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  1. On August 28, 2016 the VMA's were held at Madison Square Garden in Manhattan. Rihanna received the Video Vanguard Award, and Beyoncé won 8 awards that night, overtaking Madonna's record of most moonmen with a total of 26. That year, also marked the return of Britney Spears to the VMA's stage since her last, heavily criticized performance in 2007. Britney performed the lead single off her ninth studio album Glory, Make Me... which features rapper G-Eazy. He joined her onstage to do his rap, and then the performance transitioned to Me, Myself and I, a song originally performed by G-Eazy and Bebe Rexha. They closed the number by doing the final part of Make Me...
  2. On August 5, 2016, Britney Spears released the Make Me... music video featuring G-Eazy. After two months since we knew that she had started shooting a music video for the lead single off Glory, and after some clips had started leaking, we were finally able to enjoy the video, except that, well, it turned out to be something completely different than the David LaChapelle-directed music video that we were expecting to see. This new video was shot on July 16 and it was directed by Randee St. Nicholas. In late July, Britney talked about it: "The video that I just shot is me and all my girls. We're making guys audition for us. The whole theme is us basically playing with them. It's really kind of fun and it's interesting". At the moment we weren't sure if they had re-shot the video altogether or if it was just a new part of the plot we hadn't heard before. In all fairness, @Blackout ***** tried to warn us In September, Larry Rudolph, Britney's manager, explained the situation in an interview for Los Angeles Times: Exactly the explanation the Britney Army wanted to hear The video got a different version released in September through the mobile app Britney Spears: American Dream. A rough cut from the original LaChapelle video leaked in 2019. What is your favorite part of the video? What are your memories from when it premiered?
  3. On July 15, 2016, Britney Spears released Make Me... as the lead single off her ninth studio album Glory. It featured the rapper G-Eazy. The track was written by Britney, Matthew Burns, Joe Janiak and G-Eazy, while produced by Burns, with Mischke serving as a vocal producer. Commercially, the song reached top-ten peaks in Finland, Hungary, and Israel while reaching top-twenty in Canada, France, Scotland, top forty in Australia and in the United States where it charted at number seventeen on the Billboard Hot 100 and topped the Dance Club Songs chart. As of April 2018, Make Me... was certified platinum by the RIAA for combined sales and streams of 1 million units in the US. The audio clip on Britney's official YouTube channel has over 32 million views. The song received a music video the following month, but we'll leave that anniversary for later...
  4. Some of you requested me to do this, so I made this "definitive" version of MM. What will you find? A video combining the 3 different versions of MM in order to give the recent filtered version a little more meaning. It’s basically a music video that shows how it was shot, that's the plot. What won’t you find? - G-Eazy, since in both the official and the original versions, his appearances make no sense, don't fit very well. - The scenes inside the house were removed, except those inside the cage (because i like them). These scenes that I have not included, could (in my imagination) be used for another "single" as if it were a continuation of MM, after she left the recording studio along with one of her dancers; and this is where the second video would start. In this way, such scenes could be given greater meaning. (Maybe "Invitation", "Do You Wanna Come Over?"). For obvious reasons, I will not post the video on my YouTube channel, otherwise I will upload it to VIMEO. I don’t know how long it’ll stay online, but it’s worth a shot. I am also not allowed to give you the direct link of the video, so I will only give you the link of my VIMEO profile, so you can find it more easily: https://vimeo.com/luminousproductions Hurry, watch the video before it gets deleted and then come back here to give me a comment on it. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- UPDATE: Well my video is officially deleted from my Vimeo so, i will PM it to those who asked me for it!.
  5. I just found this song, and I couldn't help to find the similarities. The atmosphere is very like ! and I am pretty sure Burns knows it. And it also a jam... Your thoughts ?
  6. Hello everyone So today I was streaming Glory which is what we all should do at all times and I thought it would be interesting to re order the album a little bit I absolutely love Glory and it's in my holy trinity, but I think the order of the songs is a little wonky at times My to-go order nowadays is this, I tried to make it make sense as a story: Invitation (Brinty is ***** for this guy and she's very much out there asking for him to **** her already) Slumber Party (she teams up with her friend who's also ***** for some guy and they're having a sleepover talking about how much they wanna **** their guys) If I'm Dancing (They play Britney's Tom Dinner and she's totally surprised by the fact that that recording exists, proceeds to create an intricate armography choreo mixed with zumba) Do You Wanna Come Over? (following day, her friend convinces her to sext her crush) Man On The Moon (dramaticney had a dream about the guy last night and now she's thinking she can't compete with the kind of girls he likes) Just Luv Me (her DMs get more desperate) Change Your Mind (No Seas Cortés) (hornyney gets a **** pic back and they're fully gonna ****, she says something in Spanish cus he looks ethnic) Private Show (they meet up and do the f**king) Make Me (they continue that) Better (she's fully fallen for him because she's discovered her crush also likes to dance to Janet Jackson) Coupure Électrique (she learns some french, at this point she discovers her bf actually is french, overseas places like France, Spain and Canada are very hard to differenciate) Clumsy (they're fully doing the f**king again) What You Need (this one's actually about her children and how she's a great mother and deserves full custody) Hard To Forget Ya (going through a rough patch because her bf couldn't tell who was jayden and who was "the other one") Love Me Down (she stopped messaging him for 20 minutes after that mistake, then they ****) Just Like Me (going to pick up her kids, she finds out her bf is f**king myah marie, who has developed the ability to not only sound like Britney, she also looks exactly like her) Liar (turns out he hadn't just f**ked myah, it was also all the other ladies that sang on BJ other than Britney that didn't sound like Myah either) So I thought it'd be cool if you guys shared your re-orders and stuff you can take songs out, shuffle them however you want, add remixes if needed!
  7. Not sure why this video hasn't been posted before but now is the perfect timing. Make Me's legacy lives on...
  8. I'm bored and just tried to clean up the original Make Me video! I didn't do too much or change any of the scenes, I just cropped the watermark out, filtered it to make it look a little more finished, and rearranged the title sequence to the start of the video. The storyline still makes zero sense, but I feel like this is a little bit easier to watch! Let me know your thoughts! REMOVED
  9. Good editing makes the basic choreo more watchable, and what is up with the fresh audio??!
  10. It's been over a year since Glory was released, and we know that some 30 to 40 songs were recorded for the album...so why have we still not been gifted any leaks, B-sides, demo recordings, or snippets yet? I'm interested to know if she and Missy Elliott really had a collab, and what some of the original recordings sound like. Can somebody talk to somebody else and get us something??
  11. IM V SORRY IF SOMEONE ALREADY POSTED THIS. In this article, they confirm David is the director! Calm yourselves, it wasn't scrapped! I feel it coming soon, v soon
  12. I recall from a few months ago someone posting a video mashup/compilation of the different Britney performances of Make Me. Can't find it, anyone have it?!
  13. Can anyone tell me what type of keys/pluck/pad are this? i'm a producer and I can't find it anywhere thank you
  14. So I've been searching a while now and I can't seem to find a higher quality version than this one, however I'm pretty sure remembering seeing one that was in way better quality. Any of you guys know a link?
  15. what if the released make me video was the photoshoot for glory and because team B was lazy they just used footage from the photoshoot as filler for the released mv Mind Blown..
  16. Y'all remember we had this video back in July 2016... So my question (as the title could suggest) is... WHAT HAPPENED NEXT? Why Before every era we have stunning videos of her dancing hot choreos in a very focused way and then we have meh dancing with meh choreos??? Remember Mannequin? THEY KILLED THIS MAKE ME AWESOME CHOREO WITH AN OK CHOREO! Why don't they leave us alone but instead they keep scrapping GOOD things???? ((((where's my MM original video ???? )))) PLEASE DISCUSS
  17. Hey guys, I'm new here! Call me Louie! I did an "live acoustic mix" of "Make Me...", I hope you guys like it! Download link: http://www.blocked.com/file/py3u8njdr27lsdr/Make+Me+[Acoustic].mp3
  18. Make Me finally hit 70 million plays on Spotify recently. Not bad for a supposed "flop" like yall say Hopefully it eventually reaches 100M
  19. Yes... It's another thread about MM. MM is flawless and deserves a bagillion threads each day. Anywho.. do you guys remember this? I remember getting so excited to see her perform because of this rehearsal. She's still got it! Though not sure why she doesn't do the booty rolls/pops as nicely in her performances as in this rehearsal. I wish she had used this choreography for her MM performance though... especially at the VMAs.
  20. Hey Guys!! I just put out a new dance video to the Weeknd's In The NIght that has Britney's story all over it. From my perspective, I got the feeling that the "girl" he was referencing in the track was a personification of music and her story was parallel to Britney's Career. I played along with that concept and basically created "Britney's In The Night". The microphone that the choreography is based around is suppose to symbolize music but as well as Britney's career and my dance is a way of empathizing with that pain. I know the concept may be a bit bizarre but I felt like the genuine b-army would appreciate the story and hopefully show some support Really hope you guys enjoy it and I'd love to hear some feed back thank you <3
  21. I was wondering, which songs were your favorites when you first heard "Glory" and did something change until today? First Listening Fave's:Liar & Change your mind. Fave's Now: Love Me Down & Slumber Party. I love almost every song tho. What about you all?
  22. Please Guys I need your help! I am going desperate looking for a video from Piece of Me, it must be from this summer/september. I saw it a few times in YouTube and its quality was very good! But I'm looking for it now and I can't see it any fcking where Britney was performing Everytime, BOMT and OIDIA. I think she was wearing the white outfit and a bun in her head. As she was moving and dancing the bun was falling down and in the end her hair was indescribable lol. Hope you can help me to find that video! Is nothing special but I wanted to see that again. Besides, Britney was gorgeous even with the mess hair Thanks lil' *******
  23. 1. Rihanna (feat Drake) - Work 2. Lady Gaga - Perfect Illusion 3. Britney Spears - Make Me (feat. G-Eazy) 4. Lady Gaga - Million Reasons 5. Rihanna - Kiss It Better 6. Fergie - M.I.L.F.$ 7. Beyonce' - Sorry 8. Ariana Grande - Let Me Love You (feat. Lil' Wayne) 9. Miley Cyrus - Lighter [re-entry] 10. ZAYN - Pillowtalk What's yours?
  24. I've just read about this artist, whatever she's star or not, my point is, RCA should have to do (lol) alternative video for one and only amazing Make Me, cuz it's a grower and deserves more, deserves beautiful video - something more GP-friendly like Justin's Sorry or this Dua Lipa themed vid (red body suit fine but...) (+including 'Cause Youre the spark' part choreo in it!). I feel ashamed playing the "...see more of you" video on youtube or quiet VMAs live version when I want to see Make Me in HD. SRSLY, re-release the single, you know, like SP was the first cut. Can we make petition or letter to RCA and make it as sneaky as Radar single was (BS10...) Any ideas?))
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