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Found 64 results

  1. HELLO WORLD I need your help deciding what my first release will be from my compilation of Britney songs I've remixed and recreated. So, like this coming fall, please VOTE! <3 xoxoxo
  2. Producer Flume remixed Eiffel 65's iconic 1998 track, "Blue (Da Ba Dee)." As a kid, I was legit obsessed with this song and the entire album Europop, so I'm excited to sink my teeth into it again as an adult. Listen below. Anyone remember this track?
  3. Tinashe unleashed a new remix on us. She re-worked her lead Songs For You single, "Die A Little Bit," and it's pure fire. Like the original, it includes ZHU (who co-wrote and produced it) & Ms Banks. I love the orig, but this remix feels super fresh. I'm loving the remix route Tinashe is on right now. You may recall last week she dropped a remix for "Hopscotch" featuring THEY. Check out her new offering below: Related:
  4. UPDATE: The music video is out now and it is HOT! 🔥 Tinashe remixed "Hopscotch" off Songs For You. It features THEY and is produced by Killah B. I love the original, and I rarely like remixes, but this is fire. Tinashe's vocals sound clearer than the original version, and I can't put my finger on why. I'm wondering if the new production elevated it that much that it transformed it entirely. Feeling this! Non stop bops. Give it a spin above ta-da da.
  5. Queens unite! Toni Braxton taps Missy Elliott for a remix of "Do It." It's the slinky, mid-tempo nostalgic power ballad(?) the world needed. On it, Toni and Missy sing about leaving an unhealthy, abusive relationship. It's kind of a shame the Internet didn't light up over this, but Exhale to the rescue! THESE ARE LIVING LEGENDS YALL Listen below. Do we like? Related:
  6. Did you hear DaBaby’s remix for his already hit Rockstar? This is currently my favorite song out there right now, alongside TROLLZ. Rockstar and TROLLZ are fighting neck to neck for the top spot in Billboard next week. To be honest, I’m happy with whoever take it. I’m shook. DaBaby has one of the best flows in rap nowadays and the first verse to this remix SLAPS.
  7. Hellloooooo! Does anyone know where I can find a remix/mashup of "Toxic" and "Breathe On Me"? It's just like, so of the moment with corona and everything. thanks *****
  8. Hi all! Apologies if I'm not posting this in the right forum but I thought this site would be a good place to show off my latest remix. Feel free to like/subscribe/comment/all of the above. Been a while since I put out music (I used to almost exclusively do Britney Spears Remixes, some of which are on my YouTube). Here's my "Rain On Me" remix. Hope you all enjoy
  9. So recently..Say So remix went to #1 and Nicki minaj got her first #1 But if you ask me her previous songs deserved number 1 rather than say so remix Say so remix actually sounded like it was fan made..While Savage Remix had that potential to be #1 What do you guys think?
  10. The BeyHive is wondering whether Nicki Minaj is taking a jab at Beyonce on one of her verses featured in the new "Say So" Remix she did with Doja Cat. There's several reasons why fans believe Nicki might be shading Beyonce: 1.) A version of the remix leaked prior to the one that dropped on Friday. The official version featured a new verse that wasn't included on the leak, leading fans to believe Nicki added it in the eleventh hour because it makes mention of a lyric featured on the "Savage" remix Beyonce did with rap's fastest-rising female rapper, Megan Thee Stallion. Beyonce's lyric: "If you wanna see some real @$$ baby here's your chance" Nicki's lyric: “Why you talkin’ about who ‘body fake, with all the fillers in your face you’re just full of hate. Real @$$ can’t keep ya n**** home, now you looking silly, that’s word to silicone.” 2.) Before the final version was released, Nicki made it a point to tell fans to "make sure you listen to the outro." The outro features the newly-added line. 3.) Some thought it might be about Wendy Williams, but Nicki denied it. If Nicki is indeed coming for Beyonce, this won't end well...
  11. Super excited to share my very first Dua Lipa remix of her song Cool. Hope you all like this super retro amped up version. UPDATE: Golden Hour remix added featuring all the same sounds as the Synthwave Remix, but at the original tempo and with a more chill vibe. DOWNLOAD: https://mega.nz/folder/FdBBRYoA#kjbN1XyUlt0rrZ-G1rSOOQ
  12. The Queen of rap is aiming to get her first-ever #1 y'all! A clip of Nicki's verse on a remix of Doja Cat's chart-climbing bop "Say So" leaked onto the Internet. The track, produced by Dr. Luke, currently sits at #5 on the Hot 100, so if this gets a push soon it could hit #1. To be honest, I don't care that it's not Nicki's song - I'm here for this. Female power! Minus the Dr. Luke part. Are you guys here for Doja Cat - "Say So" featuring Nicki Minaj? Listen to the official version on Spotify. Thoughts?!
  13. Beyonce jumped on a remix of Megan Thee Stallion's massive hit, "Savage." It's completely re-worked. I already know the comments are going to say Beyonce is trying to cling to relevancy, but there's no denying her star power. Megan is also a streaming juggernaut, so this is smart for both women. Looking forward to seeing Bey back on top! Are you here for this remix?
  14. Would you be hyped if they finally worked together ?
  15. This is what I mean when I say I do NOT like BloodPop. His sound is bland. This fan made remix keeps the essence of the song but it has a progressive beginning and then goes HARDER. I need a hard hitting base. HIT ME IN THE FACE WITH YOUR PUNANI, GAGA! His work with Britney in "Better" from "Glory" is totally different, so I will spare his life, but omg I don't like him working with Gaga on the new album, I really hope they made a good team and I still want to be impressed but so far I wanna cry PS: I think this is one of Britney's best songs. And the lyrics are so special... She is known for her sexy and sexual songs, but she always chooses those with a twist. This one's actually sweet.
  16. Hello! Haven't seen a post for this. Listen to this new remix of Tom's Diner by Country Club Martini Crew, enjoy!
  17. Since we're waiting for new music I experimented a bit - enjoy your weekend folks ps: i know it's not perfect What direction do you want her to go next?
  18. So... back than, me and one of my best- friends have made a Remix for one of Britney's most successful tracks from her latest album, Glory' this remix is featuring Little Mix. Please comment your thoughts about it! Britney Spears- Clumsy: THE REMIX feat. Little Mix [Verse 1] Clumsy But I love how you go down Head first and style it out Again and again Clumsy I keep on bumping into you Bangin' all over this bedroom Again and again [Pre-Chorus] Call me a fool, call me insane But don’t call it a day Closer to you, closer to pain It's better than far away Whoaaa [Chorus] Whoa oh oh (oh oh) Oh oh oh (ohhh) Whoa oh oh (oh oh) Oh oh oh... Oops! [Instrumental Breakdown] [Post-Chorus] Hey, clumsy Hey, clumsy Whoaaaa Whoaaaa [Verse 2] Clumsy 'Cuz I be slipping out this dress Fooling around and then we smash Again and again (come here, baby) Clumsy Never told a soul about what we've done You let it roll right off your tongue Again and again [Pre-Chorus] Call me a fool, call me insane But don’t call it a day Closer to you, closer to pain It's better than far away Whoaaa [Chorus] Whoa oh oh (oh oh) Oh oh oh (ohhh) Whoa oh oh (oh oh) Oh oh oh... Oops! [Instrumental Breakdown] [Verse 3- Little Mix] Perrie Edwards: (Oh your so...) Chummy But you know that I want more, Leigh-Anne Pinnock: let’s get crazy, let's hit the floor. Again and again. (What The ****? Your so) Jesy Nelson: Crazy. You say that you’re just my friend, Jade Thirlwall: now our thing’s about to end. found another crush. [Littel Mix Pre-Chorus] Call me a witch, call me a glitch, but remember, it’s Britney, *****! Im done with you, your done with me, so now I am free. [Chorus- Little Mix] Whoa oh oh (oh oh) Oh oh oh (ohhh) Whoa oh oh (oh oh) Oh oh oh... Oops! [Instrumental Breakdown] [Post-Chorus- Little Mix] Hey, clumsy Hey, clumsy Whoaaaa Whoaaaa [Bridge- Britney Spears] Clumsy Bangin' all over this bedroom C-clumsy, c-clumsy Bangin' all over this bedroom C-clumsy, c-clumsy Bangin' all over this bedroom Bangin' all over this bedroom Again and again and again and again and again and again and- [Pre-Chorus] Call me a fool, call me insane But don’t call it a day Closer to you, closer to pain It's better than far away Whoaaa [Chorus] Whoa oh oh (oh oh) Oh oh oh (ohhh) Whoa oh oh (oh oh) Oh oh oh... Oops! [Instrumental Breakdown] [Post-Chorus] Hey, Clumsy • Little Mix: Hey, Godney Whoaaaa Whoaaaa (Fade out) Britney Spears: Clumsy! THE END. Britney Spears: Clumsy!
  19. 20 years ago Homegirl blessed us and inspired us all <3 Would you be down for a section in Domination reimagining older album tracks or b-sides of Britney? Most preferably with new prerecorded vocals of course
  20. And yet another song she'll never perform. Would you be down for her doing performances of her B-Sides/Unreleased Stuff?
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