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Found 99 results

  1. Britney Spears, Rio de Janeiro, 2001
  2. Hellooo, does anyone have these gifs as HQ pictures? Or similar ones?
  3. “So much things to be thankful for” instead of a cute picture with her kids that we’re all accustomed to
  4. Hey guys, figured I would try and guide you to the new Exhale. Here's a new discussion about Britney being in Miami on her bday: https://community.breatheheavy.com/groups/britney-spears/exhale/topic/britney-celebrating-her-birthday-in-miami-with-sam/
  5. I just saw these pics from late 2008 on Instagram and what is even happening here?! This looks so much like abuse. Anyone heard anything about this?
  6. UPDATE: https://xray.britspears.net/ We already have 380.000 pics from 500.000. Some categories are a bit unsorted but everything will be fine soon. Keep checking back! UPDATE: Since no one could help bring back old XRAY...I decided to you use the britspears.net Gallery. https://xray.britspears.net/ You will see the next days/weeks a looot of changes. All 500.000 pics will be back soon. Thanks again for all the people who still care about XRAY. I hope you will like this version of XRAY as well. Just give us a bit time. UPDATE: The worst case happened. We almost lost all pics. We are 90% sure that this error was caused by the "outdated" database Xray used. on Breatheheavy.com Somehow Jordan did not noticed it and nothing was saved after 2016. Guess cause he never cared about XRAY. It will take a lot of time to bring back 500000 pics again. This is the 4th time I have to bring back all the pics. I'm so sick of it. Right now I'm not sure if I want to do agin... I'm devastated. But thanks again for all the nice words! ------------------------------------------------------------- Hey guys, unfortunatly we have to leave BreatheHeavy.com. Jordan is going to be switching servers soon, and he cannot take XRAY. So we found a new cute place for us. You can still visit us here: https://xray.britspears.net/ (Not yet but soon) BTW It's not the first time my team and I have to go on... Back then I started with UntouchableBritney.net and Killthelights gallery. Jordan gave us a new home when we lost UTB/KTL Now we have to go again. Hope you guys still visit us! Pray the moving will work out fine!
  7. In Justins interview for Cosmopolitan, november 2001 issue, he said: What's the most romantic thing a girl's ever done for you? Britney surprised me for my birthday and took me away to this remote Caribbean island. We stayed for a week and it was cool. It was spiritual. We felt like there was nobody else on earth. It definitely had a Blue Lagoon vibe to it. Have you ever played Romeo for Britney? Yeah. I scored for Christmas. I took her to Aspen. We went snowboarding and skiing. It was just us, shacked up in a cabin.
  8. Ofc I know she could have drank the same milkshake in two different times, but shes not in Los Angeles right now so or her team dont have new footage of her or they (as dumb as they are) think we dont know shes in Louisiana right now. But look at this bread picture posted two times 7 months between the first and the latter in 2016
  9. I'm watching some posts on britneyspearschronology and we can see when she changed b4 FF era, her dead eyes it seems it was after she heard about the c-ship was about to be permanent and they probably changed her medication here. but overall I love how she looks in 2010.
  10. I dont want to sound overdramatic but the fact Kfed keeps being followed/seen (he was seen other times with the boys months ago) by paparazzi even tho hes a zlist celeb who doesnt do anything, but Britney who is a real star that had all the media coverage this past year isnt seen by the paparazzi for a couple of months already made me think. Im not saying I want them harassing her, ofc I dont, but with all the drama going on, Id thought they would follow her more. It makes me wonder where she is. I know some people think shes not leaving her house and these pictures of Kevin made me wonder even more where is Britney.
  11. i wish this was a real outtake of that photoshoot! this is just an edit someone made... but i really like the pic also this is the highest quality (i edited it) (ps if u want i can turn any low quality pic to high)
  12. Tana Mongeau and Jake Paul dressed up as Britney and Justin in their iconic denim outfits for Halloween.
  13. LQ: https://twitter.com/popqueenbritney/status/1056197565945929731
  14. Kate Moss’ younger sister Lottie recently dressed up as one of Britney’s iconic looks from the Toxic music video. What do you guys think of her look? From the Daily Mail: It's one of the singer's most iconic music videos. And Lottie Moss channelled Britney Spears as she attended the Hallowzeem Party held at M Restaurant in Victoria, London, on Friday night. The model, 21, wore a replica costume of the singer's Toxic flight attendant uniform for the yearly celebrations The young sister of supermodel Kate Moss wore a slick of glamorous make-up which included blue eye shadow, nude lipstick and diamonds on her cheeks Photos:
  15. Came across this picture on Twitter. Is this recent? She looks like Primeney
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