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  1. hey everyone, How are yall doing ? i hope you are all safe in your homes. I have been to couple concerts of piece of me and the tour, and i decided to share with you guys all the videos i have in my archive. I will be posting one per week . Enjoy it!
  2. I don't know if I'm late but have you guys noticed there are Britney Spears music videos in 4K quality on YT?
  3. Hey Guys.. After 15 days, we received our pics from Blackpool's meet and greet and I was waiting for it to create the video down bellow. I hope you guys like this video. XOXO
  4. Hi Guys. On wednesday I'm going to Antwerpen for the POM tour! I'm super excited and can't wait to see Britney live again. I have golden circle tickets so the place around the catwalk. At what time should I arrive to get a bit in the front? What are the experience of you guys who went already! I know the doors open at 6, but should we be there earlier or is the golden circle area less crowded and is every place a good place to be? Is it easy to get in the front? Hope you guys can help me
  5. Hi guys!! i am attending the Mönchengladbach show, SO excited! I bought the early entry package so hoping to get a great spot front of stage! anyone here knows how it works? Which side of the stage is best? Or should I stand alongside the catwalk? Please help ?
  6. What if she wants to bring the POM tour to South America, Africa and even Oceania from late October till December. She has a gap between September and October, so she might add two more songs to the set list. In my opinion she might tour in: October: Egypt, Marocco, Algeria November: Brasil, Peru, Argentina, Chile (several shows, cause she is still huge in this continent) December: 2 shows in Australia and 1-2 in New Zealand P.S: this means that the nightmare never ends
  7. I'm selling two standing tickets for Paris, August 28th! Pm me!! I've got spare tickets because I'm attending the 29th show. Wanna see you all there!!! Would you help me spread the word on Twitter? RT Please! THANKS!
  8. I've got two spare standing tickets! Anyone interested pm me!
  9. I hope the T shirt says that on it. I tried since 10am for Mohegan sun tickets with my presale code only $145 for balcony tickets showed up. No floor tickets were EVER available. what crap.
  10. I know nobody cares anymore, but today there was a show and I don't see any thread for it. We don't have many updates anyway, but here are some pictures and clips
  11. Honestly, I think she should do a number of shows similar to the TCSBS
  12. She was so great, looked beautiful and happy i'm so happy guys, hope you like the videos, i'll keep uplading more!! https://www.instagram.com/xxwitoxx/
  13. Britney used to wear Knee High Black Boots. Now, Britney wears black shoes and these socks that go over the shoes and up her legs. Which do you prefer? Here are some Boot pics: https://goo.gl/images/hU2kV6 https://goo.gl/images/a1vaPw https://goo.gl/images/7UPaKm https://goo.gl/images/XcYa1A https://goo.gl/images/9ohYfG Sock Boots: https://goo.gl/images/z2k8H3 https://goo.gl/images/Lja6cc https://goo.gl/images/AdbT5E https://goo.gl/images/Fmuc33 https://goo.gl/images/mBRZsp
  14. Hi Guys! Hope u like it Design by me, for you Britney Spears Breathe On Me 2017 Live Version https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pxnrRz7o3eU
  15. Guest


    2015ney had a lot of great moments but i think that the best one is August!! Her energy was so flawless that it made me cry from happiness! She was on fire!! 2017ney is great too but i have to admit that the peak was in August of 2015! I am waiting for her upcoming tour to slay every inch of me!!
  16. just curious to see what you guys think if Britney does take 2018 to put a new Vegas show together and possibly move to a different hotel. Me personally would be happy if she does it , its an excuse for me to go back to Vegas to see her again and have a holiday
  17. What would you advice her to do? mine woukd be these: - Prepare an acoustic event with a band and britney (with pre-recorded vocals because of her nervousness), have her sing lowered pitch versions of her songs making some live adlibs here and there. - Improve her overall image while respecting her own style like see through stuff and belly showing 'fits but with more taste. - Get her with a more experienced hair extensions and makeup specialist. - Plan an album with more than *** on the lyrics and no more high pitched songs like private show. - We know she's a mom and is important to her that everybody knows it, so why not let her do a project that reflects that part of her like being part of some cooking shows, design a line of clothing for kids, etc. - Launch a fragance with a more expensive looking package and a version for men. - Britney would also have a Bikini line designed by her with full promotion planned for herblike releasing a latin vibe song along the line of the hook up, a music video and performing on the vs show even if she's not showing her line, that'll bring more attention to her. I know I have a big imagination but let's play with it, just for fun...
  18. Anybody know why Britney autograph is different in pictures I look at sometime she writes Britney , and sometimes it just a 'scribble', the only thing that is the same in all of them is the heart she always does !
  19. Her recent condition is the best than ever. Once the contract ends, she must be getting a looooong break - not recording 10th album right away. It dulls her sense of dancing and makes her gain some weight. I don't want her to turn back to these periods:
  20. There was a time when our girl was, according to the GP, "fat, on drugs, just outta shape, a bad example, a bad mother and yeah, fat". The year was 2007 and she finally hit back with a huge hit song, called Piece of Me. For the guys who don't know, the lyrics "I'm Mrs. she's too big now she's too thin" hit home especially, and as the whole song spoke about the hate and uncalled- for bashing towards her. It was by far not ok, and I remember you could be just like anywhere and since she was so talked about - it was so common for people to just say something like "I hate her, and she's so fat!". Like it was ok? Today, I see a large porting of "Britney fans" who go on in a very similar way towards other female artists - and especially on Christina Aguilera. It's not ok, and we should have come sucha long way from all this body- trashing and bullying in the year of 2016. C'mon, world. For reals? And STOP pretending the female artists are running a game against each other, and that one of them must win. We should support everyone, and if you don't like the music - don't listen to it. Let the people who enjoy it be. Simple. Seeing people and even the media praise Britney these days makes me so happy, but seeing her own fans doing the very same she went though towards someone else brings back so many bad memories. Set good examples for the young out there instead. Behave.
  21. hey if you was meeting britney and wanted to give her a gift , what would you give her ???
  22. Hi! Today I go to see Britney Spears at Piece of Me show. I will stay in Gold Circle Right and I know that the doors will be open from 7:30 PM but I must to be there more early to catch a good place in front of the door and after that in AXIS? Or it's not so many people and I can be there at 7:30 and I will catch easy a good place to show? And another question I want to make a live on Facebook when she sing Toxic, and do you know if it's any WI-FI in theater?
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