers were withdrawn in March 1980. But they finally split 20 years later. Jamie’s friends described him as “a man with a big heart, a good soul but a stronger liver”. He and Britney have also had their problems. But after having treatment for alcohol addiction in 2004, Jamie emerged a new man and was determined to be a better father. It was Jamie who rescued his fragile daughter when she was at her lowest point. Meanwhile, money was always an issue for the Spears family, with some periods so dark and desperate that Britney would go to the fridge and find it bare. Mum Lynne and dad Jamie began their married life in a cramped trailer at Simpson’s Trailer Park in Kentwood. Her dad would hunt for food in the woods near their home – that meant eating rabbit and squirrel. In 1998, as Britney got a record deal, the family business went bust with debts including £31,000 in unpaid taxes. A family friend says: “Years of working every hour God sent to fund Britney’s dream caught up with them.” https://www.mirror.co.uk/3am/celebrity-news/heartbreaking-cause-britney-spears-harrowing-21687469
  14. and lets talk about how pre-2018 Britney never had captions on her photos. it not like her or her Instagram.
  15. Is it true felicia has been participating in that sham the zone, which continues to feed the conservatorship abuse? I feel like fe shouldnt, if true
  16. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Vu28oxDpAg Hey fellow exhalers, Let me know what you think of this interview... Its so sad but so true how her conservatorship is essentially destroying her career. I wonder if her fathers sickness could possibly put an end to the conservatorship or will it be passed onto her mother to control absolutely everything? Give me your thoughts!!!!
  17. Hi everyone! I made extenede version of "Prerogative" commercial. It's not longer but include all scenes with Britney! Hope U'll like it! Enjoy!!! Comment and subscribe!
  18. I'm a big fan of Britney Spears since HMBOMT hit the air waves when I was in High School. Since that moment I became a super fan and loved everything she did in the follow up albums. I remember when Britney was the coolest star out there and when cutting edge moments on albums including Breathe on Me were the norm. Britney was a trend setter and a game changer. Nothing could stop her. Then Blackout happened and I declared from that moment on that nothing Britney ever did would stop me being a die hard eternal fan because with music that good, that innovative, that contemporary... She had released a album that would possibly be my all time favourite album ever. I recall just being amazed by Break The Ice, Get Naked (I got a Plan) and Heaven on Earth. Oh and don't even get me started on how insanely good Get Back was. Britney's team were desperate to get her star power and image back after Blackout so invested heavily in CIRCUS. A huge album that spawned over 500,000 US sales in its first week (difficult to imagine in 2018). But her team wanted her to get those number 1 hits. Womanizer was the most expensive video of that year and Circus had an empowering theme that connected to old and new fans. Britney was essentially something other than a *** kitten and it paid off. A fantastic ballad also featured in Out from Under and the fan favourite Unusual You (coupled with Danja's Kill The Lights) meant this was a Britney Classic. Then Femme Fetale hit, and with over 500,000 sales of the lead single HIAM who cared if the album felt a little generic or impersonal, it did not matter because the huge monster hits were there, TTWE and of course IWGo all spawned huge international hits that fit perfectly in Britney's legacy. Oh and throw in classic moments such as Inside Out, Criminal and the innovative How I Roll and the fans and public were happy. As a die hard fan I couldn't help but reflect that Britney's team were getting a little complacent from the art work/ concept of FF and the general depth of the album that seemed distinctly impersonal compared to Circus, but hey, this is an abstract view, but I sensed after FF we desperately needed a more urban and thoughtful album that focused on Britney's overall image that could connect meaningfully with its fan base but more importantly, the younger generation. Then came Scream and Shout, and Britney's team were clearly blown away, a HUGE international hit with Britney at the heart of it! Yes, lets get the medicare and lacklustre William to create and produce the iconic star's album. I was so shocked when this album released and how grotesque it appeared that Larry had the audacity to say this was Britney's most... 'personal to date'. It was so incongruent and that album sounded so dated, as in early 2000's material for Z-lister stars. I couldn't understand why her team didn't seem to give a damn about keeping her relevant, cool and offering her gold hits? Then perfume was released with a very mundane video because the original video (the creative and interesting video had been scalped) had been kept aside due to fear of damaging Britney's appeal (and Vegas tickets I am sure). I can never forgive William and Britney's team for destroying her legacy in one terrible move. Two singles, one that charted outside the top ten the other didn't even make a dent. Sigh. And this is all after FF. What happened? William happened. And Britney'e team allowed it to happen. Britney can only ever be as good the team around her, she can shine so brightly, but only if she has worthy people around her. Work ***** was okay, but after FF I think it was a poor choice due to needing to connect with a fan base and public that want more than hard beats and sexy images. Times have changed and are changing fast. Work ***** was okay. Its an anthem. But did nothing to grow Britney's fan base or make her appear cool and contemporary. Then I remembered Blackout. Its okay told myself, her team would eventually get get back on top in a huge return to the music scene, with a killer video, amazing remixes, right? I mean why not? This is a huge star with huge star power, why not invest in that star power? Strangely, we then get Glory. For me personally, I never now listen to this album. Im not hating here, but I am stating clearly that there are no classic Brtiney hits in my mind. The sounds were following trends. It sounded liken a B-side to FF. I want more How I Roll's, more Breathe on Me's, heck I want a new Toxic. Im not in the past here, but I know what Britney is capable of, and Make Me just did not cut it. Perhaps if the music video was even a 4/10 I might have been more kindly, but that video was the WORST video of Britney's career. And to top it off, she looks once again like a middle aged *** kitten hooking up with the cast of her video, not the right image in 2018 where woman and girls are far more aware of standing up for empowerment, having a strong mind set and generally having depth. I hated the released video, it was generic, uncool, dated, bland, boring... and this is Britney freaking Spears. What the heck happened? Oh yeah, Vegas. Why bother investing in her when her team and everyone around her are making a ton of $$$. Whats the point? Well in my mind a star even as big as Britney can only thrive on legacy and star power for so long. The new Vegas Domination advert is using TTWE and thats for a reason. There are no hits to use following FF that could be used (regardless of what you think about the music). Without the music, without the team around Brtiney, without the newsworthy music videos, without the stylists, without the care and dedication, without the innovative producers and writers, then Britney will forever be a star of the past. What good are endless Vegas shows if the music never matches the investment in her gigs? In my humble opinion Britney needs a break to reflect and to drive for a number one smash hit with an incredible cutting edge video (can you even imagine that in 2018?) and a concept album that for once veers away from sexy facial imagery, sexy moves, and actually incorporates *** appeal with some kind of awesomeness, whatever that might be (whether it be concept, lyrics, video, visuals, depth, personal investment, current producers/ anything...) To be honest, at this stage I have to expect nothing and to be disappointed and to reach for Blackout and ITZone and remind myself why I will always be a huge fan of this legendary and iconic super star. But what good is a legendary superstar with no current hits? Sure it makes people a ton of $$$ but is that enough? Is it fair to Britney or her fans? Thanks for listening, this post has been building up for so many years! J-Maxx
  19. Hi Guys, so today I went to Primark in centre town here in UK to buy some things for my holidays I found a big display of merchandises (t-shirt, bags, cups, etc..) between the bands and singers you can find: Lady Gaga, Cher, Whitney Houston, the Beatles, rolling stones, and of course..... BRITNEY. I'll add some pictures above this of the Britney's t-shirt that they are currently selling on Primark. I think all Primark should have it worldwide.... Thoughts? Sorry about the pictures quality, i was on a rush lol http://imgur.com/gallery/SDujflt http://imgur.com/gallery/6evRimI http://imgur.com/gallery/D2rjAMz
  20. Pop Crave on Twitter are claiming Britneys Manager confirmed in Vogue magazine that she's releasing new music on June 29th. I don't know how reliable they are if even but it's "News" I suppose. Twitter @poporave. Thoughts??
  21. After giving it some thought, and being excited for B10, I was thinking about a great theme for the next album. As much as I loved Glory, I wish there was more of a theme. After giving it thought, I knew that I wanted something to come close to In the Zone and Blackout, but also with the Glory vibe. An album theme that focuses on mood and personality would be a great way to go. The song Mood Ring gave me that idea. Jekyll & Hyde 1. My Game, My Rules A great introduction song. It sets the mood for the album, and she gets right to the point that she calls the shots on stage. 2. Jekyll & Hyde An idea from Mood Ring. It's the first track that discusses the many different sides of a person. 3. 2007 She gets somewhat personal with her breakdwon, which would be HUGE. Realistically speaking if she did something like this, it would be a song that talks about getting through your struggles and being stronger. Not so much in detail to what happened to her in that year. It's more about conquering your fears. 4. Blindfold A ballad revolving around the concept of what you see is not what you always get. 5. Karma ***** (Feat. Madonna and Missy Elliott) Britney and Madonna show their men what will happen if you mess with them. Missy Elliott is also featured for a small rap part. 6. Wiked The song is about a witch, a woman, who was viewed in a negative way by many people, but really she is a beautiful woman who wasn't viewed fairly. 7. Colors (Feat.Lady Gaga) A song that represents the LGBTQ community! The song would be about expressing your true self no matter who you are. 8. Roll the Dice The song is about going with your gut, and taking a gamble on a guy. 9. Voodoo A super sexy dance track! She talks about how her moves on the dance floor puts a spell on the guy she likes. 10. Chameleon She talks about finding your inner beauty, being yourself and not blending in with everyone else. 11. Confession A ballad where she reveals to the guy how she truly feels about him. 12. Game Over Britney has caught on to her man's cheating ways, and is making it clear to him that she's done with him. The song features sounds of old arcade music, and somewhat repetitive like Womanizer (lyric wise). Bonus 13. Baby One More Time (Cabaret Version) A different version of Baby One More Time, to celebrate 20 years in the industry.
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