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Found 13 results

  1. The top five greatest hits by solo acts, Before playlists, artists and labels would package a best of their biggest artists. Sometimes the greatest Hits have clever titles. Like the best selling compilation by a solo act, Female in the US The immaculate collection by Madonna. Or in some cases like TLC Now and forever. One greatest hits act I will be excluding from this list is the original 1998 Mariah Carey #1's album. She opened the album with a letter saying this was out of her hands, and this isn't a greatest hits, it's too soon. Just a thank you to the fans, when the greatest Hits comes I'll include songs that didn't go #1 that are better than some that did Underneath the stars, Breakdown, the roof. Mariah thanked the fans, but also shaded the concept behind the album. My opinion for the best Britney Spears greatest Hits collection The 58 track (29 CDs in the rare and hard to get cool box set which housed a b side or a cool Remix) that celebrated her first decade in the music industry. While the 2004 set Greatest hits: My prerogative was praised, many felt it was way too soon for Britney to actually have a Hits collection, saying it speaks of her short brief imperial phase. But 2009's Box set was praised and achieved universal acclaim, the only Britney album to achieve this. Saying as a singles act, it doesn't get better than Britney Spears. This set goes hand to hand with the just released Madonna's celebration, and is a great reminder, that just like Madonna and Michael Jackson was the top pop stars of their era. Britney Spears proves this box set start as a teen pop 🌟 brilliantly across 29 CD singles goes from pop star to established club act. It's perhaps an indicator when Britney goes out of favor for radio stations and album sales, the princess of pop will join the ranks of Madonna and Kylie Minogue as relevant in the dance floor forever, who needs a billboard hot 100 #1 hit when you have 15 #1 dance hits. For the males there is only two men I Stan both I was raised on in my household Prince the Hits. This release was right before the final Official album to bear his name under the moniker Prince 1958-1993, but this release he allowed to happen, but refused to promote given the battle he was taking on the music industry. While Taylor Swift got praised. Prince did it to, was ridiculed and made fun of. This is the only commercial he authorized for his first greatest hits set. Kylie Minogue step back in time deluxe 3 CD set Originally a 2 CD set, many fans felt jipped on kiss me once exclusion. Kylie obliged and released the expanded reissue of her Gold certified #1 Album. 10 more hits, plus a 40 minute megamix. TLC now and forever:The Hits represents the best American girl group compilation Like T Boz said, we're the only girl group to have funk, soul, rap. It wasn't done before, and never happened since them. https://youtu.be/NOOhqDpL5-k Michael Jackson History, past present and Future book 1.. Is perhaps the ultimate best of in make pop stars, 15 of his biggest Hits on one disc, the other is a complete studio album. Featuring Scream the only time Michael and Janet collaborated, plus it house's the very first single to debut at #1 on the Billboard hot 100 (which happened slot in the fall of 1995, but until the streaming era, it was way difficult to achieve that feat, it's easier now. Not so much back then) It's also to date his most controversial and personal album to date. Reason why it's controversial Michael was accused of anti seminite lyrics in they don't care about us, by the Jewish community. For the following lyrics. "Skinhead, dead head, everybody gone bad . Jew me, sue me, kick me, kik'e me Don't you black or white me." Let's just say Sony Music was extremely pissed that they had to pay an additional 2,000,000 for Michael to reedit the song without the offending lyrics. Hint the special effects. It's only the original print that contains the unedited version. Celebration is the ultimate greatest Hits set by Madonna.
  2. Legendary musician Nile Rodgers revealed Madonna felt hurt she wasn't asked to be a part of the 1985 charity album, We Are The World. The album title track was written by Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie. The album featured contributions from Prince, Chicago, Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band, Tina Turner and more. "I could feel her feeling bad about that," he said. Instead, she got an invite to perform at Live Aid and she made HERSTORY that night.
  3. #MichaelJacksonVindicated was a trending topic early Saturday morning. Fans banned together to profess Michael's innocence on the anniversary of the late singer's court hearing verdict. Jackson was charged with sexually assaulting Gavin Arvizo, a 13-year-old cancer patient in remission. From his Wiki page: "Jackson was indicted on four counts of molesting a minor, four counts of intoxicating a minor to molest him, one count of attempted child molestation, one count of conspiring to hold the boy and his family captive, and conspiring to commit extortion and child abduction." The jury returned a not guilty verdict on June 13, 2005.
  4. Guys since few days on Amazon Prime there is a new documentary regarding Michael Jackson and reality behind allegations, it mainly focus on 1993 cases and touches about 2005 trial and James/Wade. It is great just facts and it is amazing that it doesn't try to manipulate your feelings as Leaving Neverland. It was number 1 documentary on Amazon Prime. Highly recommend! https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B0887TPJ6Q/ref=cm_cr_arp_mb_bdcrb_top?ie=UTF8 And just take a look at one of the comments: Follow The Trial, Read The Court Transcripts, View The FBI Files No More Media Propaganda Square One shows you how bad actors with the media extorted and manipulated the world using false accusations with Michael Jackson as the poster boy for p*******a. Michael Jackson stories sells dead or alive and till today, it will be what the media tells you even when they know it is false because the dead cannot be defamed because they cannot speak. Starting with the 1993 Michael Jackson Allegations, Square One gives incredible evidence with vivid timelines and corroborated details of how Michael Jackson became and continues to be a victim of false allegations, criminal injustice and media propaganda. Looking at the evidence Square One presents, one will be able to observe the events and situations leading to the years of dogged accusations while understanding the context of what and why it happened. The cast of characters are quite interesting on their own and play a central role in the framing and eventual media lynching of Michael Jackson. Experience how some in the Chandler family, the media and NAMBLA supporter Victor Gutierrez create a conspiracy that will eventually become the prelude to the character assassination of MJ. The main stream media here demonstrates how it has never been for the people. They were not made to tell the truth but with their confirmation bias for over 25 years, they influenced how the world understood and almost accepted the unproven and false allegations. They were mostly elitist, for profit, and a propaganda machine for the real underground criminals in Hollywood. What they did with Michael Jackson is a journey that will frustrate you. Square One takes you through the light and darkness where you will see how these forces come together to destroy truth and manipulate history. How can we as a society be satisfied and confident believing prejudiced articles and false accusations over an American judicial system, the FBI, medical examiners, private investigators, child services, SBPD, LAPD and even building permits? Everyone needs to stop judging and condemning based on stories made to manipulate your emotions and feelings. Square One shows you how truth should never be a multiple choice for us to pick and choose what plays best with our emotions and opinions. Danny Wu has done a great service to the world and now HIStory can be told and retold so that the lie will never become the truth.
  5. https://www.sonicfantasymovie.com/ Sonic Fantasy Is the working title of an officially endorsed By The estate of Michael Jackson detailing the making, what happened and the impact and aftermath of Thriller The best selling album of all time. Can't wait for the documentary
  6. In 1995 A media circus was involved The O.J. simpson trial. Everybody knows. It basically destroyed the Kardashians family. Kris being a friend of Nicole and Robert defending O.J. caused a huge rift between the two that Kris deemed was irreparable in their imploding end to their marriage. But it's also why Many believe Michael Jackson is innocent. He got a not guilty verdict in 2005. But because the fascination in the trial of the o.j Simpson trial. It completely overshadowed the 1993 child molestation allegations of Michael Jackson. So obviously it was erased from our minds that he was involved in another case. Cos the media moved on to the next circus. That's why it's a huge debate people forgot about the 93 case. Cos it was overshadowed by a murder case that was played out like a soap opera. @JordanMiller @Roxxy @Fenixxx123
  7. Lately I've been thinking about some of my favorite movies featuring great performances from Black pop stars. Obviously the late, great Whitney Houston comes to mind right away. The Bodyguard, Waiting to Exhale, The Preacher's Wife. Whitney wowed us as a leading lady in The Bodyguard and her performance broke barriers at the time. Even though she faced criticism from film critics, it's safe to say some of her movies have undoubtedly stood the test of time. Mariah has been cast in some very impressive dramatic roles in Lee Daniels films Precious and The Butler. Justice For Glitter! Beyonce in Dreamgirls and The Lion King. Janet Jackson (Miss Jackson if you're nasty) in Poetic Justice Diana Ross, Janelle Monae, Aaliyah, Will Smith. The list goes on... I'm curious what some of your fave crossover performances are. Let's discuss!
  8. Both were famous in their own right but prince was talented way pass michael he played os many instruments we broke so many barriers and maintained a career up until he died ..
  9. Ms. Mojo did a top five most shocking moments. Rounding it out #5 Britney spears Megamix medley 2016 BBMAS. It was supposed to launch Make Me. But her label wasn't ready. Resulting in the acclaimed Megamix performance. #4 Beyonce damcing by herself at the 2011 BBMAS. The first performance of the girl powered anthen Run the world (Gorls) started out with just Beyonce and a 100 more Beyonces on the screen. Before ending out with actual female dancees performing in a military like precision. #3 Justin Bieber gets booed. At 19 years old. JUSTIN BIEBER won the milestone award and while cheers did happen. The boos outweighed the cheers. Justin had to remind the audience he is 19. An artist and is not a gimmick as people think he is. (Oddly he basically has his first commercial flop with Changes). Can he recover. Who knows?. #2 Miguel. The lawsuit performance that ended with a jump hurting some fans. The fact that it's states. It's obvious he didn't care or was sympathetic via the lawsuits that happened and The BBNAs hasn't called him back since that incident.. Dishonorable mentions MEGAN TRAINOR'S Lackluster performance of No. Kendall Jenner can't read. The ultimate shocking moment #1 Michael Jackson Five years after his untimely death. The hologram performance of slave to the rhythm. Brought the magic to life of The king of pop. And onto a stage. No one has seen before (Madonna performing with the Gorillaz at the 2006 Grammys technically did this first. But continue) To dancing with the dancers and everything. That it's no surprise it's the ultimate shocking moment in the billboard music awards history for a very good reason. It was like he was there..in fromt of us again.
  10. There are albums that are timeless. Albums that are events. And albums that set a benchmark. Normally it's one of three. However Michael Jackson's 1982 Juggernaut "Thriller" is one of those albums that can claim all three. Still to this day. The biggest selling album of all time ever. 60 to 100 Million depending on the source you get the info from. Michael's official website states 100 Million. So i go from the actual source itself. Helped define MTV and Black music in general as Several racial barriers were crossed and broken with this album. Put Michael up there with the Beatles and Elvis. No other Black music star I can think of truly achieved that. Only two females made it into MJ territory Madonna and of course Britney spears. Britney's was more mirrored by the paparazzi scope and them trying to create a narrative. Unfortunately for Michael. Michael was so big. He couldn't hide in plain sight. Britney was able to. But anyway fast forward to 2020. Thriller still sells. And according to both Spotify and Michael's website. Thriller is the most streamed album from the 1980's. He is the only 1980's music star to be one of the top 100 streamed artists worldwide on Spotify. Despite a documentary that many wondered if it was true or not. 2019's leaving Neverland. I have talked to several victims of that kind of abuse. They watched the documentary. All have basically said. It never happened. The body language didn't match the words coming out of their mouths.
  11. What are, in your opinion, the best voices in music history ? I'm talking about artist that changed in a way music forever, artist that will NEVER be replaced for me Whitney Houston amazing iconic performance Michael Jackson He is probably the best artist in the world, His voice is 10/10. Just listen to his voice here, how can it be so perfect? I miss him so much Celine Dion In the studio, recording session for " The Reason". From 2:05 is pure heaven, those belts
  12. Guys I don't know if you even seen/read this article, but it is regarding MJ 2005 trial and how media manipulated GP and kept showing MJ as a crazy. But I think it would be great to see such a article about Britney especially from 2004-2008 how they made GP to believe she is crazy same like MJ. And tell what you think of article! https://www.google.com/amp/s/m.huffpost.com/us/entry/610258/amp
  13. Best Performance? Heart for Madonna aka #QueenOfPop Like for Michael Jackson aka #KingOfPop
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