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  1. Madonna is finally releasing a Madame X Tour special. It's unclear if it will be streamed or a physical version will be available to purchase. NGL though this clip kinda freaked me out Exhale, are you interested in watching?
  2. Madonna spread a conspiracy theory in light of Facebook/Instagram's updated privacy policy. “Mark Zuckerberg to spy on you and your family,” she said. “Instagram’s new cyber surveillance policies allow Mark Zuckerberg to spy on you and your family, steal your most intimate secrets and monitor your compliance with government mandates through all your devices – including your television – and sell your data to government and industry or punish you for disobedience,” Madonna said, adding: “This is some scary ****.” IG responded, telling Mashable: “The new terms are focused on clarifying how the app uses data to serve personalised ads; what data advertisers receive; and licensing and IP usage." “They did not change any of the language around the posting of ***ual or suggestive content.” Oh Madonna Related:
  3. At the 46th Grammy awards, held one week after the controversial Super bowl halftime show, which saw Janet Jackson basically get canceled right before our eyes, Banned by MTV, a ban that basically lasted 4 years. Started a vendetta against her by disgraced CBS executive Les Moonves. It literally took her a good decade and basically denouncing ***uality in her music, to be forgiven by the public and mainstream media. Two critically acclaimed tracks All Nite (Don't Stop) and 2008's Feedback (which basically foreshadowed the Ekectronic Dance music trend a year prior to lady gaga taking full credit) wasn't huge hits due to a permanent blacklisting, Feedback however was her biggest hot 100 in 7 years, peaking at #19, her last really big hit was 2001's Someone to Call my lover which peaked at #3, from really her last album to have massive commercial success 2001's All for you. It was a huge water cooler topic, high school boys found it hot to have Free **** for a hot second. But Madonna was asked her thoughts. Here's what she said, basically putting it up to the parents and blaming the media for the backlash, calling it a double hypocrisy, saying you allow violence and other stuff, but beat up a woman, on something that became ***ualized, though most woman want their breasts and nipples to be the same as men, not ***ual, but normal.
  4. Thanks to huge LGBT themed movies in the late 90s In & Out and of course Rupert Everett's career making role in 1997's My Best friend's wedding. It was only a matter of time til a movie with LGBTQ characters and cast members would call upon the biggest icon of that era, Madonna to star in a film. On the Surface The Next best thing had a great premise, best friends make the best mistake. One drunken night Madonna's character gets pregnant thru her best friend Robert (portrayed by Rupert Everett) hint the next best thing as her character wanted a kid. Unfortunately many gays had said if they didn't involve the messy child custody and actually revealed Robert wasn't the father, but her ex boyfriend portrayed by early 00s hunky actor, Michael Varten, and they said that it also hinted trouble when Sam (their son) had to address the bullying he faced at school cos his father was gay, and that they slept in separate bedrooms.. Also Rupert has come out and said this film ruined his career and he blamed Madonna, as she, as usual made her character more like her real life identity. Jennifer the original character was a swimming instructor, and a Methodist.. But, Madonna made Jennifer into Abbie and Abbie became a yoga instructor and devoted to the kabbalah. He said once again, she made the character all about her, and that's why the movie flopped. Madonna playing Abbie, who's basically Madonna as Madonna. The soundtrack was a minor success containing two new Madonna tracks A dance cover of American Pie, which madonna shortened the song, made it more autobiographical in nature, The original artist Don Mcclean called it a gift from a goddess. Peaked at #29 on the hot 100, just by radio airplay alone, but was a huge dance floor hit thanx to remixes by Victor Calderone and Richard "Humpty" Vission. But the real gem here was the original composition "Time Stood still" Written by Madonna and willam orbit, the track is such a rare gem, nobody knows, what the Arizona republic described in the soundtrack reviews her best ballad since 1994's Take a Bow, and that they said, it would be a miracle if this hidden gem actually gets embraced. Here's the preview to the film.. And here's her ultimate hidden gem. THE ballad that got away, Time stood still.. A song that talks about how a friendship had to die, cos it's too good to be true. Also, it's also believed she might have written it about her friends that Died of AIDS as it reflects to a flame that burns inside her heart.
  5. In 2012 Madonna became the first female to headline the halftime show after the controversial Janet Jackson 2004 Super Bowl halftime show. After rock and men only from 2005 to 2010. Tje black eyed peas headlined in a very disappointing and critically trashed halftime show ever. No other show was viewed as the worst before fergie and the boys. NFL3knew they had to do damage control, and the only one who could set the bar from such travesty was Madonna.. However Football fans were angered that it went to the gays, and basically since then. Let's ne honest the halftime show really became cater to the gays. Funny thing beyonce couldn't top Madge in the ratings it wasn't until Katy Perry did a female broke her record.
  6. Queen of actually focusing on her own charity Raising Malawi. She built a pediatric center for Children named Mercy Children's hospital. Now she's building a school in honor of her children and in that school aimed for Elementary school children is a dance studio. That dance studio is Named Madame X Dance studio Putting one of her iconic lines Madame X is a dance instructor to good use. https://twitter.com/AllThingsMLVC/status/1347262451625160711?s=19 Kudos to the philanthropist herself. Mada
  7. For Some artists, the music is better seen visually than just in Audio, and this is what makes MTV stars important. The channel turns 40 this year, but in a shady meme, they remind you for a channel that was built only around music, The music television part only lasted 14 years. One of those artists was Madonna, while she gets praised for her music, she's more universally praised as A video performer and a stage performer more than the audio side. .. This is why she wins many fans via YouTube cos her videos actually helps the song sell, and they understand why in her room in the rock and roll hall of fame museum section she's dubbed the first multimedia musician. Case in point, Madonna is literally a youtube streaming giant, and she's winning fans over her visuals and epic tours and live performances. So, YouTube is actually helping her remain relevant as a visual artist.
  8. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris Do you guys like the new do? First two pictures are a slay, then that third one is the angle she just loves. I have to stan though. Related:
  9. I wasn’t alive during Madonna’s prime in the 80s and early 90s, nor do I remember much of her early eras up until COADF, but for those who know their pop culture history and/or witnessed both of their peaks, who was bigger? Just looking at the stats — Britney garners in more monthly listeners on Spotify and songs/videos (pre-VEVO/YouTube) like BOMT, Toxic and Womanizer have more views than any Madonna song/video. Sad to say but I feel like a lot of Madonna’s legacy has either been swept under the rug and/or didn’t really stand the test of time. I feel like even Mariah, who was considered more local, is more remembered nowadays than Madge. However one thing I believe — no other female artist since Britney’s debut had the explosion, universal appeal, long-term worldwide effect and controversy on not only music but pop culture the way she did, so that leaves me thinking — is she the greatest female pop star of all time? If not, then who?
  10. There's a rumor that Madonna and The Weeknd collaborated on a song together. And the buzz says they'll perform it together at the Super Bowl Halftime Show. That part sounds like fan-fiction to me, but IDK Madonna always keeps us on our toes so you never know. In November, Madonna was spotted in the recording studio with Amir “Cash” Esmailian, co-founder of XO and co-manager of The Weeknd (picture below). Exhale, you down for this?
  11. https://www.billboard.com/articles/news/1549828/madonnas-instagram-account-threatened-to-be-shut-down Thinking why Madonna on Instagram is so controversial. Her Twitter is much better, It made me think. Something must have pissed her off. I forgot the platform did just that. Promoting her book. That's was her early posts. Instagram threatened deletion. Meaning, Madonna hated the one thing she hates. Censorship. It all adds up, she is finding ways to be controversial just to piss them off by playing their own rules. Cos if you go to her Twitter. If you weren't on Instagram, you would have no idea at all. Cos both profiles ate very different. Bottom line dont tell the ultimate fighter in censorship, she has to be censored. It's all smoke and mirrors for having the balls to tell Madonna, no. Do you think she really believes the post. Hell. No they just pissed her off, and she's retaliating in classic m style. @Jordan Miller @ColdAsFire88
  12. https://www.marke*****ch.com/story/10-musicians-whose-memorabilia-can-make-you-money-in-2035-2015-11-19?reflink=mw_share_facebook Only one female made a boys club list again, where there official merchandise and rare Memorabilia will become a sitting fortune. Madonna is in an exclusive club according to rock Memorabilia and market watchers. Joining Michael Jackson, The Beatles, Elvis Presley and others male.. They estimate right now some of her rare early 80s Memorabilia is worth 1,380 today. They said that value will increase when she dies. She joins Michael Jackson as the only other pop star to join rock musicians and bands.. Still winning. How are you today?
  13. To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the best selling greatest hits set by any artist solo or group, Madonna has released the remixes to both justify my love and rescue me.. Rescue me remains a fan favorite, and one of her best vocal tracks.. Produced by Madonna and Shep Pettibone (would collaborate on 1992's Erotica and Secret from 1994's Bedtime Stories [under the unreleased demo Somethings coming over]). The deep Acid House track actually enjoyed house remixes thx to The Legendary DJ Junior Vasquez. MTV had a show called Club Land, that would promote the trends is dance music, underground and the club fashions at the time Playing the S.O.S. Mix, the crowd dances to One of Madonna's most underrated tracks to date. Look out for a cameo of a then unknown Real housewives of Beverly Hills star Camille Grammer.
  14. Congrats Dua lipa, Madonna, Missy and the blessed Madonna on being included on the top defining LGBTQ anthems of 2020. Now stream the LGBT pride version of levitating.
  15. If 1998's Ray of Light is considered her magnum opus. Then 1989's Like a Prayer can be seen as the beginning of Madonna: The Album artist. For pop music to sell, you kinda needed to be the category of a singles artist. Prior to 1989's Like a prayer, Madonna tip tied that line like a thin wire. But on this album and basically all her albums after this one, Madonna rejected the singles artist territory.. Critics praised this album. Buzzfeed labeled it as the best album from a female artist, from the 80s. Rolling Stone in their critically acclaimed review labeled it as "The closest thing pop music gets to be seen as Art, like a picasso painting." Working with a small group Madonna along with Patrick Leonard, Stephen Bray, And Prince (yes, the artist himself did a duet with her). Created an album that touched on Religion, Family, AIDS (Pray for Spanish Eyes) death, her divorce and her mother created her most personal album to date, and with some of her best lyrics to date.. Especially on Promise to Try and oh Father. Promise to try pays tribute to her mother in such a loving way, where in Oh Father, she basically criticizes her father for being very abusive and that somebody hurt him to. Keep it together talks about the relationship of Her fame and her siblings She wants attention, she wants it on her own, but when she gets lonely and needs to be loved for who she is, not who they want her to be, she has her siblings to keep it together..
  16. Madonna's World of Madame X, the winner of the best music documentary at the 2020 Buenos Aires music video festival, is finally on YouTube. In the World of Madame X, Madonna takes you on the journey through Lisbon and Portugal (where the parent album experienced a major success there #1 for 3 weeks and the best selling English album of 2019.) You get to hear how the album paid homage to Martha Graham, who nicknamed her Madame X cos she was a different person every day to her dance teacher. How some of the local music scene was even present in the recording sessions, she also takes you to where Batuka was born and how she wanted to include the tribe of fabulous musicians on her album and tour.. So get ready to experience the making of Madonna's return to her true form. The girl who's at her best being her very own David Bowie with her usual weirdness.
  17. It's the initials of her kids' names. If anything, for Madonna to get a tattoo, which she has never done before, would have to have a significant purpose. That is her kids, her kids are actually the true love she so desperately sought. Her relationship with Rocco is also better, he never liked the spotlight, much like his dad. She rarely photographs him and posts about him, he's more private. They are both Leo's, but he takes up more after his father and is a dead ringer for Guy. Lourdes is a Mama's girl. though even by law. Carlos stripped himself of all right's cos he knew he couldn't give their daughter the best of education and living the way her mom could. Lourdes attended a French private school for girls in England. L R D M S E But it's pretty sweet she did this. Her career is one thing, but when she had Lourdes, she stated in 1997, she hopes she could be the mom she wanted her mom to be, but ultimately couldn't achieve due to her mom dying at the age of 30 when madonna was only 5.
  18. Hi! Just wanted to share my new AI upscale of "Me Against The Music" ft. Madonna in 4K UHD! Had to cut the last scene due to copyrights, the scene was too long so it was blocked worldwide. 480p VEVO: 4K Upscaled: Hope you will enjoy! If you missed the previous video:
  19. https://www.facebook.com/14106370407/posts/10164369382360408/ Spin magazine Is listing the most 50 Influential artists of all time since the the Rock and Roll era begun in 1956. Madonna placed at #3, which is the highest any female can go.. Since Spin didn't do any articles on Michael Jackson and The Beatles. Which puts Madonna as the #1 influential female ever. MJ and the Beatles will battle it out for top two. Congrats to as Spin puts it others Did what Madonna did before her, But they played by the rules, where Madonna said F Then, and did it her way and her impact was bigger than the ones that preceded her.
  20. Kids need schooling I'm convinced. Twitter has Madonna trending. It's all due to spelling. An Argentinian Football player Diego Maradona died, but somehow that translation went to Madonna. Let's just say. It's Sports fans vs music. As nobody heard of the football player ever. They all agree it took Madonna for him to get relevance outside Argentina. I'm dying.
  21. French Dance group Justice actually sampled Me against the Music by Britney Spears and Madonna. While the lyrics are original. The way the kids sing it in the intro mirrors how Madonna basically provided the outro of the 2003 international hit "All my people in the crowd, let me see you dance. Come on Britney lose control, make the Music last. All my people round and round, party all night long.. Come on Britney lose control, watch you take it down". The song is legally credited due to how similar both verses are sung, and to avoid heavy lawsuit's. Justice went to everybody for legal clearances. Enjoy the mash up..
  22. On November 15, 2005, Madonna released Confessions on a Dancefloor, her tenth studio album. Inspired in the disco music from the 70s and 80s, it sampled several artists' songs, such as ABBA's Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight). It went #1 in almost every country it charted including the US Billboard 200, breaking the record for topping the charts in the most countries. It won the Grammy for best Electronic/Dance album in 2007. 4 singles were released to promote the album: Hung Up, Sorry, Get Together and Jump. It was praised by the critics and it's considered one of Madonna's greatest albums, as well as one of the best of the decade of the 00s.
  23. Madonna us being her true self on instagram, her latest post reveals what we've loved her for. Being a true narcissist. In true narcissistic form, she admits she only got married to be the center of attention, Saying she really didn't think what the idea of marriage meant. She wasn't born to be a kept woman, A compromising person (gay men in general are most like this not all, but a majority are not going to compromise anything at all), and most of all don't like sharing the man with anyone. As you see she Burns both her wedding dress. She also opened up the MDNA tour in a black wedding veil basically telling the story of a scorned Woman, who had to sacrifice a lot of her identity just to keep a man happy.
  24. Elton, Madonna's one time friend now for, had actually been a very shady gay to her since 2001, 9 years prior to picking gaga's side. Gaga wasn't even In the picture when he started hatin' for no reason. Well in a wedding for a friend, Mick and Elton dissed Madonna's Hugely successful 2001 Drowned World Tour. From the 8 year Gap, to basically lack of Hits (The point of a tour is to promote your current Music release, not your catalog, that's what residencies are for Rocketman) He's basically getting dragged cos this just proved that he's been hatin' on her way before it all went down in 2012.. I'll share the best of the Madonna stan Twitter dragging him for Filth. Thank you to whoever leaked this video. FYI. The 8 year Gap is easily explained. Madonna planned to tour for Bedtime Stories, But got the role of a Lifetime playing Eva Peron in the film adaptation of Andrew Lloyd Webber's Broadway musical "Evita" in which she won the Golden globe for best Actress in a musical or Comedy. But was Shut out at the Oscars, which shocked everybody, Since she studied Eva and her mannerisms to Become Evita. Lola, Happened. Ray of light. Filmed a movie intended for her Gay Audience "The Next best thing", bombed but American pie was a huge hit worldwide.. She wanted to tour in 1999. But Warner said it's time to make a New Album, she got pregnant with Rocco. So in 2001 after life events and certain Hollywood roles, Madonna went on tour and was the Top Solo tour of 2001
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