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  1. Selena Gomez opens up about feeling pressured to be more adult during the Revival era. She made the revelation in her new interview with Allure. "I just did things that weren't really me," she says. She continues, choosing her words more deliberately: "There was pressure to seem more adult on my album, Revival. [I felt] the need to show skin... I really don't think I was [that] person." I'm surprised tbh. Why do artists like to sling dirt on their past eras. Exhale, thoughts on Selena's statement about Revival? Related:
  2. Selena Gomez. I have very strong and founded doubts regarding her singing abilities, but a studio and a computer can work wonders for a persons voice "A Year Without Rain" and "Good For You" are undeniably GEMS that deserve appreciation. I LOVE the dream-pop vibe. A Year Without Rain was very out of place in a Disney Channel era album, but its so deep and beautiful. Good For You sounds like Im listening to a song while in a dream. Its so atmospheric! They both are! Does anyone else love these songs? *Bonus question- does anyone else love these songs while thinking Selena Gomez is not a good singer?
  3. beyonce's vocals are weak, tbh. selena gomez' vocals always stable. this beyonce girl is not even a worthy competition to selena's fingertips alone. poor selena carrying the music industry on her back. there's a reason beyonce didn't sing Good for You, Hands To Myself or Bad Liar. And that reason being a lack of vocal prowess that Selena possesses. she can literally replicate air conditioning with her voice. her fainting breathe technique is yet to be explored by any other vocalists in music history.
  4. Selena Gomez might have a Spanish-language visual project in the works. Check out this excerpt from her new interview with Billboard: In a totally separate article, Billboard had this to say regarding Interscope CEO John Janick: Not Billboard letting it slip like that Exhale, are we here for a Selena Gomez visual album?! If true of course.
  5. Saved by the Bell re-launched, and in one of the new episodes, they poke fun of Selena Gomez's kidney transplant. “I know for a fact that Selena Gomez’s kidney donor was Justin Bieber’s mom,” one girl tells her friend. “God I wish that I had my phone so I could prove it.” The other character says: “Prove what? That you’re an idiot? It was Demi Lovato’s kidney. They’re best friends like you and I were.” In a separate scene, there is graffiti written on a wall that reads, "Does Selena Gomes even have a kidney?" NBC issued an apology and are donating to her charity. Like, WHO approved this? Trash
  6. That's it. Just a reminder of this eternal bop Also, here's an amazing remix of it too Selena Gomez & the Scene WERE MY JAHMMMMMMMMMMM
  7. Selena Gomez is playing the role of gay mountaineer Silvia Vasquez Lavado in a new movie. I'm sure she'll get a lot of backlash for this, but I'm here for it. Her A Star Is Born is coming Related:
  8. That belt to match Miley's CD version When was the last time you heard Selena belt like this? Mariah Carey could never Not the blonde girl next to her pretending to YEAHHHHHHHHHHH with no sound so we can hear Selena SING!
  9. Selena Gomez reveals the 2020 election is the first time she's ever voted. She faced some backlash because she's 28 years old, meaning she could've voted many times over by now, but says she's coming forward with this information because she wants others who may have felt like their vote doesn't matter to know that it does. Good for her for being vulnerable and sharing this. It's disappointing, but at least she turned things around. Exhale, thoughts?
  10. Hello! I found this amazing mashup of Selena covering BOMT and Britney's version and sounds amazing. Hope we get an actual collab in the future because i LOVE them , rather in SG4 or in B10 after she is free or in both on a bad ***** bop. And if that collab never happens hope her version of whiplash leaks and someone does a mashup at least :D Hope you guys like it too!
  11. Selena Gomez shared the demo version of her song "Lose You To Love Me." TBH it just sounds more like a stripped back version of the original. It's nearly identical minus some of the polish. I would've loved to see a real original to showcase a transformation. Thoughts, Exhale?
  12. Selena Gomez says she loves exploring dark-themed songs because it resonates with parts of her personality. In a new interview, Selena says she may may a special album with "dark" songs. She also praises Taylor Swift's new album folklore. Selena's voice would be perfect for a dark-vibe album. I'm super here for it. Thoughts? Bye Rare
  13. Well, this is awkward. Demi Lovato is slamming trolls for faking images of her fiancé, Max Ehrich, Tweeting about his love for Selena Gomez in years' past. He even allegedly said he wanted to marry Selena. In light of the drama, Ehrich deleted his Twitter account so we can't verify the Tweets or not. This is what was apparently said: "I think she’s an extremely, extremely, extremely talented girl, and I’ve actually had a major crush on her since 2010," he started. "And I—my teenage self, like, said it in an interview as well so it’s kind of been this ongoing thing but then like obviously I put it out on Twitter, and I didn’t even realize that would catch like—that people would take that like seriously." "But yeah, I honestly think Selena Gomez is an extraordinary women," he continued. "What she stands for charity-wise, just being an activist, she just has a great heart. Her heart is in the right place. She loves Jesus. She loves God. She’s just like, she’s an angel, and I love her, but on top of that, I respect her musically and I want to make music with her. Okay? I want to make a song with her and put out a song." Demi responded: So, what is the truth, Exhale?
  14. Selena Gomez will receive the Arts Award during the 33rd Hispanic Heritage Awards, which will air Oct. 6 on PBS stations and streamed on PBS.org. At the same ceremony, Bad Bunny will receive the Vision Award, as previously announced, and actress Jessica Alba will receive the Business Award for her entrepreneurial and philanthropic activities. Because of COVID-19 restrictions, there will not be a live ceremony. The PBS special will feature filmed performances from across the U.S. and Latin America. Read More Here
  15. Selena Gomez linked up with YouTube star NikkieTutorials (Nikkie de Jager) virtually to do her makeup and promote her new line, Rare Beauty. Nikkie asked if she had any advice for her "Ice Cream" co-stars. "I think I would learn a lot more from them," she said. "Their work ethic is something I’ve never seen before, and I’d like to say I work hard," she continued. "What I’ve found when I’ve spoken to them and met them is that they’re extremely disciplined and they are so talented that there isn’t anything that they wouldn’t strive to do. They were wonderful and I miss them." Watch the full video: Related:
  16. BLACKPINK and Selena Gomez's new music video for "Ice Cream" is officially out! Thoughts?!
  17. Welcome to @CrazyButItFeelsAllright's second edition to Songs That Deserved More Last post I wanted to limit myself to 10 artists, but for the remixed, reimagined, but still iconic edition I wanted to include 10 more in addition to the females in the first post. *I'm only including songs that were released as singles or promotional singles and didn't do as well on the Billboard Hot 100* 1) Britney Spears - Overprotected Peak: #86 on the Billboard Hot 100 (in Darkchild Remix form) Highest Peak: #1 in Poland Fun Fact: Grammy Nominated for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance 2. Christina Aguilera - Dirrty Peak #48 Highest Peak #1 Croatia, Ireland, Scotland & UK Fun Fact: The video is credited as the origin of the "slutdrop" 3. Dua Lipa - Physical Peak #60 Highest Peak #1 Bulgaria, Croatia, Israel, Lebanon, Poland Fun Fact: song made Dua Lipa the first female to have 3 songs in the top 10 simultaneously in the UK since 1952 4. Taylor Swift - Wonderland Peak #51 Highest Peak #51 USA Fun Fact: Based on Alice in Wonderland and rumored to be another song about Harry Styles 5. Lady Gaga - Eh, Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say) Peak #(not released as a US Single) Highest Peak #2 Sweden Fun Fact: Although not released in the US it was certified gold 6. Nicki Minaj - Beez In The Trap Peak #48 Highest Peak #7 US Billboard Hot Rap Songs & US Rap Airplay Fun Fact: Complex named it as #9 best song of 2012 7. Ariana Grande - Be Alright Peak #43 Highest Peak #8 New Zealand Heatseekers Fun Fact: Demo with Migos leaked in 2018 8. Beyoncé - Countdown Peak #71 Highest Peak #1 German Urban Charts & US Hot Dance Club Songs Fun Fact: Belgian choreographer Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker accused Beyoncé of using concepts from two of her pieces, Rosas danst Rosas (1983) and Achterlund (1990). 9. Hilary Duff - All About You Peak #119 Highest Peak #20 Australia Fun Fact: Savan Kotecha co-wrote the song. He's also credited for writing I Wanna Go, Up 'N Down and If U Seek Amy for Britney Spears 10. Marina (and the Diamonds) - How To Be a Heartbreaker Peak #42 US Pop Digital Charts Highest Peak #3 Poland Fun Fact: Certified gold in the United States even though it didn't peak on the main charts 11. Carly Rae Jepsen - Now That I Found You Peak #25 US Pop Digital Songs Highest Peak #6 Japan Hot Overseas Fun Fact: Billboard named it #43 of the best 100 songs of 2019 12. Tinashe - All Hands On Deck Peak #101 Highest Peak #8 Belgium Fun Fact: Tinashe and Iggy Azalea teamed up for the first time on a remix for this track. They now have a new collaboration released this year 13. Kelly Clarkson - I Dare You Peak #86 Highest Peak #3 Israel Fun Fact: Song was recorded in six different language versions 14. Iggy Azalea - Started Peak #120 Highest Peak #10 Greece Digital Songs Fun Fact: music influenced by Anna Nicole Smith and features Trixie Mattel and Vanessa Vanjie Mateo 15. Selena Gomez - Boyfriend Peak #59 Highest Peak #1 New Zealand Hot Singles Fun Fact: Song was created after Selena sent Julia Michaels a text saying "I want a boyfriend" 16. Madonna - Celebration Peak #71 Highest Peak #1 Bulgaria, Finland, Hungary, Israel, Italy, Russia Airplay, Scotland, Sweden, UK Dance, and US Dance Club Songs Fun Fact: Became Madonna's 40th number one song on US Dance Club Songs (the most for any artist) 17. P!nk - Trouble Peak #68 Highest Peak #1 Belgium Fun Fact: Tim Armstrong wrote the song for his band Rancid's album but offered it to P!nk after it didn't make the final cut 18. Rihanna - Man Down Peak #59 Highest Peak #1 France and Switzerland Fun Fact: One of the songs written during a writing camp where Def Jam rented almost every recording studio in LA to write as many songs possible for the album 19. Katy Perry - Harleys In Hawaii Peak #110 Highest Peak # 1 New Zealand Hot Singles Fun Fat: Included this for you Katy Clowns and although I don't like her anymore this song should've been what NRO is 20. Miley Cyrus - Who Owns My Heart Peak #DIDN'T CHART Highest Peak #2 Belgium Fun Fact: The Parents Television Council criticized the video for its ****** elements
  18. Ariana Grande co-wrote BLACKPINK's new song with Selena Gomez, "Ice Cream," out August 28th. She posted the announcement as an Insta-story and said: "proud of the squad and so excited for this," she wrote. "So much love for this team and these ladies." Ariana co-wrote "Ice Cream" alongside frequent collaborators Tommy Brown, Victoria Monet and Official Mr.Franks. They worked with Ariana on Thank U, Next. Wonder if Ari gave BP and Selena a TU,N reject It's gonna smash though I just know it. But... why didn't Ari sing on it Related:
  19. Everyone and their mother dropped new material! Don't let the title of that song fool you. I only included it because Britney And this came out of nowhere and I haven't listened to it yet but the fact it is there, I had to include t.A.t.U
  20. While promoting her new makeup line (Rare Beauty) on Instagram Live Selena talked about meeting Britney for the first time. "It's kind of like when you get to meet your idol. I remember when I was younger... the first concert I ever went to and the first person I was ever obsessed with was Britney Spears... obviously." "I was going to the Britney concert and I remember just being in the nose bleeds... obsessed with her. She was my idol and I remember saying 'I want to be like her.' Then fast forward a few years later and I'm sitting down at some event like just talking with her... those moments don't go by easily for me... She to me is an icon so I was pouring out my love to her as a fan."
  21. Well, I wanted to talk about the expectations you had with ex-acts Miley, Demi, Selena and Ariana about the reality of their careers. When it started, I always hoped it would go crazy and end in crisis. I started to get hooked on "Can't Be Tamed," but it was one of my favorites with Bangerz. I was amazed at how well she handled the insanity, and had high expectations for her career ... yet I was disappointed. In spite of everything, I am glad that she has creative control of her music, because she is so talented. I always hoped that she would have a career like Xtina's, however she exceeded my expectations because she has a vast musical catalog and has been around longer than I thought. I always felt like Selena used the same Britney formula to release albums 1999 BOMT - 2009 Kiss & Tell 2000 oidia - 2010 aywr 2001 BRITNEY- 2011 wtsgd 2003 itz - 2013 dance of stars 2004 gh - 2014 gh And the 4-year hiatus without releasing an album After Revival came out and with the news of a new album in 2017, I was shocked at how big it was getting ... and even though its popularity has dropped I'm impressed by how well it has held up (only disappointed by its weak performance Live ) Since I heard yours truly I really knew that it would be much more than the previous 3 named ... and I was not wrong. Expectations more than exceeded. Opinions?
  22. I’m not going to lie, this looks wicked cute and I’m definitely going to tune in. Two things I love: Selena and food. Can’t keep my hands to myself and can’t keep them out of the refrigerator or pantry either. That jalapeño comment.
  23. Selena Gomez teamed up with Trevor Daniel on a new song titled "Past Life." The music video for it is out now. The song is a laid-back mid-tempo. On it, Trevor and Selena sing about looking back on a fizzled out romantic relationship. It's cute.
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