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Found 22 results

  1. Carly Rae Jepsen blessed us with a new Christmas song! It's titled "It’s Not Christmas Till Somebody Cries." The music video is out now. Super cute. Exhale, thoughts?
  2. My dad has a playlist on Spotify where the songs are: Work B and i love rock and roll
  3. Little Mix released a new song titled "Holiday" off their forthcoming sixth studio album. It sounds so good!
  4. Mi sarebbe piaciuto vederla in Animali fantastici e dove trovarli o Harry Potter. 
  5. I can't listen to the whole song, it makes me nervous all the backing track is boring. Unfortunately, I consider her worst song.
  6. Did you hear DaBaby’s remix for his already hit Rockstar? This is currently my favorite song out there right now, alongside TROLLZ. Rockstar and TROLLZ are fighting neck to neck for the top spot in Billboard next week. To be honest, I’m happy with whoever take it. I’m shook. DaBaby has one of the best flows in rap nowadays and the first verse to this remix SLAPS.
  7. Hello guys, I hope this has not been posted yet. I was on Instagram and I saw a post with a link towards a demo. It's called "Battle of the sexxxes". You can hear Justin and Timbaland on the demo. This song was apparently meant to be the duet song of Justin & Britney back in 2008. Here is a direct link to the Instagram post : Source : Instagram post That's not my instagram, all credits go to this Instagram account : @britneyjustinn Justin is singing Britney's part... Lyrics : (Timbaland) Don't hurt her Justin! That was the past Put it all behind you, homeboy (Justin ) Let me talk to you Let me, let me talk to you I just, I just wanna talk to you Let me, let me, let me talk to you I just wanna talk to you Is it alright if I talk to you? Just listen Baby girl, don't be afraid I know you remember me, I'm your boy from back in the day I heard you singin' you're back, and your mind seems right And I can't even lie to you, your body still drives me wild So don't be afraid to get nasty Don't be afraid to get wild Just point to your spot and ask me I'll make it worth your while Don't be afraid to get nasty Don't be afraid to get wild Just point to your spot and ask me I'll make it worth your while Let's explore explicit Let's express reflexes Exploit your pleasure It's the battle of the sexxxes Let's explore explicit Let's express reflexes Exploit your pleasure It's the battle of the sexxxes Talk to me Make it talk to me Talk to me Make it talk to me Talk to me Make it talk to me Talk to me Make (Meant to be sung by Britney ) Baby boy, I know you want my love Already gave you a hit so you know that it's like a drug You remember my flavor, you still know my taste I still got it, baby, it'd be a shame if it went to waste So don't be afraid to get nasty Don't be afraid to get wild Just point to your spot and ask me I'll make it worth your while Don't be afraid to get nasty Don't be afraid to get wild Just point to your spot and ask me I'll make it worth your while Let's explore explicit Let's express reflexes Exploit your pleasure It's the battle of the sexxxes Let's explore explicit Let's express reflexes Exploit your pleasure It's the battle of the sexxxes Talk to me Make it talk to me Talk to me Make it talk to me Talk to me Make it talk to me Talk to me For those who were not here in 2008, this was a huge deal. Britney was supposed to collab with them, and at the last minute, she denied them. I remember they got mad. Exhale was a mess. The good ol' days
  8. Britney's part is at the end if you don't want to see the whole thing, everytime they choose the word "Baby" everyone sings THAT song... Iconic Living Legend!!
  9. Kim Petras released a music video for her new song "Malibu." It features cameos from Paris Hilton, Demi Lovato, Jonathan Van Ness, Jessie J, Charli XCX, Madelaine Petsch, Todrick Hall, Pablo Vittar, Loren Gray, Aly & AJ, Aquaria, Nikita Dragun, Dorian Electra, Brittany Bronski, Bowen Yang, Slayyyter, Daniel Preda, Teddy Quinlaven, Chester Lockhart, Benny Drama and Amanda Lepore. Iss cute. Are we here for new Kim, Exhale?
  10. Charli XCX just released the latest tune from her quarantine album, How I'm Feeling Now, out May 15th. It's titled "I Finally Understand," a glitchy, quirky beat-tastic auto-tuned sleeper banger produced by A. G. Cook and Mechatok. Here's what she had to say about it: Thoughts on the new tune?
  11. So I was thinking about perfect return of Britney. 1) - The song should be about getting strength, start to be stronger and being a fighter. I think great lead single should show that she has back to her throne and has a full power of her life. about video - fairy tale theme will be perfect. Intro - Britney has poisoned and fall asleep for a long time. It can be apple from snow white or spindle from sleeping beauty. Also audio of the into can be "Rebellion" Instrumental or smth.. awakening (End of C-ship) - So After long sleep she awakes. She is in the ice that breaks which is located in forest. After that she is coming for her throne in the castle. The Path (The fight she has been through all these years) - It's hard way but she is fighting for her throne and she is out of the forest. She uses her skills like red hood, trick someone with lost shoe, to destroy her enemies in forest (wolfs, monsters etc). Friends (her fans and #freeBritney movement supporters)- it can be Dwarves or Robin Hoods army Final Battle (She rules her own world. Lou and 90% of abusers are arrested)- She will enter her palace and will defeat an evil queen. The light in the world is back etc.. 2) After Fighting back what is hers and back in the top, her second single should be about confidence/How to rule her life,/how to be a wise person not only for you for others too. 3) The third single can be a personal story of her. What is like to be mistreated, left alone, feeling the pain, being in depression and the things she never spoke out but hinted many times. (Also I hope she is not in depression any more. Also I think it will be good for her to say everything she felt even with a song) 4) fourth single should can be about love - romantic one (not about ***). How to find love, keep it, deal with hurt etc 5) and 6) singles should be about ***, club, love but mostly about dance! The motivating ones like WB, **** as Slave, Energy like MATM, Entertainig like Toxic After releasing the last single of b10 she will release first single of B11 after 3 months.
  12. Maybe I'm still hypnotized by his cake photo, but Charlie Puth's new song about living in isolation is a jam. His falsetto melts like butter, and the beat is low-key He put together a little do-it-yourself video for it as well. New Billboard hot Hot 100 #1 incoming! "I can't wait for this to be over / I'm losing faith in my patience." Poetry! Do we like it?
  13. Lauren Jauregui (formerly from Fifth Harmony) released a new solo song today. Her old bandmate Dinah Jane dropped a new tune, too. Lauren's new tune is a caliente mid-tempo titled "Lento." I like it better than DJ's. Her voice has a raspy, smokey tone to it which sounds incredible over the clamoring beat. She also sings about exhaling. Thoughts on "Lento?"
  14. Dinah Jane (formerly of Fifth Harmony) released a new bedroom banger titled "1501." She coos, "No need for us to wait" over a sultry beat and a wave of background vocals. My initial reaction is it's alright. A solid effort but I fear it'll fade into oblivion faster than Rita Ora's most-recent release. What do you think of "1501?"
  15. You know Coronavirus is really taking over our lives when a new song with Ariana Grande comes out and it goes virtually unnoticed. Childish Gambino released a surprise album on Friday titled 3.15.20 (not the same date as last Friday). It features a song titled "Time," and Ariana Grande is on it(!!!). The beat pounds and Ariana's robotized vocals are uniquely fresh. I haven't heard a song like this from her before. I'm really enjoying it. Thoughts?
  16. When this song came out I literally played it a hundred times. I also don't care if y'all drag me. What's a song that you like that no one else really likes or seems to care about?
  17. Hilary often reminds us she has no plans to release new music, but it appears she's had a little change of heart. The BIBO singer recorded the chorus on a cover of Third Eye Blind's "I'll Never Let You Go" alongside singer-songwriter hubby, Matthew Koma, and RAC. YUP, Hilary is singing Third Eye Blind and all feels right in the world. Duff wasn't originally meant to feature on it, but once she heard Koma and RAC's work, she "weaseled" her way onto the chorus, as she put it. Listen to the full cover below: Do you like it? Hate it? Let us know what you think in the commen
  18. Lady Gaga's new song "Stupid Love" is getting promoted and listened to whether she likes it or not.
  19. Kim always comes through with the bops. Thoughts on "Reminds Me?"
  20. What if Britney is going to release ‘Sorry Adam’ the femme fatale demo from 2011 ? One of my favourite unreleased demos. There’s plenty of apple mentions in that song, true? I’ve not logged onto here in such a long time but the demo just played on my phone and I was like...okay apples. How would you feel if a 2011 demo was released 7 years later? She’s probably not going to release a thing and I’ll never look at a Apple the same way again.
  21. Since days there is nothing happening on Britney’s instagram... but the last weeks where full of pics and content. I wonder why she isn’t showing a reaction or a picture/ short video about -for example- the pitbull collaboration, to push it a bit more (it’s not a secret, pitbull confirmed it and she could spread the news now that he said it). So maybe they really have planned something to throw out there and that’s because it got so quiet?! Just wondering why they don’t jump on the train of hyping the pitbull collaboration... so maybe there really is something else
  22. After Make Me, the smartest thing to do is get a new single with a totally different vibe, more energetic, to bring the attention to Britney Spears again. Could be DYWCO? Yes, but... Change Your Mind (No Seas Cortés) is more ****, different and could be the next I'm a Slave 4U if it was properlly worked! That song just need a strong video, with lot of dance and sexyness. And the fundamental part here is: WE NEED A FLAWLESS DIRECTOR for it! So... My choices would be: Hannah Lux Davis from Cool For The Summer and Side to Side She knows how to make a **** video and work with lights that has appeal to attract more younger fans. Alek Keshishian from Hands to Myself and In Bed With Madonna Just a legend here. He is so creative and knows how to give substance to a song. It would fit CYM perfectly! Francis Lawrence from I'm a Slave 4u and Circus Ok, this one don't need any introduction to us, B-Army. Rigth? Could be epic! You're welcome, Larry Rudolph! (I hope he read this to take some notes!) And pleaaaaase, no more Chris Marrs Piliero or Randee St. Nicholas! K? Thanks, bye. P.S.: I know the fans like 'Slumber Party' or 'Love Me Down', but they are third single material. Let's think about the right move to her career now.
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