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Found 16 results

  1. So I was looking at this thread : And found myself browsing Britney's fragrances on this site: https://www.fragrantica.com On the Private Show page, it says that the perfume reminds many of Shawn Mendes Signature . https://www.fragrantica.com/perfume/Britney-Spears/Private-Show-39382.html And so I went to his fragrance page and yup! Many say it's a good PS dupe. https://www.fragrantica.com/perfume/Shawn-Mendes/Shawn-Mendes-Signature-46269.html The main note from both scenes happens to be Dulce de leche, giving them that delicious sweet smell. I found out that Signature's is more tropical and lighter compared to PS's cozy and musky coffee-like smell. Anyway. I just thought of sharing this. Maybe you guys already knew about this looool This is brand new info for me Loool. Also, has any of you tried Shawn Mendes Signature? I own PS but I'm curious to smell his unisex perfume. Oh and one of the comments mentioned about not liking how feminine Signature scent was at first but it sort of grew on him after people complimented how good he smelled. So I guess PS - even though it's sweeter than Mendes's -- is the closest thing to a unisex fragrance we can get for now lol. Although I think fragrances are just fragrances. If you like it, just wear it no matter if you're a woman or a man tbh.
  2. So my boyfriend works in a pharmacy and I walked into his work yesterday and I saw this massive Private Show standee and I said I wanted it. Naturally he stole it for me. http://imgur.com/iVftCHB
  3. Since a few of you have been requesting a cover of 'Man On The Moon, i decided to do it. The song is very hard to sing!! it was way to high for me, but i didnt want to change the key. So here is it.
  4. Has this been AP? I saw it on her Facebook. It's a dance challenge to win tickets to Piece of Me!
  5. Hear a Chipmunkney album or a Deep-Whitney-something one? or
  6. Does anyone know where I can get Private Show 3.3 oz size (large)? Kohls only has the small bottle and I want to purchase the big bottle for my collection and so I can wear it the release date of 'Glory' thanks <3
  7. The red carpet has just finished and now we see the MTV opening logo before the show begins. MSG is pitch black and the show is about to begin as we begin to hear classic Britney phrases (like that!, o baby baby, you better work) than - ITS Britney *****! And private show begins play as Britney ascends from the top of a staircase with her back facing the audience wearing a gold body suit( similar to one in the private show commercial and jimmy kümmel prank) The crowd goes wild! The dances move are Similar to the one in the commercial with **** walks, hip thrusting, and hair flipping as she makes her way down the stairs as dancers begin to emerge. she sings the chorus walking towards the audience with sas and owns it.with a wind machine blowing her blond locks ! The chorus ends ends with a boom of pyro as the beginning of make me begins to play where she performes the original video choreography . After the first chorus Geazy appears in the aile making his way towards the stage to Britney where the meet and have amazing chemistry as he raps for her. At the end of his rap Britney says "baby make me ooh" and we hear slave for you panting . She than does slave for u dance break just for good old times and kills it! Flow back into the final chorus of make Me where a wire elevates Britney back to the top of the staircase as she moves sensually( similar to dwad tour BOMT) and she takes her final bow. I made this up as I was going bye guys lmk what u think. I'm not only so excited that Britney performing but at the V M FREAKING A's!!!! During the same weak as an album release! I'd never thought I'd be this excited as a fan again and we all know she has to have a shocker moment like Vma tradition!
  8. Britney Spears grabs the top debut on the Billboard + Twitter Top Tracks chart (dated Aug. 20) as “Private Show” starts at No. 9 after its official release on Aug. 4. The superstar first teased the cut in ad for her perfume of the same name on July 11, before promoting it as an instant-gratification track for pre-orders of the song’s parent album, Glory, due Aug. 26. Billboard + Twitter Top Tracks is a weekly ranking of the most shared and/or mentioned songs on Twitter in the U.S., ranked by the volume of shares over a seven-day period (Monday to Sunday). Spears has a second song in the top 10, as Glory’s lead single “Make Me” rockets 31-6 following the release of its music video on Aug. 5. The clip has surged to 11.4 million global views on YouTube through Aug. 11. A lot of chatter on Twitter was generated not just by the arrival of the new clip, but in how some fans were displeased with the video. It was reshot with a new director and differs from what Spears teased to fans via social media in June. Upset fans launched a petition on Change.org, asking to have the original video released. Through Aug. 11, the petition collected 15,000 signatures. The triple-play of Glory’s release date, the “Make Me…” video and “Private Show” debut combine to fuel Spears to a 222 percent gain in Twitter mentions, which hit 143,000 for the week ending Aug. 7, according to Next Big Sound. ---------------------------- Saw this on Billboard.com So does it mean that the first two singles of Glory i.e Make Me and Private Show can be called now as Billboard Top 10 hits ? I am a bit confused. Cause this congratulatory article on Billboard and here people are whining about things as always ? So I am kinda lost.
  9. In this decade, please stop melt-downing for everything, we need to be focused on support her requesting and streaming her singles Make Me Private Show and 30 seconds of JLM sounds amazing Glory could be on of her best albums or just the best one. Avoid negativity Don't expect too much Don't believe everything you read and just support and enjoy the music.
  10. So this is my first thread after a looooooooooooong time i wouldnt be posting a thread but since nobody did it and i was quite curious about it i had to make one . We got 4 songs so far. Some of us didnt like one or two of the released songs but im pretty sure no one can deny that that what we are getting is what we asked for years. An album with a soul tho im not a fan of some certain songs they are all more qualified than the whole FF and BJ ( no discussion for this one ) by the way i gotta say im not liking the idea britney following Justin Shittier and Shitlena Gomez Teams but mixing both in one song is still being creative i guess so i dont mind the direction for Just Love Me . i gotta say Clumsy is growing on me too So what song did u love most? PLS Reason Why You Love What Most ...
  11. I hope she will take out Boys and Do Something. IMO those performances are the weakest currently. She doesn't have to put the new songs there though, Make Me should go right after BOM and TOMH. . I'm unsure if she'll put PS or Clumsy, but if it's PS I say put it right after Circus . If Clumsy put it after Crazy and before TTWE.
  12. Sorry if already posted, Britney Spears article on Digital Spy in the U.K. about 6 videos of hers that ended up being scrapped or altered. Good read http://www.digitalspy.com/music/feature/a803975/britney-spears-and-the-curse-of-the-scrapped-music-video-6-times-its-happened-before/
  13. So yesterday at work I played the new songs through my shop sound system to get some people hearing the new songs and I could hear people saying 'is that Britney? It doesn't sound like her' so I told them yeah it's her new music and told them about glory i was also driving around my city (Aberdeen, in Scotland UK) playing MM AND PS getting them promos in the traffic. Just some ideas for other stans
  14. iTunes'u olanlara şarkıyı hediye edebilirim
  15. Yeah!!! Make Me is back in the top 100!!! Beating Katy! And OMG PS is in the top 10 at #9 http://www.livepopbars2.com/lpb1024.php?Region=143441&Albums=0&ref=lpb1&t=1470307294
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