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  1. On October 21, 2018, Britney Spears performed the last show of her Piece of Me Tour at the Circuit of the Americas in Austin, Texas as one of the two performers of the Grand Prix (the other one being Bruno Mars). The tour brought a watered down version of her Las Vegas residency to several cities of United States and Europe. This last show was isolated from the two previous legs, and it happened after the new residency Domination, set to kick off in 2019, had already been announced. Domination was ultimately cancelled in early 2019 and she's been on a hiatus ever since, so this show marks her last performance of the 2010's decade, and her latest performance so far.
  2. Hello! I'm super excited to share with you my last video which is an extended version of Piece Of Me featuring the US and International version (based of the Album Audio remastered too). I hope you enjoy.
  3. Britney was actually singing live for 'Perfume' on her POM Show I tried to isolate her vocals and this is the best result i could get: In the chorus you hear Sia's back vocals but you can still hear Brit singing ENJOY (p.s. put headphones on)
  4. Hey guys hows it going ? I am here to share with you all 2 other Piece of Me shows from my archive. I hope you guys like it.
  5. Hi everyone, My name is Rebecca and I'm a reporter working on a documentary project about Britney. Although we are still in the very early stages of developing this story, I'm hoping you all might be able to help with something. I am looking for video footage or still photos taken at Britney's shows. Although I realized these moments are quick and highly controlled by Britney's team, I would love to get a glimpse of Britney engaging and interacting with her fans. Any and all help you can provide is much appreciated! Feel free to include some description of the experience as well. Thank you in advance : )
  6. Hey everyone, I hope you are all safe and healthy in your homes. I know most of us are very tired of being home or even bored sometimes, so I decided to share with you guys my last 2 meet and greets ( the last 2 ones in the European tour/career so far) video that happened in the U.K. if you haven't seen it yet. Be safe y'all
  7. Dear people, I know this site for more than 10 years(?) but most of the time I'm always a silent reader not a writer. But now I need your help. I'm searching for an authentic autograph from Britney eversince. Now I found this one - for me it seems okay, except the "B". For me the t and y are typical for Britney but I'm not sure about the B. I don't think it's Fe. Do you think it's real?
  8. ORIGINAL POST: UPDATE: In case you didn't check my old thread before (which I tried to edit, but it won't allow me to), I'm taking the POM Show audio and mixing it with Britney's live or prerecorded vocals from past performances or recording sessions. I took into account and this is the result! I hope you enjoy it! More "live" mixes coming soon! PIECE OF ME (LIVE VOCALS MIXES) - FANMADE
  9. So I started doing this since November or so, but I wasn't able to finish it until now. I wanted to have every show's outfits / looks together to see the evolution and compare each costume. It took me so long, and now @G L O R Y kinda beat me to it with the voting threads, but I wanted to share my work anyway. I know how much ya'll love Piece of Me so I'm sure you'll like it. G L O R Y's threads allow us to see each unique outfit, but here you can see how many times she wore each of them, when was the first time, the last time, we can see the different wigs, hairdo and makeup too, so it's pretty interesting. At the time when I started doing this, we didn't know about the summer tour yet, but I guess I'll include it later. I noticed it is extremely hard to find good quality pictures. When there are good pictures they're all from the same show, but there are dates that I could only find potato kind of pictures, and there are some outfits that I couldn't find pictures at all from some dates, more exactly Everytime and Circus. I'm having trouble embedding the images, because of the size, but I'll put the links where you can see the full images. Act I (Full Size) Act II (Full Size) Act III - Everytime (Full Size) Act III - Gothic (Full Size) Act IV - (Full Size) Act V - (Full Size) Act VI - Circus (Full Size) Act VI - IUSA (Full Size) Act VI - BOM (Full Size) Act VII - (Full Size)
  10. Britney: Piece of Me Date: Saturday, June 25, 2016, 9:00 p.m. Las Vegas, Nevada Venue: AXIS Auditorium at the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino Seat: 16 in section "GA-Right" I CAN’T BREATHE. SHE LOOKED FLAWLESS! Queen Britney left me wet and scalped. Las Vegas, thank you, truly.
  11. Come on right in for some videos from the Birmingham show of Piece of Me aka the last arena date ever of the show. Includes Britney telling the audience they suck before Freakshow and laughing when the Freakshow guy showed the audience his abs. Was a really great show over all Britney was on and very goofy and spontaneous (including getting pissed when the side screens broke down during Slave) and I hope that translated in the videos. And finally some great ponytail action in the end of MATM
  12. Full article: Every VMAs Video of the Year Award, Ranked From Worst to Best By Larry Fitzmaurice AUG. 20, 2018
  13. Hey y'all Im selling a ticket for the second London show this Saturday, face value. It's a single ticket in the Lower 108 section, Row J. Message me if interested
  14. SOOOOO tommorrow im finally going to see BRITNEY SPEARS 12 years in the making and I intend on throwing all my cash at her merchandise stall.. But i was wondering if anyone has any idea what merch she has and if anyone has images of the merchandise stalls from the tour as vegas store is likely different. any links, photos etc would be apreciated!! PS IM f**kin BUZZING TO SEE HER TOMORROW HERE IN SCOTLAND :)
  15. Hi guys, Hoping for your help with this one please. Like many of you I’m a true Britneyspears Stan. I’ve flown from Dublin, Ireland to: Vancouver for femme fatale in 2011, Vegas for Piece Of Me in 2015 and to Brighton for Pride-ney last weekend. I’m also going to see her again in Dublin in the next few weeks and would love to get picked for Piece Of Me’s Freakshow ‘naughty’ guest - any ideas of who I contact to get chosen? Much love and holy spearit blessings ❤️ Killian
  16. "Taxi, my favorite song ever" "PISS ON me" Is this a joke?
  17. How can she be okay with the current shitty stage and production? She's so happy here to see the FFT stage
  18. I mean the stage isn't as empty and it should be more expensive to fly or ship all the things there, right?
  19. Hi! Im going to July 24 show. Is anyone going? Does anyone want to meet up at a bar nearby before the show? I live in NYC. Im going alone as me and my friend tried to get tickets..it was impossible to get 2 tickets so I snagged the first one i saw, LOL! I am in orchestra 2 row CC. Let me know if anyone wants to! I can send you my IG too so you know i am not a weirdo, haha! Super excited though...its my third piece of me show!
  20. Hi French army! I'm trying to sell two spare standing tickets (original price) for Paris, the 28th, August, but I'm having a hard time because I'm from Spain and it's difficult to find someone who can or wants to travel to Paris. I'll be attending the show in the second date, the 29th! Please, if you've got a French friend or acquaintance who wants to go and missed the opportunity to buy tickets let me know!! I'd very much appreciate it! Thanks in advance =) Here goes my Twitter, just in case!
  21. I made a playlist of songs with positive messages, one of them being Britney Spears - Stronger. I listen to this playlist regularly at work. Unfortunately every time the chorus starts, the mental image of Britney in a fruit roll up leotard with a messy bun and crappy makeup doing the zumba choreography pops up in my mind. That performance kinda ruined the song for me tbh. I wish I could un-see it. What song did Piece of Me ruin for you, and why?
  22. Hello B-Army! It’s a pleasure introduce to you the last video of the Piece Of Me Show Bloopers. My last video, (Britney, Piece of Me 2016, Bloopers and Funny Moments) was really successful, and it was my motivation to do this one. This time, I decided to call it “bloopers and weird moments” because this year there were really crazy situations that made our Britney get scared. I hope you like it as much as I do. If you like it, finger up and leave a comment. THANK YOU SO MUCH! PS. I have in the same channel the Piece Of Me Show Bloopers of 2014, 2015 and 2016. Have a look!
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