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Found 24 results

  1. How this forum and moderators try to advocate for mental health when a moderator made fun of my mental health issues and told me to go die. Now she is in charge of moderating and punishes me for talking about my real life experience. Like you thought it was cool when you said it like a few months ago and never apologized and now she is in charge of what I say? Jordan trusts her but like ok...Its a kind of Britney situation
  2. It has been proven in scientific studies that reflecting on things you're grateful for can help safeguard your mental health and can keep you happier. Amid such a weird, uncertain time, I thought it'd be a good idea for us to share something we're thankful for. I'll start: Today, I'm grateful that I can exercise, stay active, and enjoy the outdoors every day. What are you grateful for?
  3. Hey Exhale! I recorded a motivational speech because I've noticed a lot of people in my life and online who are going through a tough time. Hoping my two cents can lift some spirits. It'd be GREATLY appreciated if you gave it a watch and also left comments on here AND especially on the video. The more engagement BreatheHeavy's YouTube channel gets, the bigger it'll become! I'd really love to be a force on YouTube. It'll also help grow Exhale which is ultimately one of my main goals (along with helping people!). The niche of this video is for entrepreneurs or people looking to start their own business, but honestly the advice can be applied to any area of your life. I open up about the challenges I've faced with running BreatheHeavy - namely when I decided to leave my job in marketing in 2012 to pursue BH full-time. These last eight years have been HARD, but REWARDING. I've learned so much, and I want to share my experiences with you. I know my energy in this video is like but I hope it resonates with you. Let me know what you think guys Related:
  4. Hello exhalers I wanted to write a little about my struggle with depression, different stages and my current state. I would also like to share life experiences and ways of how they faced it. it is a very long story and surely few people will be interested in reading it I also translated it with google, so it will be difficult to read hehehe But I would like that if someone feels bad and reduces their internal suffering because they feel they have a good life and do not know how to be grateful, that my story will serve them well. I would like more exhalers to share their long experiences with the constant struggle that those of us who suffer from this disease have and share, to bring out all the bad. I just wrote a long text that is very relaxing and healing. You feel happiness when you see progress and it makes you want to continue improving (at least in my case) well my story begins like this. I grew up in a dysfunctional family where my father beat my mother every weekend. When I was 7 years old she died, I thought it would be the end of suffering but there was still much left. My mother (who is very good) had her own demons and has never been able to contain me. Therefore I continued surrounded by fights, conflicts and emotional abandonment. My classmates weren't very helpful either. For a long time I suffered bullying because of my physicality and my sexuality. I did not know how to defend myself so I grew up being a kind of joke for everyone ... and at that time I thought that laughter was the maximum love I could have. From the age of 13 I began to expand my circle of friends. I started to bond (not lasting) and that made me feel better. Despite the fact that the whole environment in my house was a total chaos, with my mother we got along very badly, she was very jealous and possessive, she would not let me go to parties and when I had activities like going to the mall at least she called me 3 times checking where he was, what he was doing. Also, I constantly spoke ill of my friends, always wanting to make it clear that the people who joined me were a joke, that I had no real friends ... which made me feel deeply pathetic and inferior to the rest. first stage 16 years. Onset of severe anxiety when I started experiencing depression it was at 16. I was constantly feeling empty and sad and didn't know why. The suicidal thoughts began to become frequent and strong, but despite everything, i felt that it was stupid, that i should not listen to them. I felt weak and childish ... now I understand how serious it was to lower my feelings 17-19 hyperventilation When I was 17 I started drinking alcohol. My city is small so everyone knows each other, however, I was too well known. If I went to a party, all the guests located me, showed interest in me and always invited me to many celebrations. However, despite believing that he had clear ideas, he used parties only when he was depressed about problems at home, so it was a time of many unfortunate drunken attitudes. Sometimes I got drunk at parties, I had erratic attitudes in full drunkenness and that made me a very bad name in my city. I reached a stage of being very overexposed to gossip, many people wanted to know my sexuality, if I was as alcoholic as "everyone said", who I was dating, etc. Other times I would go to a party, dance, come to my house a little married and a few days later a friend said to me "Hey, I knew they saw you very drunk at that party, right?" And while it often was, most of the time it wasn't. It happened to me a lot that they made up things that I didn't even know I was doing. By the time I turned 19, everyone believed that I was a stupid young man with no future, the people of my city pigeonholed me and believed that they knew me well from the comments. 19-21 University I changed city at 19 to find my bearings. I took a career influenced by the wishes of my family because cinema was not going to give me so much money. For 2 years I studied excessively, I tried hard, I wanted to look smart and show that I could ... but the hatred of my career was very great. The suicidal desires returned and worse, constantly after studying I fell asleep crying, I just wanted to retire and study cinema ... or I just wanted to be happy. I went to psychologists but I told them half of what I felt, because I still had that damn habit of inferiorizing my feelings. At 20 I became someone uraño and conflictive. He was constantly involved in fights started by me. My circle of friends was considerably reduced and I was considered unpleasant by many, which caused me many bad times. The worst thing is that I got more and more shy and withdrawn. All that joy of mine was fading, I was having trouble making friends or engaging in interesting conversation topics. On the other hand, I reached a point of type I obesity, therefore I always had comments regarding my physique. By 21 I lost weight, which made me obsessed with my physique, and despite being thin, I felt fat, and I wore baggy clothes to hide my stomach (and the truth was I was very skinny) 21-22 copy and paste As for love, until the age of 22 I always fell in love with heterosexual men. For some reason homosexuals did not attract my attention, which made me lose a lot of time, because although I could have *** with someone and had a good time, my head was thinking of another man The first semester of university I realized that he did not know anything about me. I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life, I was only studying to prove to others, and never to prove something to myself. I stopped studying and started cheating on all my tests to prioritize my mental health, but it got worse ... every time I came out of a copy I felt like my life was a sham. Besides that I was still too shy to make strong friendship bonds so I felt lonely. Not to mention that despite the fact that I was not heavy with my teammates, I had already made myself a reputation for conflict, adding the copion, I was one of the most hated of my career. I'm not a bad person, I just have my demons like everyone else, and as a young man I didn't know how to control it. I never make comments with evildoers and I always try to be a good partner, however the people around me were determined to see me as a bad boy, cheater and ironic (well, I am ironic but I do not realize it ... and I really love it. Guilty pleasure ) 22-23 etapa final: Rehabilitación I started going to the gym and worrying more about my physique. I met several suitors who gave me a good time, however, I fell in love with a gay boy who was not interested because we were both passive ... but he lied to me, he told me he was active The worst part is that obviously no relationship I tried worked out in the long term, because I was always thinking about him. That year I spent many moments of anguish and loneliness (as always) I was far away from my mother because I could no longer bear her character ... but despite everything I knew that something inside me was improving, because at least the desire to commit suicide had already decreased considerably. 3 months after turning 23, I had a strong relapse I just wanted to retire or kill myself. I returned to my hometown for vacations and my mother was someone else, even though I was very defensive and had sudden mood swings, she taught me that if she could recover, I too because I was young. The anxiety disappeared, I became someone nice and with personality again. When the pandemic started, I had a lot of time to analyze what I want and where I want to go. Re fall in love with my career and life in general. Understand that life is a constant university and that if you are going to be above the lane it is better that you see the most beautiful landscape possible. Now I believe in reincarnation, and that sooner or later the energies reward us ... if we are happy people we attract happy auras too And most importantly, that feelings are valid, you just have to live them and not repress them. Look them in the face and kiss them, and get on with life. Knowing that I am a priority, listening to my instincts and knowing that the path I am going is the right one, because despite having my demons, I have not made bad decisions, my mother will have her character but she is faultless and magnificent in her own way. I have a small group of friends but they are very loyal and caring. The best thing is that it gave me young depression, without money and without great responsibilities other than studying. I hope I can face life in a good way and be as honest as possible thanksforreadingme
  5. i feel like this is probs quite a common scenario but i hate where im at in life. i despise it. i feel so so mediocre. but its ridiculous. i lit turned 22 last week and feel like a failure bc i havent found my feet yet .. ? writing it down like that makes me realise how ****** up that sounds. 22 is objectively nothing ... idk, i just wanna learn to live in the moment and live for today i guess rather than being so goal-orientated ALL the time, constantly looking for the end product right off the bat. if anyone has any tips for grounding yourself in the present that'd be neat!
  6. So I wonder why Britney never showed up to the interview, was it that she didn't like the lady doing the interview or did she just wish to remain silent. Seems odd to do a magazine shoot especially the cover and do no interview! Does any one know what happened with the incident of her leaving a perfume shoot crying around the same time? I think the photos are simple, beautiful but effective. Britney asks in one her documentaries "when did I take that photo my god" implying she never remembered taking the photo's. I'm not sure which one it was either I Am Britney Jean or For the record. What is your thoughts? #freebritney #britneyspears #britney #britneyarmy #itsbritney***** #britney***** #britneyjeanspears #babyonemoretime #britneyjean #princessofpop #oopsididitagain #barmy #godney #pieceofme #britneyfan #endtheconservatorship #savebritney #britneyspearsfan #s #spears #britneydomination #queenofpop #inthezone #glory #iconic #blackout #britneyspearsarmy #freebritneyspears #pop #circus #popprincess #lovebritney #britneyqueen #wesupportbritney #music #bs #legend #britneypieceofme #britneythezone #myprerogative #queen #freexbritney #icon #britneyalbum #oops #toxic #britneyspearsqueen #princess #barbie #britneyforever #fightforbritney #slave #u #originaldoll #britneyspearsfans #britneylive #helpbritney #jean #queenb #bhfyp
  7. Panic attacks feels horrible and the worst party is, I just really have to endure the pain and the overall awful feeling till it subsides in a few hours. I tried telling it to my family and relatives but they just brushed me off and invalidated me seeking for help and told me I'm just being a drama queen. How do you guys handle it? Some tips from you guys would be really helpful thank you so much
  8. I swear people pick celebs to stan as if they are picking a character in an RPG (role playing game). They see their choice of which celebs to stan as an extension of themselves because they have this image of themselves that they want to project to others. They become identities, and we all know how vigorously people will defend their own identities. Without trying to get too big here, I think the 2010s will be defined by identity politics and the increased number of ways we can define ourselves which is of course good and bad. Stan culture is just one of the many new ways people are choosing to define themselves. Stan culture is so unhealthy for a number of reasons but namely that we forget our faves are humans, too. We treat them like untouchable gods or objects belonging to everyone, but when they show themselves for being flawed humans like the rest of us we discard them. Then it won't be long till we place someone new on that pedestal. It's kinda vicious. I wonder if we, as a society, will ever move away from worshipping celebrities ? I follow a bunch of fan accounts for TV shows that I like and these people have slowly morphed from just standard fans of the show to people who treat the actors like they're their friends. You know how some people see Taylor Swift as their friend / sister? That, except worse... There's this one girl and she goes to like ten of those Comic Con type things a year and does a cosplay each time. There's this group of actors that she always meets, and then one in particular, to the point where they all know her name, her job, family issues, etc and it's so damn weird to me.
  9. i went to the Shops Today. i Am Autistic and i cant Wear a mask. I would have a Meltdown. When i was in the shops people were looking at me. tutting. pairents telling there kids that "That man is wrong" and "he must have problems". as i am Writing this i am in Tears, i dont want to go outside in case someone judges me again. and people who i am close with say i am being paranoid
  10. Given Kanye west Mental health Bi-polar and other do you think he should be allowed to run for presidency ?? Not to offend anyone who is bi polar ( i am ) but given he recently refused medical and personal help wat guarantees such will not happen if he wins and how will his mood swings ( which apparently are extremely extreme) will affect his decisions .. Should mental health be a must screen for by candidates who run for presidency or shud not be ???
  11. I wanted to make a thread to see how everyone is doing. We’re all dealing with so much, and I want to see how everyone is holding up around the world, and what you’re doing for your mental health during this trying time? We may get into debates about our favorite artists on here, but in the end, we’re all in this together. And with numbers for COVID cases skyrocketing each day, it’s time that we all start checking in and seeing how we can help support each other (even the ones you’ve had differences with in the past @OnlyBeyonce and @MyahMarie) So, how are YOU doing during this pandemic?
  12. I’ve been very optimistic and hopeful through all of the events going on in the world the past few months. I’ve been making music as an outlet and it’s helped so much. Today I woke up in a cold sweat, I’ve had no motivation to make music the last two weeks, I just have an overwhelming feeling of emotions and anxiety. Going back to work at a place that is great, but not my passion very soon is also another layer added to the stress and uncertainty. I don’t know exactly what I’m expecting from posting this, but Exhale has been an escape from the outside world for so long so I figured why not.
  13. How is everyone doing during this crazy Quarantine life we have been living? I have been pretty good today, but some days I have had incredibly bad anxiety. Cold sweats, being simultaneously too hot and too cold. My mind would run wild and sabotage my sleep. I’ve never wanted to consider medication out of fear of addiction, which is something I have battled in the past. It got so bad though that I was about to check myself in somewhere. The only thing I found solace in was THC/CBD Tincture. It’s not to get high off of, but without it I literally start shaking because my nerves are basically shot. And the scary thing is, absolutely nothing is “wrong”, I’m safe, I have a place to live, some money saved in the bank, bills paid, food, entertainment (Netflix, Hulu etc), but I would literally start going crazy almost daily for about a month until very recently when I started taking Tincture. People say it’s the planets moving into retrograde. People say it’s because I’m a ♋️ cancer and I’m highly emotional. Some say it’s coming into my “powers” of being an empath, especially with everything going on in the world it’s like.... overload. I just wanted to check in with you all, I hope nobody is feeling how I can get to feeling lately, but if you are I hope you find SOME kind of comfort from knowing you aren’t alone. ❤️ I have been watching Haters back Off with Miranda Sings on Netflix. Absolutely ridiculous, but ridiculously funny. It definitely helped pull me out of a funk if you need something light and funny to watch. The opening scenes should be enough to put a smile on your face. I’ve started to crochet again, something simple to quickly occupy my mind. Headphones really help a lot! They fill your head with sound, which can drown out a lot of the negativity your brain might be trying to throw at you, a couple of my favorite podcasts are What’s The T with Rupaul and Michelle Visage. Over 200 episodes, great witty banter, great guests, great advice. Another is Boulet Brothers Creatures of the Night, Drag, Filth, Horror, Glamour.... the fabulous Swanthula and Dracmorda Boulet bring true horror stories from our history, movie reviews and fun guests, it’s a new one, so there are only a few episodes so far, but its something you can keep up with from the start! What are you doing to stay sane? Any advice for me? Do you need any advice? Let’s all work on being more kind to one another, that’s something the world is lacking.
  14. LETS ALL STREAM AND BUY TAMAR'S ALBUM ON ITUNES TO SHOW OUR SUPPORT! Get Tamar's Last Album Bluebird of Happiness to #1 on iTunes!
  15. I thought I saw " Racheal " and I could of swore the name in the trailer park at maple pool said racheal so I started to put two and two together. Now Im positive racheal is not britneay or a alias. I just want to get marriage to any " Pop Star " or PopTART PopSTart or DirtyPoP now I like them...... I have decided... anything she wants. You will not confuse me again I can give you the 50's or the 100's. But only if I find one willing to marry. Not the night... she pulls to hard on my privates.... I had to recall him.... You bet... email me for long time lover only.... [email protected] I want at least one sighting... I want a job doing the airbrushing...
  16. We talk about mental health openly, but there is one form of mental health that's still rarely discussed, Postpartum depression. The statistics are very scary one in 7 women will actually get this. Alanis Morissette always mentally prepares herself, but sadly it always comes back. From what I understand once you have postpartum depression, every pregnancy you go through it always comes back. No matter how many times Alanis suffers from it, she will always go through it, as her love for her children. Ever, Onyx and winter, plus the love of her husband American rapper Soul eye is her strength to carry through this horrible disease. Unfortunately thx to Alanis mentioning that she went thru it a third time, a reporter for daily blast live is actually scared that she will have a worse case again, due to a new pregnancy. One of the new songs from her upcoming Ninth studio album (Seventh global studio album) such pretty forks in the road is called Diagnosis, and It's about Postpartum depression and lyrically it touches it dead on. From the opening lines. "CALL IT WHAT YOU WANT COS I DON'T EVEN CARE ANYMORE " from very in advance early reviews The upcoming album is very piano and strings driven and very dark lyrically. The Reckoning ep that came out this past Friday proves how dark and personal she's getting. Here's diagnosis.. I really do expect this project to get her best reviews since jagged little pill for it's raw honesty on addiction, motherhood and life in general..
  17. I get the part where some try to act diva-esque and shady for fun but there are limits and there are times you have to be sensitive because you don't know the person and the mental challenges he/she is struggling with especially during this global pandemic. Sometimes, there are better ways to say things. We preach mental awareness for Britney's condition, why can't we walk our talk to other people?
  18. Guys, where is Britney Spears? She hasn’t posted a video or a photo of her since May 27th. Didn’t a yahoo story just come out saying she’s “away” or something? I blew it off until I realized we haven’t seen her in awhile WE NEED THE BRITNEYS GRAM GIRLS BACK
  19. I just wanted to say that when I first joined this forum many years ago, I dared to say something critical about Britney, and I was attacked and called named unlike anything I've ever experienced before. For a community that preaches acceptance and love, I don't think it's okay. Now that things are where they are in the world, I have a feeling that a lot of the people that were nasty and vicious are now Trump supporters, which feels oddly satisfying. People's true colors are being exposed in this country like never before. That's all for now. I hope all of you are staying home, and if you don't have the choice to do so, I hope you're staying safe.
  20. Why do we fantasize about things in our future that might not happen, but work to achieve them regardless? How do we manage to keep going through the darkest times in our lives? What makes us cling on to hope in the midst of such great uncertainty, even when the odds are against us? Because a drop of hope is all it takes to give us the strength to face our fears Stay strong, Exhale
  21. Hey guys, I hope you all are doing fine during this strange period we're experiencing. With the lockdown, many issues come out, from our most inner place. Here, in Spain, we're been like 52 days at home and it's overhelming. I've had an eating disorder for years and besides I'm in a good place and doing fine, I was worried about this period and the way it could affect me and my anxiety. Luckily, I've dealt with it in a very positive way. Nowadays, I'm a woman who's focused on improving my health and life. In the past, I was just focused on hating on me, blaming myself for stupid things, creating new insecurities everyday. I could never win. Internet is a very dark place for people with eating disorders and I don't know if any of you are suffering them but I wanted to tell you that you're not alone and it's possible to get out of the dark circle, and to 'put that witch' to sleep. I mean, I don't know if it might help you but... I just wanted to. I've been woking out at home, eating healthy but focusing your mind on positive things is key. Learning something new every day or week, trying new stuff is great. We're going to be fine and we will hug each other soon. As soon as posible. I wish you all the health for you and your families. We could take this space to share our experiences and tips to focus our mind on good stuff.
  22. Hello fellow Exhale humans, not sure if anyone will read this or have any interest since it's not about any of our pop stars but I wanted to tell you something. Sometimes we are surrounded by people in our family that DON'T BELIEVE IN US and think that our artistry, expression, YouTube channel (in my case) are just a waste of time cause they don't bring us money right away and so that's not something we should waste our time on. Unfortunately, I am staying at my aunt's place in Germany and can't go anywhere else due to the situation which we all very well know... It's not easy listening to all those comments like: you should do something that you can make money with, or something that could help others without considering the fact that YouTube for example helps a lot of people every day with various tutorials, but also in their mental health struggle or just being entertained in these challenging times. Like this, I have to be my own best friend aka supporter and push forward. Yes, she is right, I am not making any money with my videos since I just started a couple of months ago but I am having a lot of fun filming and hopefully entertaining people who watch them. Ok, I don't want to bore you with a novel of a text, I just wanted to let you know that I BELIEVE IN EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU. 💖 I truly believe this community is amazing and very entertaining so I have to thank you for making my life more colorful with your hilarious comments to different topics and if some people in your life doubt you, or simply don't believe in your visions, there are others who will. Have a great weekend fabulous humans 🙏🏽
  23. Every time I see her IG or FB posts, especially the caption, I can't help but feel both happy she gets this freedom/break from alllll her years of overworking...but also a little sad...❤ Coming from a place of mental health discussion, I'm curious about your thoughts? Also, thoughts on her voice/way she talks now? Drug use can apparently induce bipolar disorder, but...do you think she had it all along? To me, the way I see her, is someone extremely vulnerable and fragile with all that's happened to her, therefore nervous in any form of being in the public eye❤❤ She's like this little baby bird 😭
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