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Found 10 results

  1. Camila Cabello reveals she's working on new music. She posted: She followed up with another post the new tunes: Exhale, we excited for CC's new music?
  2. Foxes has returned with her first new track in four years, Love Not Loving You, and coming off the highs of her previous work, such as Youth, Amazing, and White Coats, I am stoked to be getting something new from her. Glorious, Holding onto Heaven, and Youth were three of my favorite songs in 2014, with heartfelt lyrical content, great production, solid song- writing skills, and a real sense of yearning she learned how to manifest. The new track sounds similar to the lead single from her 2016 album, Body Talk (off All I Need), but with a more care-free, invigorated lyric, supported by a matching sound. Foxes is deserving of headlining success as much as most of the big pop acts, but it's a matter of connecting with people and good fortune. Her greatest asset, in my opinion, is the sense of yearning she inflects into her songs, like Youth. She writes her own lyrics, and while that isn't important for every artist, it shows in her delivery. On Youth every bit of the uncertainty of our life's path, and desire to make something of it, comes through with her inflection, which effectively imparts feeling, pauses in the lyric to allow the moment to breathe, and choices to drag out some of the words to emphasize meaning. Much of her music has some bit of sadness incorporated into it, but on tracks like Amazing she creates the most exuberant sound you can imagine, filled with all the adrenaline of falling in love. And on the new track she's giving us some of that energy, but off the adrenaline of leaving someone behind lolol. It doesn't sound like a breakup song, it's more of a ode to the freedom we feel when we get to the place in our minds where we are determined to leave the sadness of a split behind and can move on without turning back. Give the new song a listen, and if it's not your cup and you're not familiar with her, go sample Youth, Cruel, or White Coats. Anyone else enjoying the new song? Video a la Picasso collage out now! And on another throwback to the earlier part of the decade we are getting new Disclosure with the guy that gets no credits from When a Fire Starts to Burn tomorrow, and it sounds like something off Settle, their house masterpiece, so check that out tomorrow too 🤗 And does anyone know who the WAFSTB guy is? I still don't.
  3. Hello! I don't know if this was posted already as I'm new, but I wanted to share my opinion about music videos of Britney. To be honnest, I prefer old music videos (1998-2000 music videos essentially) of Britney. Why? They are not vulgar and are fun. But still, almost all music videos of Britney are great and iconic. But for me, the worst music videos started since Criminal to Slumber Party. Hopefully, they didn't released the original version of Make Me, which is horrible. She needs to change the Make Me/Slumber Party/Work B***h style music video for her next mv. For example, Scream and Shout and Hold It Against me were great! As the pop music are now in general inspired of old musics of 80' and 90' (thinking about Dua Lipa), why not Britney brings her 2000 music style back now? I mean, it could work now aswell, instead of continuing those mv like Make Me etc. which are not successful. The same for her performances, outfits from 1998 to 2003 were great and essentially make easy the moves of the old choreographies of 2000. If she restart to do that, it would give to Britney more attention like before, instead of the last 2009-2018 performances with those vulgar outfits. We just want to see Britney singing or dancing, not doing those weired moves and wearing those clothes. (I'm aware that if she stopped to do the old 2000 choreographies/performances, it's because she don't want to do them anymore, but in my opinion, those old mv/performances shows Britney more mature than today.) For me, the style of the Lucky performance when she do those fun smiles are suffisent, some other would like to see choreographies, some just want to listen her singing live. It's hard for her to make happy everyone, but I think if she do performances like before would be great for a comeback. I know, it's too early to talk about a future comeback (due to her current personal life problems), everyone have his opion but what is yours?
  4. PLAY ME - Harrison Barnes Hey guys... My friend Harrison Barnes released his first song and video yesterday..entitled PLAY ME Harrison is a huge Britney fan as you will see & the video is inspired by BOMT and the show Pen15 on Hulu. Fun pop bop and the video is very throwback to the early 00's time frame with the dance breaks and everything! Just thought some people here may enjoy it! Plus wanna support my friend!
  5. OneRepublic's new album "Human" is slated for a May 8th release. While in isolation, the band worked on a new song called "Better Days" and performed it on their Instagram Live. Ryan (frontman) confirmed the song will be out tuesday night but won't be a single, he stated "Didn't I" is still a single. Rumored tracklist is: 1. West Coast (was confirmed to be on "Oh My My" but later fel off the final tracklisting) 2. Someday 3. Savior 4. Didn't I 5. Rescue Me 6. Forgot About You 7. Distance 8. Horizon 9. Somebody to Love 10. Wanted Don't Cry for Me and Better Days are rumoured to be bonus tracks (deluxe version). Watch the performance below: Update: the studio version is out now.
  6. Here's a new poll on B10: This has got me thinking... Could B10 be the 1st off c-ship album, perhaps even executive produced by Britney like she did Blackout ? If the album is actually made and released, I'd much rather it happens off c-ship. We may boycott endeavours such as The Zone pop-up museum, fragrances, calendars, etc. Each new record (harder to boycott) still generates money for the c-ship (Jamie, Lou, Larry and all), so do each new music video, residency or concert that follow, and Brit only gets an allowance. B10 should definitely happen off c-ship (and Brit would be able to say what she truly wants on the album), and it could, considering awareness raised to her situation + her and her mom's reported opposition to the current c-ship.
  7. I reported earlier that OneRepublic's album would be out on 03/13 but that date turned out to be for another single after the series of "Wanted", "Rescue Me" and "Somebody To Love". The band released the brand new single today called "Didn't I". They premiered the new song with a new video which you can watch below. Along the release of the brand new single, the band has officially announced the release date of the upcoming album "Human". The album will contain 16 tracks according to iTunes which appears to be a deluxe edition. In that tracklisting, the earlier released songs "Wanted", "Rescue Me" and "Somebody To Love" + the just released song "Didn't I" are included. The album will be out on May 8th this year. PRE-ORDER the brand new album here: https://shop.onerepublic.com/collections/music
  8. Yes, we are thirsty for new music but once again, just like in 2016, I feel that as long as POM is still alive she will ignore all of her music projects. I know she will eventually go back to do another residency but at least it is gonna be new, POM has been alive for almost 5 years!!!! To me, this smells like a Pretty Girls 2.0. I wish she gave her albums the time and attention they need, not because of charts and all of that, but because it's her job, whether we like or not her new music it will always be so refreshing to see something new. Many of us drag the BJ album but Im sure we would have enjoyed to see a performance of Tik Tik Boom, Til It's Gone, Hold On Tight, etc. Maybe not because you like them but because it's different from what she regularlo does, 80% of the fanbase hates PG but the first night she performed it the audience's reaction was great. Well, I wish and I pray for this to be anything but new music, I hope she saves the new album for the 20th anniversary by January 2019, most of her albums are released in winter season so she can take the time to plan the new era.
  9. LISTEN NOW: Change Your Mind - No Seas Cortés (Neemz Stripped Mix) @breatheheavy
  10. Here is my cover of 'Mood Ring' let me know what you think?
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