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Found 3 results

  1. #Madonna had the CORONAVIRUS, a knee injury, and a hip injury during the Madame X Tour & she proceeded through it all, and give us every last drop of blood sweat and tears she had within her at the age of 61. Now THAT is what I call a strong, fearless woman. LONG LIVE THE QUEEN.
  2. April 13, 1990 in Tokyo, Japan. Madonna launched a little tour dubbed Blonde Ambition. The tour and the concert itself changed the idea of the concert. From being just standing behind a mic. This tour and future pop tours became more about Broadway theatrics, sets and each part of the tour having it's own theme and setlist. Tour is very iconic and has a legacy. The legacy is the cone bra. Jean paul Gualtier described it as Being masculine and feminine, sexy and powerful. Fierce but vulnerable. The pony tail is iconic, but in Europe she had to remove it as it was damaging her real hair. Imfamously. Madonna was threatened arrest by the Toronto police for lewd and obscene behavior. Stimulating *** on the bed.. Also infamously one of the venues in Rome was approximately on the same street and half of a mile from the Vatican. The entire Rome leg was canceled due to The wrath of the catholic church which Madonna called out in an infamous speech. Saying the show is about love and all types of love. As love isn't one dimensional as religion makes it out to be. Spawned the hugely successful documentary truth or dare (or in bed with Madonna internationally to those who aren't familiar with the game.. Madonna's comments are iconic. Addressing how In Hollywood just because you're a celebrity. Every celebrity automatically thinks you're their friend. She infamously shaded Kevin Costner for calling the show neat. When her father asked Her how racy the show was. She replied simply Dad I'm not racy, I've always been racy. When asked to tone it down. She told him. That would be going against my artistic integrity so no. Also showed how she was in love with her mother, How protective she was of Donna de Lory from her drug addicted brother. He is homeless and blames it on her fame. I will add the whole entire Nice concert to show how it set the bar for what is the idea of the concert today. FYI her 2012 Tour for MDNA was dubbed her modern day blond ambition tour in terns of controversy and overall themes and the ground breaking screens which was the biggest at the time. The full HBO concert soecial. Also groundbreaking at the time.
  3. Watch it before her team takes it down. Some sneaky people were able to create a 90 minute highlight special. Through sneaky phones and her social media posts of the secretive madame X tour. As you see she brought her arenas and stadiums type of concert production for a 3,000 seater theaters. Ugh I stan forever the greatest live performer of the MTV blueprint
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