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Found 12 results

  1. So, all my sources are from mediatraffic, if you want the receipts, ask for the link and I will send you. Here we go! Best-Sellings Albums of 2019: When we all fall asleep, where do we go?: 4.490.000 sales Map Of The Soul: Persona: 4.240.000 sales Thank u, next: 3.317.000 sales A Star is born (Soundtrack): 3.204.000 million sales Lover: 2.804.000 sales Hollywood’s Bleeding: 2.796.000 sales Bohemian Rhapsody (soundtrack): 2.748.000 sales No.6 Collaborations project: 2.692.000 sales 5x20 All the best! 1999-2019: 2.133.000 sales Free Spirit: 1.813.000 sales And there you have it! Top 10 best selling albums of 2019! which of your favorite albums appeared in the top 10 list? Lemme know!
  2. I'm a big fan of Britney Spears since HMBOMT hit the air waves when I was in High School. Since that moment I became a super fan and loved everything she did in the follow up albums. I remember when Britney was the coolest star out there and when cutting edge moments on albums including Breathe on Me were the norm. Britney was a trend setter and a game changer. Nothing could stop her. Then Blackout happened and I declared from that moment on that nothing Britney ever did would stop me being a die hard eternal fan because with music that good, that innovative, that contemporary... She had released a album that would possibly be my all time favourite album ever. I recall just being amazed by Break The Ice, Get Naked (I got a Plan) and Heaven on Earth. Oh and don't even get me started on how insanely good Get Back was. Britney's team were desperate to get her star power and image back after Blackout so invested heavily in CIRCUS. A huge album that spawned over 500,000 US sales in its first week (difficult to imagine in 2018). But her team wanted her to get those number 1 hits. Womanizer was the most expensive video of that year and Circus had an empowering theme that connected to old and new fans. Britney was essentially something other than a *** kitten and it paid off. A fantastic ballad also featured in Out from Under and the fan favourite Unusual You (coupled with Danja's Kill The Lights) meant this was a Britney Classic. Then Femme Fetale hit, and with over 500,000 sales of the lead single HIAM who cared if the album felt a little generic or impersonal, it did not matter because the huge monster hits were there, TTWE and of course IWGo all spawned huge international hits that fit perfectly in Britney's legacy. Oh and throw in classic moments such as Inside Out, Criminal and the innovative How I Roll and the fans and public were happy. As a die hard fan I couldn't help but reflect that Britney's team were getting a little complacent from the art work/ concept of FF and the general depth of the album that seemed distinctly impersonal compared to Circus, but hey, this is an abstract view, but I sensed after FF we desperately needed a more urban and thoughtful album that focused on Britney's overall image that could connect meaningfully with its fan base but more importantly, the younger generation. Then came Scream and Shout, and Britney's team were clearly blown away, a HUGE international hit with Britney at the heart of it! Yes, lets get the medicare and lacklustre William to create and produce the iconic star's album. I was so shocked when this album released and how grotesque it appeared that Larry had the audacity to say this was Britney's most... 'personal to date'. It was so incongruent and that album sounded so dated, as in early 2000's material for Z-lister stars. I couldn't understand why her team didn't seem to give a damn about keeping her relevant, cool and offering her gold hits? Then perfume was released with a very mundane video because the original video (the creative and interesting video had been scalped) had been kept aside due to fear of damaging Britney's appeal (and Vegas tickets I am sure). I can never forgive William and Britney's team for destroying her legacy in one terrible move. Two singles, one that charted outside the top ten the other didn't even make a dent. Sigh. And this is all after FF. What happened? William happened. And Britney'e team allowed it to happen. Britney can only ever be as good the team around her, she can shine so brightly, but only if she has worthy people around her. Work ***** was okay, but after FF I think it was a poor choice due to needing to connect with a fan base and public that want more than hard beats and **** images. Times have changed and are changing fast. Work ***** was okay. Its an anthem. But did nothing to grow Britney's fan base or make her appear cool and contemporary. Then I remembered Blackout. Its okay told myself, her team would eventually get get back on top in a huge return to the music scene, with a killer video, amazing remixes, right? I mean why not? This is a huge star with huge star power, why not invest in that star power? Strangely, we then get Glory. For me personally, I never now listen to this album. Im not hating here, but I am stating clearly that there are no classic Brtiney hits in my mind. The sounds were following trends. It sounded liken a B-side to FF. I want more How I Roll's, more Breathe on Me's, heck I want a new Toxic. Im not in the past here, but I know what Britney is capable of, and Make Me just did not cut it. Perhaps if the music video was even a 4/10 I might have been more kindly, but that video was the WORST video of Britney's career. And to top it off, she looks once again like a middle aged *** kitten hooking up with the cast of her video, not the right image in 2018 where woman and girls are far more aware of standing up for empowerment, having a strong mind set and generally having depth. I hated the released video, it was generic, uncool, dated, bland, boring... and this is Britney freaking Spears. What the heck happened? Oh yeah, Vegas. Why bother investing in her when her team and everyone around her are making a ton of $$$. Whats the point? Well in my mind a star even as big as Britney can only thrive on legacy and star power for so long. The new Vegas Domination advert is using TTWE and thats for a reason. There are no hits to use following FF that could be used (regardless of what you think about the music). Without the music, without the team around Brtiney, without the newsworthy music videos, without the stylists, without the care and dedication, without the innovative producers and writers, then Britney will forever be a star of the past. What good are endless Vegas shows if the music never matches the investment in her gigs? In my humble opinion Britney needs a break to reflect and to drive for a number one smash hit with an incredible cutting edge video (can you even imagine that in 2018?) and a concept album that for once veers away from **** facial imagery, **** moves, and actually incorporates *** appeal with some kind of awesomeness, whatever that might be (whether it be concept, lyrics, video, visuals, depth, personal investment, current producers/ anything...) To be honest, at this stage I have to expect nothing and to be disappointed and to reach for Blackout and ITZone and remind myself why I will always be a huge fan of this legendary and iconic super star. But what good is a legendary superstar with no current hits? Sure it makes people a ton of $$$ but is that enough? Is it fair to Britney or her fans? Thanks for listening, this post has been building up for so many years! J-Maxx
  3. I thought I would see green for a few updates and I figured DYWTCO would make the top 150 Oh well
  4. 1) Whatever BS people are saying about being close to no.2 or no.1 on BB200, the reality is, bar a miracle, glory will debut at #3. We are like 30k behind on sales, it's probably not happening. (but USA fans keep streaming, would be good if we could beat ********'s opening week sales). #3 is not bad! was a busy week for high profile releases! 2) A UK #2 debut - which she is on course for, as long as people keep streaming - would be far more significant! Imagine! godney Jean debuted at #34, what a ******* comeback it would be! Would also be her joint HIGHEST debut in the UK, 18 years into her career. KEEP STREAMING ON MULTIPLE DEVICES
  5. Guys, I know there's been going on a big wave of threads, but I can't help it. It's a question and maybe a enlightment. I am big fan of Lana Del Rey, as much as I'm Britney's. Her last album sold 115k in the first week, and she's much less relevant than Britney and did zero (I mean, actually less than zero). How can Britney, who has sell tons and tons of albuns (even Circus who was recent was 500k), sell so little? I can't realy believe it. Do you have any explanation? Even Britney Jean, which was released with zero buzz sold 107k. What makes Glory being predicted to sell 120k, being awesome with all types of promos? Enlighten me, please.
  6. I see the meltdowns all focused on "Glory" and how it's currently doing on the charts. All I have to say is WHAT IN THE WORLD did you expect? Britney is releasing an album off the heels of 2 really disappointing major releases. "Britney Jean" was tragic when you think about it.. 1 mild single & 1 complete flop single.. It was the worst of her entire career (even during her breakdown). The release of "Pretty Girls" only made things worse. "To us" the fans that love her we just see it as a misfire but to the majority of ppl it was a "Modonna Moment".. By that I mean it was Britney desperately trying to make up for "Britney Jean" by releasing a non age appropriate song, trying to recapture the magic of a previous hit & then smacking Iggy on it (because at the time I'm sure they thought she was a hot ticket, lil did they know that Iggy was slowly becoming the most hated rapper on the planet)! Nobody is charging the gates for Glory & I'm not being mean it's just reality. I don't blame a lot of ppl for being cautious. This era is not as easy as the comeback in 2008. "The Comeback" ppl were salvating for & that hype lasted 2 eras until ppl just started to accept that Britney was back (but not quite). This Glory era is a "fight" era.. Not a desperate attempt to recapture era. We have to allow it to flow.. People are slowly coming back to Britney & by all counts everything looks as if ppl are really into it! "Glory" being released VMA weekend is an obvious marketing tool. In fact I think it's so big that it only goes to show you how much work they knew they had to do!! In closing, you guys really gotta get over the numbers.. This era just isn't gonna explode the way you think it will. I feel like it's going to burn.. A spark, a flame.. A growing spreading burn. Just enjoy the ride & enjoy seeing Britney do what Britney does best.. Show us new ways of how resilient she is. I mean already "Glory" is doing better than a lot thought it would. Be happy !!!!
  7. We are killing this **** y'all! Let's not fall off! Make a playlist that includes Make Me, and stream the heavenly sounds on repeat! If we can keep this up, EPIC **** could happen. This is the moment we have been waiting for the last decade. Now get to WB!
  8. We all know the UK hasn't been kind to her lately chart-wise. I mean, "Make Me" didn't even enter the top 40 How do you think the album will do there? Is a top 5 peak too optimistic?
  9. I mean how can you not with all the promo. The only thing that may stop it is another performance that night or a lead single dropping from another big artist. I am more excited about this era than any other era and I have been a fan since toxic. She just seems more present and connecting
  10. How is that possible,. I thought it was a error but it's 37 on both my iPad and iPhone? There is no way it could have fallen that much.
  11. Looking at kworb,. Yesterday it took a massive hit in sales between 5 and 7 and twenty four hours later another massive hit. This is is going to fall further on iTunes and I am losing confidence quickly. Hot AC seems to have given up on this and that is where I thought this would excel. I think pop is playing it because of I heart radio but it seems shaky there too. She has all that promo ahead and I really think she is going to slay, hard. But that's weeks away. The single dropping tomorrow may help this a bit. I thought after the video release this would be doing much better, everyone has to feel that way including her management team. GIVE ME HOPE
  12. I just don't get it. The radio updates are good but how long will radio support it with it struggling so bad. Hot ac kind of put the brakes on it already. I hope it rebounds
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