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  1. Britney Spears posted a video dancing to Madonna's "Justify My Love" wearing a red bikini top and black bottoms. It's part of an ongoing bikini series and another installment of "RED." Update: the video was deleted off her account. Related:
  2. On October 21, 2003, Britney Spears released the music video for Me Against the Music featuring Madonna. It was directed by Paul Hunter and choreographed by Kevin Tancharoen. It starts with parking a Mazda and entering a New York night club, where she's seen by Madonna through the monitors, in a room full of men smoking cigars. A cat-and-mouse like chase begins through different parts of the club, including a wooden maze (which served as inspiration for the Piece of Me performance in Vegas). As the video progresses, we also see scenes of Britney performing the choreography on various sets, including a neon-like room decorated with grafitti and the iconic scene where we see Britney and Madonna separated by a wall, but dancing in synchronicity as, according to the director, Madonna's spirit pulls her making Britney anticipate her moves. Britney finally reaches Madonna at the end of the video, only for her to disappear as we hear her laugh before Britney could kiss her. The music video premiered on MTV's Making the Video, and it was later premiered online on Yahoo! Music, where it reached more than 2 million views on its first 5 days. It landed at #36 on MTV Latin America's Top 100 of 2003.
  3. On October 20 1992, Madonna’s fifth studio album, Erotica was released by Maverick Records. Piece of art! Albumism: Across Erotica’s fourteen compositions, Madonna successfully subverts the antiquated, straight-male dominated dialogue about *** by taking full command of the conversation and delivering a clinic in sexual liberation. With confidence and charisma in droves, she flips traditional gender-driven roles and ethics on their head, blurs the socially-constructed lines between the multitude of sexual identities that exist, and gives mainstream voice and validation to those traditionally marginalized toward the fringes of social acceptance. I like this quote from Madonna forum: Whenever I hear any of the current crop of 'stars' moaning about being mistreated by the media I always think of this era. The **** she went through was horrendous yet she carried on regardless.. There's so much to discuss about this time.. The work, the reaction, the aftermath.. It's truly fascinating Related:
  4. At the 48tb annual Grammy Awards, Madonna was announced to be the opening Act, in what was dubbed a historical groundbreaking performance. Madonna and The Gorillaz on stage together. Only 35 seconds together. But MADONNA virtually appeared with them to sing Hung Up, then once the familiar beat and Abba sample came in. Virtual MADONNA, left and the real show began. Probably due to copyrights and a heavy license fee, MADONNA and her team removed the Gorillaz performance of Feel Good, inc. But in her 2008 Special celebrity edition of Q's Q&A where MADONNA was Q's Artist of the Month. 2D asked M if Guy saw their tape (alluding they filmed a love making tape), she said, yeah. It also is historical cos after This performance MADONNA made her first appearance on the Ellen show and announced the confessions tour was happening in the summer of 06.
  5. Mirwais Well associated with His work for Madonna, Particularly 2000's Music, 2003's American Life and beginning stages of Confessions on a dance floor before Madonna changed the direction as he was making the music political and Madonna felt her documentary 2005's I'm going to Tell you a secret was her political statements, the Music needed to be something. So he virtually disappeared after the initial stages of the project until they reunited for 2019's Madame X. Basically why it happened. Simply. "All these American Celebs from Miley Cyrus, Rosie, Whoopi threatened to leave the US if Trump was elected but never did. However, Madonna stayed true to her word once he won the election she moved her entire family to Portugal.. the other celebs was empty words, But Madonna stayed true to her word and that should be admired" He also said Madonna is a bull in the studio, she has a direct vision you find yourself literally bullfighting with her to have an artistic input, but overall she says it best, it's not a collaboration, it's a Madonna album and you're the producer, but I'm the executive producer and A&R, meaning I have final say it what gets out.
  6. In April of 1992, Madonna and Warner Brothers announced a record breaking renewal for a female artist at the time. A $60 million dollar deal, not only renewing her contract , But establishing an entertainment brand titled Maverick. Record label (unlike some artistic vanity aka joint ventures, Maverick was a huge success, it's been discussed that Unlike Paisley park records (which was Prince's own joint venture with Warner but served only to make artists out of his camp, which pissed Warner off), Maverick was a label that housed acts from Candlebox, Alanis Morissette (Maverick's most successful act outside of Madonna of course), Prodigy (Madonna fought hard to distribute the techno band in the US, A song titled Smack my bish up was really controversial in the US in 97. But Madonna won. Even Michelle Branch which came at the heels of Avril's Success was a Maverick artist as well. The First two Maverick releases was Erotica under these catalog numbers 9-45031-2 (Explicit 14 track CD contains Did you do it? A track that many feel for a feminist that Madonna was to feature a guy boasting about doing stuff to her like sitting in his face, and dropping a couple of loads, critics and fans felt what the hell was she thinking. Originally did you do it? Was supposed to Be goodbye to innocence but was replaced last minute. Thus Making it Madonna's first album to have a parental advisory warning, also the first female pop Album to feature that as well... However she offered an edited version with that track removed, But on the Explicit long box package, it state's Dirty CD version, contains a bonus track you can't get on the cassette/ Wal Mart version. Album would have been a massive success had it stand on it's own. But the book that supported the album caused this huge backlash, then controversial, now most critics are saying. Madonna was right when she did that book. Tackled biracial, Lesbian and Gay, plus old and young. Several gay adult film stars from the golden era of gay movies Joey Stefano, Francois Saget appeared in the book, fully naked and fully getting it on while Madonna is dressed I. Campy marilyn monroe glamour watching the greatest intercourse happen. The rock and Roll Hall of fame on the induction of the Erotica album and why it's revolutionary to the Rock and roll Society. Vh1 shocking rock and roll moment's on the infamous book. Lorianne a music journalist said this was the last pinnacle for a female to do when it comes to sexuality. Madonna in 98 said the same sentiment. "Women aren't supposed to be seen as intelligent, sexual and provactive, but just a bimbo with breasts, cos that's how men dictates society views on women. Stupid and just blond."
  7. She's just kidding though I literally gasped when I read the caption! Then saw she was jk and threw my phone across the room. I wanted you to experience the trickery as well. Related:
  8. She for a second time allowed people to use her phone. Mariah carey said it best. The best selfie is taken by other people. Nobody can truly take a great selfie without help.
  9. Madonna 62, proving two things. She looks good. Plus of she stops using all these filters, which everybody is guilty of, I kept telling myself no way can most of my friends look like plastic at 24 or even 48. She actually looks good. She finally listened to someone for once and let somebody else took her phone.
  10. On October 14, 2003, Britney Spears released Me Against the Music, featuring Madonna, as the lead single off her fourth studio album In the Zone. It was written by Britney, Madonna, Christopher "Tricky" Stewart, Thabiso "Tab" Nikhereanye, Penelope Magnet, Terius Nash and Gary O'Brien and produced by Trixster and Magnet. It went Top 5 in almost every country it charted, including 5 #1's. In the US, though it hit the #1 on the Dance Club Songs chart, it only peaked at #35 on the BBH100, marking also Madonna's 50th entry on this chart, and the first time that she appeared credited as a featured artist. Its music video premiered on Making the Video on October 21, but we'll celebrate that next week. Previously: ============================================================================ Hi guys, It's just me and me against the music this time for best performance battle between all the MATM performances. Cast your vote for your favorite MATM music and tell us why it is your favorite After a few more best of performances, i will do a battle between all the winning performances from the threads
  11. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris Do you guys like the new do? First two pictures are a slay, then that third one is the angle she just loves. I have to stan though. Related:
  12. Today marks not just a day in pop culture, but a MOMENT in the Music Industry. It was August 8, of the year 1982. Michael Jackson release Thriller, Rock was thriving, The first CD Player was sold in Japan, a recession just started in America, and the 80s Pop culture and fashion had risen up from the glittery and sparkly years of the Disco era from the 1970s. On this day, a 24-year old young Madonna dropped her debut single "Everybody" from her debut dance self-title "Madonna" . The song became a hit, managing to peak at #3 in the Hot Dance/Club Play charts and selling 250k copes ever since. However, Madonna would not let this song be her biggest hit, as she immediately got to the studio to record her sophomore effort after a year of release of self-titled. Commercial Peak: Like A Virgin, True Blue & Like A Prayer (1984-1990) Madonna would then release her greatest hit (At the time), Like A Virgin on October of 1983 and promoting the song in the 1984 MTV VMAs. The song would become a defining moment in her career, especially with the iconic wedding outfit she wore for the MTV VMAs performance which shocked the whole world. She would then release her sophomore record of the same name on November of 1984. The album became an instant success, becoming the first ever female album to sell over 5 million copies in one year in the US, rounding as one of the highest selling albums of 1984, managing to sell 12 million copies by 1985. Madonna would then proceed to release the iconic "Material Girl" with a MV paying homage to Marilyn Monroe's legendary role in "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes" and Into the Groove. Madonna would perform in the Live Aid Concert performing her biggest hits including Into The Groove. Like A Virgin has sold 21 million copies globally being diamond-certified, becoming her first album out of 5 albums to sell over 10 million copies. Madonna's reign would not let up, releasing her third album "True Blue" that reinvented her and provided Madonna further more iconic moments referred to pop culture to this day, including the iconic Blonde Pixie Hairstyle she had in the True Blue era. The era was filled with commercial hits, including legendary songs "Papa dont preach", "Open Your Heart" and "Live to Tell", with "Papa Dont Preach" even becoming the best-selling single of 1986. Whereas, for the album, True Blue turned out to have become more successful and huger than "Like A Virgin", reaching #1 already in 28 countries and spending 34 consecutive weeks weeks of the European Top 100 Album Charts. The album became the best-selling album of 1986 globally, selling already 15 million copies worldwide. True Blue has sold over 25 million copies, becoming her best-selling album selling 7 million copies alone in the US, and 2,100,000 copies in the UK. In the last year of the 80s, 1989, the love, and adoration she received from the general public and media all fell to a certain height, when she released the highly controversial music video for the Lead single of her upcoming album. There was a huge media frenzy at the time, when she released the MV having everyones mouth curse at her. However this would not stop the release of her fourth album "Like A Prayer" ending up as a under performance. The album debuted at #11 in the Billboard 200, climbing in its third week to the top of the charts, holding that position for 6 consecutive weeks. The second single "Express Yourself" became another huge hit from the era, certifying her Pop icon status to the world, peaking at #2 in the Billboard Hot 100. Even though, Like A Prayer didn't manage to outsell its predecessor like how True Blue outsold Like A Virgin, the album managed to sell 15 million copies worldwide, rounding up with 4 million sales in the US and 1.4 million in the UK. At this point, Madonna peaked with commercial success. She was the biggest popstar in the world. Everyone knew her name, People were crazy for her, her tours and concerts always sold out, her CDs and albums were in high demand and she was unstoppable. Commercial Decline: Bedtime Stories & Something To Remember (1992-1995) For half of a decade, Madonna somewhat failed to maintain the superstardom she once held in the late 80s towards a new culture and era. That too, her controversial releases during this period not only made Madonna synonymous with "Controversial" but with the general public and media even trying to cancel her and put the nail to the coffin of her career. Not to mention that her career was being overshadowed by growing stars at the time such as Mariah Carey. This era made people believe that she would never be able to have a successful career, after all her controversial moments in the spotlight. Despite going through a commercial decline, Madonna was still on top of the list of the best-selling artist, being the best-selling artist of 1992 and released huge hits at the time such as "Take a bow" and "This used to be my playground" . the critics were tearing her apart at the time, calling her every bad name and shaming her for the things she did back then that are now considered ground-breaking and iconic. Bedtime stories managed to only debut at #4 selling 145k copies and becoming Madonna's second album not cross the 15 million mark, selling over 8 million copies to date. Something to remember debuted lower than Bedtime stories, debuting at #6 and selling over 10 million copies to date. However, it would not be until 1998, where Madonna did a total 180 degree... Commercial Resurgence & Critical Peak: Ray Of Light, Music & Confessions On A Dancefloor It was February 22 of 1998, when Madonna released her album "Ray Of Light" . Madonna would release the first single of her album called "Frozen", a stripped-down electronica ballad, a fresh and unique piece of work in Madonna's discography. The song peaked at #2 in the Billboard Top 100 becoming her highest charting since single 1994, becoming gold-certified from the RIAA on April of 1998. With this newly found success, Madonna would release a cover of a more infectious-EDM and euphoric "Ray Of Light" which became one of the hugest hits of 1998. The album, was a huge success, selling 371k copies in its first week and debuting at #2 selling over 20 million copies to this date. The album was a critical success, with critics praising Madonna's reinvention experimenting with Techno-pop, Electronica, Trip-Hop and Dance. The album is regarded as the greatest pop album of all time, being an inspiration for several artist such as Adele who said 25 was inspired by the iconic album. Madonna would continue her success to the first year of the new millennium, releasing "Music" and the song which became the best-selling song of the year 2000. Even though Madonna had a trip with the American Life era, she managed to release her biggest album since 2000, Confessions Of The Dancefloor, and her biggest hit from this generation, Hung up, a groovy-disco record accompanied by a catchy ABBA sample of "Gimme! Gimme! Gimme (A Man After Midnight)" with the song reaching #1 in 41 countries, the album sold 6 million copies by the end of 2006, being one of the highest selling albums of that year and selling 12 million copies upto now. This day marks the 38th anniversary of the queen of pop Madonna, who break boundaries and opened gates for women. At a time, when the society would not accept a woman liberating herself like a male artist would, Madonna completely smashed that and became the most revolutionary female artist of all time. It is fair to say how there were 2 eras for female artist, "Before Madonna" and "After Madonna', in where the differences are more than visible. She is the best-selling female artist of all time, selling 300 million records globally and a feature in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. I think personally, this site gives her too much hate. Minus her very "questionable" statements these days () i think we should recognize her as incredibly influential, even influencing Britney. So lets celebrate the greatest popstar of all time! What are your favourite albums of hers? Mine is ROL! Your fave song from Madonna? Mine is Hung up! Hoping to see your replies soon, lemme know
  13. In the 80s and 90s continued in the 00s For MTV Europe.. But if anybody can say they owned the face of MTV for two decades in The Us and for the 00s in the European version. Madonna by the 00s MTV went to Britney and alienated the original audience that made MTV, however for MTV Europe and other international markets Madonna remained the face of MTV. Through a UK version of Pimp my ride, Making of Hung Up and Sorry to the exclusive appear in the fan version of Celebration. But in the 80s and 90s. It almost seemed every weekend was devoted to Madonna Several specials. The most for any artist. Enjoy the artist that put the M in MTV.
  14. She even included the epic a queen is never late. One has to wonder if she's doing this, cos it was announced the lawsuit over the late times was dropped as none of the parties are held responsible.. Cos in the fine print. "Time and event of date, can be changed at any minute, with no prior announcement, Live nation, Maverick entertainment and Madonna are not held responsible if such an event is to occur."
  15. In 2010, David Guetta, along with Afrojack, won the Grammy for best remixed recording For Madonna's "Revolver." Madonna was a huge fan of the remix and wanted to work with him for her return to club Music in 2012's MDNA. Everything was going fine, but as usual Madonna asked him what was his astrological sign. When David revealed he was a Scorpio, Madonna replaced him with Martin Solveig who's more compatible In Astrology to Madonna's Leo sign. “I did a remix for Madonna a long time ago ["Revolver" in 2009] and I won a Grammy for the remix [best remix of a non-classical recording]. She calls me afterwards…she tells me that she loves this remix and she suggests that I produce her next album,” he said in the new interview up top. “I arrive for lunch. We talk about everything, the music, what she wants to do with the album. Super nice. It’s just her and me. Very relaxed, very cool. We have lunch. It’s happening. very good and you wonder when we start working together,” he continued. “She asks me for my astrological sign. I answer her Scorpio. Suddenly, she makes a face and she says to me, ‘I’m sorry, we’re not going to be able to work together. It was a pleasure to know you. Goodbye.’” Madonna has been known to ask reporters Astrological signs up front to get to know them a little better on a cosmic level.
  16. I really can't think of a better picture, than Madonna and her pop Stars as the last supper to celebrate such an occasion. Trying to cancel her, since day one. Yet she's still here
  17. It's on, so on. Universal Studios rented Yankee stadium for an entire month to use as a location to recreate Madonna's infamous tours. Beginning in 1987 Madonna went to stadium tour territory. Faster than most pop artist's at that Time. It was her second tour in the US. But her First tour of Japan and Europe. Could have backfired. But she knew she was so Huge, why should she settle for arenas in her first international tour. It paid off. Madonna Ciao Italia was filmed in Turin, Italy in a stadium. I love they are really capturing the Truth. She became a stadium act on her first world tour. Still to this day in another Madonna facts. No other female has sold out the Yankee stadium. Madonna did twice for 2012's MDNA tour. Man it's already shaping to be authentic.
  18. In 2001 Madonna had her most successful tour to date at that time. The Drowned world tour 2001 was the third Highest grossing tour that year and yep you guessed it the highest grossing solo tour of that year. The tour was dubbed as like this limited engagement as she only visited 9 US Cities (first tour to skip Canada, but never fear they went to Detroit to see her), and only 5 Cities in Europe . Highest rated HBO special, even more higher than Britney Spears: Live from Las Vegas, which was a first actually normally HBO does one concert special a year, But never two In the same year. That's how Iconic these two women were at that Time. HBO was willing to break tradition. But of course they went back after that one time exception. So it was announced Madonna was releasing a second greatest hits set. We thought oh. Saw the tracklisting. We was like where's american pie ho? Your version is way more positive and upbeat. Madonna told no whiley in a radio one interview to promote the Album. Thx to executives twisting her arm to include it on her 2000 album "Music" even she said it never fit the overall theme, but it had the word America but I guess they got the whole cowboy and Americana theme in the visuals mixed up and thought it matched the Album. Cos of that, I have no choice but to punish the track, argue with Warner. I told them no. She's grounded cos of them. Working titles included The Second coming (typical Madonna play on religion) The immaculate collection, pArt duex To finally being settled upon GHV2. A play on Greatest hits Volume 2. To which Madonna addessed it's a greatest Hits album, Hint no new music. It's just supposed to be the hits ands that's it. It did go platinum in the US. Ironically was released in the US 11 years to the exact day the immaculate collection was released. Coincidence, not really. If you understand Madonna. Which most of you don't. The Album while praised. Critics pointed the lack of hits, but contributed this as beginning with 1992's Erotica. Madonna became an albums artist and most of the selections on this package prove, there really was no radio friendly or commercial appeal at all, but that's Album artists for you. That's nothing wrong, cos it's actually I've done everything, I have nothing to prove now. I'm free to make music on my terms now. Which is actually the case especially for artists who were seen as running an entire decade. For females in Music in the 80s. Madonna was that girl that many record labels used as a template to create their own version. When you see lists of female acts from the 80s who defined the decade. She's usually #1. Oddly she's still top five when it comes to females who dominated the 90s. So that's rare to actually be considered a factor in two different Decades. Most only get one. Madonna gets two Decades cos of her impact in the albums part of the 90s.
  19. While Charlie Hide appeared on a season of Drag Race (I said it's not going to work) it didn't work cos he didn't create a character. He's mostly known for his celebrity impressions, he nails them down mannerisms and all. His most famous ones are Madonna and Lady Gaga, particularly at the height of the infamous Fued. And as you can see he always gets the instant jealous and hate of Madonna when her enemy appears, as well as Lady Gaga poking the bear cos she knows how much she gets to Madonna. But always Madonna ends up winning when Gaga gets stumped, so Gaga retorts to the whole copying rumors and that's where all hilarious ensues. Especially referencing a T Shirt Madonna wore during a performance of "Music" at the 2000 MTV Europe Music Awards. While we all seen Madonna wore a Britney Spears T Shirt after a huge New York club performance. The Shirt with the Name Kylie Minogue worn by Madonna is one of her most iconic, as Kylie said she just sealed her musical comeback with the Disco themed album "Light Years" and a universal acclaimed performance at the closing ceremony of The 2000 Sydney Summer games, to now the more global recognition of Madonna wearing a Tank top with your name. Thus really was my comeback and actually sealed of pop culture status. Enjoy the skit, for the record, he's never done Kylie, like this cos he can't find the flaw that is something that needs to be made fun of..
  20. Saw this clip making the rounds. In it, Mariah was asked if she had the chance to congratulate Madonna after their birth of her daughter Lourdes. Mariah shadily says she didn't see Madonna. However, it's worth pointing out that by this point, Madonna had dragged Mariah several times in the press, including once saying she'd rather kill herself than be Mariah. Both women have put the drama behind them, but this clip is still a kii. Mariah is the queen of clap backs. Related:
  21. And no one says she's crazy or make a big deal out of it. Britney is clearly mistreated by the GP and her fans, this is so unfair.
  22. Being Born in 1984. I'm a pre digital baby. And listening to The new Super Deluxe reissue of Prince's 1987 Double album Sign O' The Times. My Mom raised me on The greatest R&B music of her day. Prince, Michael Jackson (Several memories of playfully fighting Thriller or Bad being played on the record player) of course the cute 4 year old won. Bad. It dawned on me some of my favorite artists came from just being introduced to them at such a young age. Plus you want that musical connection to your favorite parent. I don't know my father, Trying to ask my mom is like bringing a bad subject to her. So like she said. Your my kid, who cares about the other half. Just embrace this side. But listening to the old school R&B Records makes me smile. Cos all over my timeline is How did we get to WAP, and how do we shelter our kids from music like this. So what music acts do you Stan from your parents playing them as a kid. Cos most of my lamb friends born between 97-00 is a lamb cos of their family whether older siblings or their mom. I did notice most gay kids rarely talk about their father.
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