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Found 71 results

  1. Watch the video for Dua Lipa’s new Future Nostalgia single, "Hallucinate." Betty Boop could never
  2. So Daddy Long Legs Charlie Puth dropped his new music video for "Girlfriend." He also did a live a stream. Check out both below:
  3. Red Velvet's Irene & Seulgi released a mini album on Monday. They followed up the body of work with a monstrous visual for a track titled "Monster." The video is insanely gorgeous from a k-pop stan's perspective. It's got everything you'd want: ace choreography, sultry stares, racy contact and blasts of color. Stop what you're doing and give this a play. Thoughts, Exhale? Related:
  4. P!nk's music video for "Revenge" featuring Eminem spilled onto the Internet. The song landed on 2017's Beautiful Trauma album. You may recall P!nk decided to scrap the video after filming it. “We shot it and it was terrible. It’s never coming out,” Pink said at the time. “It just didn’t work and it was the wrong timing for it.” Oh, and Pink said she looked bad in it. “I looked like hell, it was awful. Thank god Eminem wasn’t in it. If he was in it I would have been mortified.” “We had Eminem lookalikes,” she continued. “‘Beautiful Trauma’ is better.” Lewks like a visual. Thoughts?!
  5. Bimba, ancora una volta Qualche volta Mi fai impazzire Born to make you happy From the bottom of my broken heart Oops!... I Did It Again Lucky Stronger Don't Let Me Be the Last to Know I'm a Slave 4 U Overprotected I'm Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman I Love Rock 'n' Roll Boys Me Against the Music Toxic Everytime My Prerogative Do Somethin' Someday (I Will Understand) Gimme more Piece of Me Womanizer Circus If U Seek Amy Radar 3 Hold It Against Me Till the World Ends I Wanna Go Criminal Scream & Shout Ooh La La Work ***** Perfume Pretty Girls Make Me... Slumber Party
  6. Kanye West temped up with Travis Scott for a new song/video titled "Wash Us In The Blood." The song is grade-A Kanye. On it, Ye spits about the racial inequality ravaging the US. Heads up: the video is pretty jarring, containing graphic and violent imagery. This is the first taste off Kanye's forthcoming album, God Country. Kanye said of the track: “I was thinking of not rapping again, because I rapped for the devil so long that I didn’t even know how to rap for God. Then one of my pastors told me, ‘My son just said that he would want a rap album about Jesus from Kanye West.’ He didn’t say, ‘Kanye West, you should do this,’ or ‘you need to do this.’ He just told me something that a child said. And that one thing made the difference.” Watch it below. Thoughts on the visual, Exhale? Related:
  7. Update: Chloe x Halle released their new album, Ungodly Hour. Earlier: Their most recent video for "Do It," the voices, the bodies, the outfits, the choreo, the video, WHAT ELSE DO YOU WANT.
  8. OH MY GOD I AM SLAYED LOOK UP IN THE SKY IT'S A BIRD IT'S A PLANE *breakdown that completely destroys everyone* The girls are on fire in this one, they change like 10 different looks and all are flawless It's a good comeback Update: The girls just broke the record for most views on YouTube in 24 hours with 86.3 million views. The previous official record holder was BTS with “Boy With Luv” (74.6 million views).
  9. UPDATE: JON ASHER AND MELANIE FONTANA WATCHED MY MUSIC VIDEO! I TWEETED THE VIDEO AND TAGGED BUT I DIDN'T EXPECT THEM TO REPLY BUT THEY REPLIED! JON ASHER COMPLIMENTED ME AND MELANIE REPLIED BY TAGGING JON WITH A HEART SO I THINK SHE LIKED IT TOO! I'M SO HAPPY OMG HERE'S THE TWEETS: Hi guys! First of all, Happy 16th Anniversary to Breatheheavy! Breatheheavy has been a safe haven for me for for 10 years! I was active here (2011-2014) and I used to share my fanmade videos here. I was the one who made the "I Am Britney Jean Promo Video" and "Come and Get It" video. I became inactive (2015-2019) because of college and work but now I'm going back to my safe haven. From a 14 yr old Britney fanmade video editor/student, now I'm already a 23 yr old young filmmaker and it's all because of Britney! - - - - - To celebrate the success of Mood Ring, I decided to make a fanmade music video for it! You can watch it below but please read the synopsis! I really worked hard for this, especially on the lip sync parts. My concept for the video is sexy, psychedelic, mysterious, and it has black magic. I've always wanted Britney to do a dark and magical MV so I tried to achieve that idea here! SYNOPSIS: Britney attended an award show and sneaked away from the paparazzi. Wondering on the streets, she stumbled into a fortune teller shop. The mysterious fortune teller held her hand and offered her a magical mood ring for a fair price. Britney was lonely because of her recent breakup. Desperate of coping with her heartbreak, she impulsively bought and wore the mood ring, hoping that it would change her emotions and fate in love as promised by the fortune teller. She met a man outside and thought that maybe the mood ring worked after all so she crashed in his place and they had steamy ***. Later on, she found out that this guy is trouble, possessing illegal guns & stuff and has violent tendencies but she stuck with him because she believes that the mood ring in her finger will fix everything. The mood ring turned out to be cursed and evil. It is owned by a demon that will grant your wish but it'll come with a price - your life. Britney had a fight with his boyfriend in her place. While lying on the bathtub, the curse of the mood ring took place, taking the life of Britney in exchange for her wish to find a new lover. She began hallucinating and seeing psychedelic & creepy stuff like horned beings chasing her in a hall, seeing glimpse of her past heartbreaks like writing and burning letters. The story ends with a scene of an ethereal creature who looks like her looking at the camera. It's her guardian and she's about to defend Britney and reclaim her life from the demon. It's a cliffhanger hahaha. - - - - - I guess it's mindless dreaming but I really hope that Britney or Jon Asher or Melanie Fontana or Jordan would be able to watch this! Please leave your thoughts guys! I would love to hear your opinions so I could improve and maybe make another fanmade video if time permits because I'm kinda busy with work and other stuff. Thank you so much for reading until here hahaha. I hope all of you are well and please stay safe. This pandemic shall pass and everything will go back to normal. I love this fandom. Mwa! HERE'S THE FANMADE VIDEO:
  10. JoJo's new album Good To Know is one of my favorite records of the year. She just released a music video for "Small Things," which is one of the stand-out tracks of the album. It's SUCH a gem. In the video, JoJo captures magic in a bottle. Literally. Inside one of the bottles is the spirit and essence of a strong black man, which I appreciate considering the times we're in right now. It's an important message of worthiness and inclusivity. It ends with the quote: "The function of freedom is to try to free someone else." Thoughts on JoJo's new clip? Besides that it's flawless?
  11. The original Make Me video was partially leaked back in 2016, within weeks of the release of the official video. so why hasn’t the original leaked yet? All we have is a picture of Britney holding a Also plz check out my fanmade video for Bad Idea by Ariana Grande
  12. I’ve never made a fan-made video before. What do you guys think?
  13. Saweetie double dribbled a slick video for her new song "Tap In," a cut from the rapper's forthcoming album, Pretty B---- Music. In the song, Saweetie samples Too Short's 2006 track "Blow the Whistle." The video is a serve. In it, Saweetie licks a bedazzled basketball, slays choreo with her backup girls and traverses a neon-lit cage. We got any Saweetie fans up in Exhale? Thoughts on her new video?
  14. This girl is seriously good. Stunning voice, gorgeous, very good 80s instrumental and a wonderful music video. I know it ain't in English but for those of you who care about some amazing music above all, here you go, enjoy:
  15. Hello everyone! I wanted to share my work on a single thread because some of my videos were shared somewhere on the forum. This thread will have all of my works/edits of Britney Spears music videos in high quality compared to YouTube/VEVO/TV Broadcasts ones. This thread will be updated everytime I release a new content. Obviously, Britney Spears Music Videos are not real 4K shots. They have been upscaled in 4K, and edited to look better than VEVO videos, so details might not be real (as a real 4K shot). They are available on YouTube, and they are complete! However, they are not the original ones from VEVO. They are edited to not let YouTube to block my videos and let them to be seen by everyone. So there will be new scenes/uncut/alternative scenes added on the music video. On my old videos, the edit could be not as good as my recent work. I'm a human too, it takes so much time to edit them. HD videos (Toxic and Gimme More) are planned to be in 4K too. They are in HD because they were the first videos I've ever done. 4/3 Videos had a dynamic 16/9 crop, which means I didn't did a simple crop in the middle to fit the 16:9 format. I paid so much attention to keep essential information and not lose any information by moving to the top or bottom or middle each scene. For example, if Britney is shown in the top of the screen only in a scene, I will move this scene to keep her and not crop it. Many of my videos are in 60FPS, it's not like a real 60FPS shot, but it makes the video smoother as many asked me to continue in 60FPS. In the website, they will be in original frame rate if by demand. Note: Baby One More Time has a little problem of lip-sync, it's due to YT-Copyrights, it don't let me to post with the correct lip-sync so there is a link in my comment pinned in the YouTube video for the fixed one. Stronger and Oops I Did It Again had a little saturation problem after the rendering, it's not so obvious on calibrated screens. I'm waiting for YouTube to add the tools to change colortion/saturation on an already uploaded video. I'm planning to do a new website with original videos with fixed saturation ones. Well, they are not perfect, and I'm so sorry, but still have better quality video than actual VEVO ones, I work had to make them. If you don't like my content, like Britney said on her Instagram, keep it for yourself and ignore. No seriously, suggestions, critics and any comments are welcome of course! No need to ask me to do a specific music video of Britney, I will try to do all of them (at least until the FF era as they're compressed and look like 720p) Please, don't reupload my work without my permission. You can use my videos only for edits/remix uses by asking for the permission and give credits. Hope you will like and enjoy!!! Thank you! Britney Spears - Gimme More (Director's Cut+Leaked Funeral Scenes): Britney Spears - Toxic (Original+Uncut): Britney Spears - Toxic (Uncut Without Lyrics) [Have a problem of saturation after rendering, the fixed version will be on the website in the future]: Britney Spears - Oops I Did It Again (Original+Director's Cut/Uncut): Britney Spears - Scream And Shout (MSTAR Edit: only Britney music video): Britney Spears - Lucky (fully edited due to copyrights): Britney Spears - ...Baby One More Time (Remake of my first version, iconic intro beginning and ending added, better quality and correct lip sync): Britney Spears - Toxic (Remake of my old HD video, more original scenes + uncut/director's cut scenes): Britney Spears - Circus (Original scenes, not in the official order): Britney Spears - My Perogative (Original+Director's Cut/Uncut): Britney Spears - Piece Of Me (Censored, scenes are not in the official order): Britney Spears - Sometimes (Extended: Original+Director's Cut+Album Version): Britney Spears - Radar (Original scenes, not in the official order): Britney Spears - You Drive Me Crazy (Director's Cut/Alternative Scenes, The Stop! Remix): Britney Spears, Snoop Dogg - Outrageous (Original+Dance Part-Greatest Hits DVD): Britney Spears - Everytime (Censored+Director's Cut/Uncut): Britney Spears - Baby One More Time (Original+Director's Cut/Alternative Scenes+Uncut) [Lip Sync not correct on YouTube, check the new latest version above on the thread]: Britney Spears - Stronger (Original+Director's Cut): Britney Spears - Overprotected (Original+Scenes of the Dark Child Remix):
  16. Hello everyone! So I re-edited my old Stronger video with better editing and better quality, hope you enjoy this awesome music video! Hope you enjoy!
  17. I found this accidently, but the video looks really cool.
  18. ROSALIA just released a collab with Travis Scott. The song is great and rising on streaming platforms - she isn't very known outside the Spanish speaking culture but she always serves she's besties with Dua Lipa and openly stans Britney Not sure if the timing for the video is right though. It didn't seem right to me to see all those kids running with all the protests going on - might be just me overthinking it but I was interested to hear if it had/would potentially get any backlash Have a nice week everyone
  19. This is from 2014. I just see it. I lowkey freaking love it. The song is mediocre and his voice is whatever but his body, the outfits, the photography, the colors, the choreo, the editing... I'm here for it. And shame on you gays for not letting me know this existed. www.instagram.com/lazarevsergey/
  20. Hi! I'm so excited to share my new edit which make sense to the official music video of Gimme More in 4K!! I changed a little the story and added some scenes etc. Well, I didn't liked the 60FPS effect, the quality is far better in 24FPS, so I made 2 versions: 4K 24FPS and 4K 60FPS versions. 4K 24FPS version (best quality): 4K 60FPS version (smoother but have visual artifacts): I hope you enjoy, it took me weeks to do the video!
  21. Update: For anyone not able to see what I can see check out this super HD video and focus on her mouth and teeth on the close ups. You will understand where I'm coming from. By no means is this shade towards our Brit, NEVER ever. I just find it interesting. Maybe these things were used for specific lighting and shots? Who knows. You decide Has anyone ever noticed the weird and wonderful things inside of Britney's mouth and on her teeth in the 'Stronger' music video?First we have what looks like a diamanté. AND THEN We have something that looks like some sort of mouth guard? Who knows?! I have always wondered what is going on with her teeth in this music video. No shade, just curious as to why? And what y'all thoughts are?
  22. This is her 24th video to reach the 100M views including Scream & Shout.
  23. Beautiful and super sexy... And nice song!
  24. Dyllan White (@dyllanwhite) , one of BreatheHeavy's Creators, released a brooding music video for his new song, "Tunnel Vision." The visual is a gleaming, nightmarish rendering of one of Dyllan's harrowing immersive fantasies. He slithers in a neon-lit tub, basks in goo and is chained to the wall. Issa MOOD. "For me, this song is about chasing after someone who you know is wrong for you but also embracing it. Slightly obsessive," Dyllan said. He added during the editing stage of the video, the concept of it became clear. "The different stages of being obsessed with something or someone. You're submerged in it, you're bound to it, you're washing yourself of it, you're stagnant right in the middle of it... all different versions you go through when you're really going through it." He added: "We all get obsessed with someone at one point or another and we look back at it like "what was i thinking", this song is about embracing that moment you went through but knowing it was just that, a moment in time." Dyllan is currently living in NYC, the pandemic capital of the world. He opened up about challenges he faces being there whilst being an artist. "Everything that is going on is completely horrible, and being in NYC in the middle of it has really kept us home. We have to stay home for the safety of yourself and others, so creative people have all the time now and can really focus on it. I had time to edit the "Tunnel Vision" video... I have been writing and producing like crazy haha.. But also being able to give back a bit in the capacity that you can... I have another song coming out on Friday 'new york, u are my friend' that gives comfort to all us New Yorkers who are home and the New Yorkers who are still out there working hard for everyone. I wouldn't have ever created a song like this had it not been for the emotions I am going through, and if i'm going through it, i'm sure MANY others are. The video will consist of photos of people in their masks, zoom/houseparty meetings, people volunteering, essential workers, the 7pm clap, etc. I have been inside and wasn't as inspired. I tend to rely on experiences I have w others to create... feeling the city wide clap at 7pm for the essential workers; inspired me..." Dyllan continued: "So finding different forms of inspiration and being open to them is key." Thoughts on the video, Exhale? Drop a line in the comments.
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