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Found 21 results

  1. Freakshow__

    music GH:MP and TSC UK sales.

    Great sales The Singles Collection: February 2018 - 159,725 August 2018 - 173,545 (+13,820) Greatest Hits: My Prerogative: June 2015 - 997,000 August 2018 - 1,032,114 (+35,114) "Greatest Hits: My Prerogative" has sold 35k over the past 3 years, while "The Singles Collection" has sold nearly 14k over the past 6 months. Source: UKMIX Forums.
  2. To you guys, considering both album and era as a whole, which one stands out for you guys? For me, Britney era still takes the cake. The album has lots of good, epic Britney tracks, the sound is really inventive (a departure from her trademark bubblegum pop style at the time, risking new, experimental sounds), she explored her sensuality more than ever this era and the music videos and choreos are all on point (specially Slave 4 U, her most memorable choreography / performance). and as if it all wasn't enough, in my humble opinion, DWAD tour is yet to be topped by any artists in the 21 century. Try naming a concert with such a gigantic production, costume, special fx and lighting-wise, but that even so you cannot take your eyes off the main performer because she, alone, is so great, energetic, skilled as a dancer and has such a strong stage presence, and fail miserably. So, what do you guys think, do you agree with me? The only other era that stands out so much for me is Glory era, because for a while, we had never seen her so pretty, human and fierce after the breakdown, but still it wasn't enough to top Britney Era.
  3. Where is this new song with Pitbull? I don't understand what is going on.
  4. Britneyarmy8

    music New set list for future

    so i made a setlist that i think is wicked cool and very interesting for her upcoming show whatever it is residency,world tour, mall tour, high school auditorium let me know what yall think. this ISNT IN ORDERits from each album kinda baby one more time,crazy,btmyh/ftbombh mix oops,stronger,what u see,lucky/dlmbtltk mix slave,overprotected,cinderella/what its like to be me mix() BOYS CO ED MIX I DONT WANT SOME DUMB REMIX MADE BY PRESTON WE ALL WANT CO ED toxic,shadow (in tribute to mj as it was his favorite brit song) (everytime (if she can sing live otherwise scrap)) matm(MADGE VOCALS AND RISHI RICH MIX)outrageous radar,pom,gimme more,get naked (i liked circus choreo/performance) circus,womanizer (idc for anything else) hold it against me, wb(lmao i hate myahjean) make me/sp mix change your mind liar (i can do without the other songs) ik this is a long setlist but she can doesnt have to perform all of the songs at once and she should reserve 5-6 songs for her new album also she should have guest appearances that would be cool (miley,madonna,pharell,rihanna) and original mixes BUT ALL PRERECORDED/LIVE VOCALS WITH PRODUCTION AND DECENT CHOREO maybe she should do some more suprise performances from baby album maybe she should invite don phillip lemme know what yall think and suggestions
  5. BritneyBitchY'all

    music Just a quick question

    So i stumbled upon this version of circus. It's supposed to be the demo version, but is it? I feel like it's more a fan edit, but I have no idea (). Just thought some of you great people might know I kinda like it more than the official one tho
  6. Chris87

    music Vocals!!!

    After like 10 years of listening mainly to her singles from BOMT, I got so hyped after seeing her live that I listened to entire album and you guys.. I f**king rediscovered Soda Pop, Beat Goes On, Deep In My Heart and rest Her vocals are AMAZING!!! The slayage is real! I forgot how great she sounded there Yeah, lyrics and music might be cheesy but she is serving vocals left and right Give it a listen!!! (do it via Apple Music or Spotify to boost the streams )
  7. Dreamer26

    music My wig is on Saturn

    Go listen to this 😱 Britney needs to use this version for her entrance or background tour video.
  8. After Ariana's lowkey disappointing release of Sweetener, it got me thinking... is pop music kind of dying in this era of music? It seems like rap and hip hop are taking over, which makes me sad because I hate rap (except for catchy/poppy stuff like minaj's). Sweetener is hopelessly bland for the most part, and uses basic rap beats and repetitive-sounding (albeit impressive) vocals that sound forgettable and contribute nothing new to music. Taylor's Reputation, although not bad, was admittedly a flop compared to 1989 and Red. Katy Perry and Rihanna have kind of fallen off the face of the planet, and Xtina's Liberation didn't go anywhere. Beyonce has kind of retreated into her own little bubble, and isn't really releasing any world-changing new music. Demi's Tell Me You Love Me was actually a pretty great album, but unfortunately this whole era has been overshadowed by her overdose. Britney and Madonna have been "working on new music" for forever now... and where are the male pop stars? Do you guys agree that pop music is nothing like it was in 2011 (the last great year of pop, imo)?
  9. Like, independently of how she was performing, what tours do you think had the coolest/most interesting/experimental/etc remixes for her songs? For me, I always go to the Femme Fatale tour for the best remixes of her songs. The Womanizer electric remix, the ethnic remixes of Boys and Gimme More, the anime-ish upbeat remix of Toxic, etc... and in second, the DWAD tour.
  10. Can you say BOP! Can you say iconic Can you say #1 on all the charts Also new emotes
  11. Inuyasha

    music Shattered Glass

    IS SUCH A f**king BOP I SWEAR - I have a flop fan confession, I'd ALWAYS skip this track on Circus, so I never had listened to it in full. But today in English class I decided to listen to Circus all the way through and I WAS SO SHOOK ON HOW GOOD THIS SONG ACTUALLY IS. I will NEVER forgive myself for sleeping on such a gem for so long
  12. Elipreetsingh

    music B10

    Britney Spears vapors https://youtu.be/8KbTqzI_8Nk
  13. Go to: https://tidal.com/de/store/album/67080150 Click: FLAC Click: Download Enter this voucher code: Queen Download the album Do it and let's hope Glory finally hit #1 on Billboard
  14. [Verse 3: Nicki Minaj]Ay, yo, look at what they made me do, they made me doSwerve the foregin on 'em, navy blue, they baby blueLook at how they started pu$$y popping when 80 flewAll my niggas move that Britney, Ari', yeah, Katy tooNiggas gassed on it, really though
  15. BOTM: Oops: Britney: ITZ: Blackout: Circus: Femme Fatale: Britney Jean:
  16. That's when I'll believe she's the old Britney. When she wants to beat Taylor Swift who's been her replacement this decade, that's when I'll believe she has the fire back. Until then...
  17. This has Interested me for a while today while listening to oops on repeat I noticed that there's 2 voices singing the chorus there's soft vocals from britney then deep powerful vocals from another woman as I continued to listen I noticed in the second and third chorus britney's girly soft vocals are absent and whats left is this other deep voice which doesn't sound anything like her previous verses. That being said britney has always been known to be a vocal actress able to change the pitch of her voice depending on the song so the other voice we hear could very well be britney's own deep and bold background vocals . Has anyone have any idea on who the other singer in the chorus is and has anyone else wondered this.
  18. So this is a topic that's probably been done a thousand times before, but Britney's voice has always been one of her most underrated qualities to me. I'm interested to know what songs you find that her vocals particularly shine in for you - either where she showcases her ability the most, or where you just really love how she sang on the track. Sometimes - She sounds like an angel on this song. The belting ability, the falsetto/head voice - plus I just have an affinity for this song in general. Thinkin' About You - Basically her vocal sweet spot, she just sounds so good on this. Let Go - I've been obsessed with this song since it leaked and have shown it to many of my friends who doubted her, especially back in that period of time. Her voice isn't perfect, it's very raw, but she still sounds exactly as she should have - almost 10 years on from her debut. Don't Hang Up - I know this is almost full-on "baby voice", but I have always really enjoyed the vibe of this song and her vocals are the perfect match. Outta This World - The more romantic version of Don't Hang Up, I think these are my favorite vocals of Blackout by far. I don't think her falsetto has ever been more pleasing than here. Honorable mentions: ... Baby One More Time, Born to Make You Happy, Don't Let Me Be the Last to Know, INAGNYAW, State of Grace