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  1. The girls did THAT nearly a decade into their career! Sweet Melody becomes Little Mix's 5th UK #1 and their last single as a four-piece. The girls beat Ed Sheeran to the top spot! Speaking to Scott Mills and OfficialCharts.com, Little Mix said: “We literally can’t thank the fans enough. We see them every day fighting to get this song to Number 1. The fact this song has been out since October and now it’s got to Number 1 just shows how dedicated they are. We can’t wait to eventually get back on the road again and see them all – and give them a big hug when we’re allowed.” Jade also said: It’s so special for us cause obviously it’s the last single we did as a four with Jesy and even more special now going into 2021 as a three, we’ve got the first number 1! I'm SO happy for the girls, they really deserved it - the song slays! I really hope Jesy is happy too, this is a bittersweet moment as it is her last song with the girls but it's gone to #1. CONGRATULATIONS LITTLE MIX! This is an amazing achievement for a girl group who have been around for nearly a decade to still be absolutely slaying the charts! Little Mix's first #1 was in 2011 and now their 5th is in 2021 Little Mix's #1's: Cannonball (2011) Wings (2012) Black Magic (2015) Shout Out To My Ex (2016) Sweet Melody (2021) Little Mix have now officially had a Top 10 every year since 2011
  2. Update: Jesy from Little Mix announced she's leaving Little Mix for good. She wrote fans a letter explaining she's focusing on her mental health: Little Mix broke the news on instagram: After an amazing 9 years together Jesy has made the decision to leave Little Mix. This is an incredibly sad time for all of us but we are fully supportive of Jesy. We love her very much and agree that it is so important that she does what is right for her mental health and well-being. We are still very much enjoying our Little Mix journey and the 3 of us are not ready for it to be over. We know that Jesy leaving the group is going to be really upsetting news for our fans. We love you guys so much and are so grateful for your loyalty and continued support of all of us. We’re looking forward to seeing so many of you on tour. Love always, Jade, Perrie and Leigh-Anne Previously: I hope she's doing okay and focusing on her health/mental health Jesy has been absent from the group since the end of October and her PR stated initially stated she was unwell, she missed performing/hosting at the EMA's, missed the finale of Little Mix: The Search and has been absent from other interviews/promo over the past two weeks. Jesy is known to struggle with mental health, so I hope she is doing okay and keeping strong I'm proud of her for putting herself first and taking a break and focusing on her health, whether it be her mental health or health in general. I hope she's feeling okay soon. This is from Little Mix's PR:
  3. Little mix has dropped the official expanded Edition to Confetti, featuring 13 additional songs and remixes of break up song, Holiday and Sweet Melody.. It also includes their Epic No Time for Tears with Nathan dawe.. Enjoy the commercial.. Congrats to the fans asking for the album to have a Deluxe version now.
  4. So most of all would see top 0.01% or top 0.05% of listeners, I thought that was good ..but that's actually not.. it's small. A mixer on instagram, posted they were in the top 98% of all listeners for that group. She said,not surprised the only Artist I stan, is the only one getting all my streams. She spent get this. 2,000 hours just listening to the Girl Group.. She said. She likes other artists or casual Fans of other artists.. But that's what the cd player is for.. Can you guys just do what she did? Or are you happy being in 0.01% or 0.05% and listen to other artists?
  5. @Slayer The tea is piping hot. #1 Confetti physical CD was cancelled. #2 The Salute tour was cancelled by columbia Records themselves. #3 Refusing to go on arranged date's with DJs including some hook ups, actually hurt any chance of making the US #4 no say in Music or their Visuals. Drag them
  6. Congrats to Little Mix's Leigh Anne Pinnock, Not only is she engaged to get married (Fans asked Perrie when will her engagement happen, she says I don't know it's up to him) now she's a movie star. Starring in a Romantic Christmas set Comedy called Boxing day. @Slayer you're going to support this movie.
  7. They snapped The girls performed their new hit single 'Sweet Melody' on the Jonathan Ross Show in the UK. Parts of their interview: The stars did not say anything about Jesy's absence and Jonathan said he did not wish to pry. But he had some touching words for Jesy, telling the girls he hoped she was ok. "It's coming up to your tenth anniversary," said Jonathan. "And before we talk about that I just want to explain because there are three members of Little Mix here and not four. "And you put out a press release this week to say that Jesy is taking some time off for personal reasons. "Obviously I hope you know this, and I hope she knows this, but everyone is wishing her well and everyone is hoping that she gets through this." He continued: "I am not going to pry, I know it's quite personal, but everyone is thinking, I hope she is fine." Jade, Perrie and Leigh-Anne smiled and applauded along with the audience, but did not comment any further on Jesy's condition. Little Mix’s Jade said in another interview this week that the band will never be pulled apart by feuds, insisting: “We’re family.” The group have been rallying around Jesy Nelson, who said this week she was taking a break for “medical reasons”. And the girls have admitted they did not expect being in the group “to be this hard” with all the pressure and non-stop schedule of working. Jade, said: “We said from the get-go we’d remain equal, even when other people might tell us otherwise. That’s one of the reasons we’ve lasted. “We’ve always been about lifting each other up – I think that translates. “People aren’t stupid, they can tell when you’re on stage if you aren’t getting along. “Maybe that’s why people have warmed to us for nearly 10 years. We’re family now.” Part of the interview from tonight's show:
  8. The girls of Little Mix are reportedly eyeing solo careers in light of band member Jesy taking an extended break due to private medical reasons. According to a new report from The Sun, once she feels better, she has plans to pursue a solo career. They add that Perrie and Jade are also looking at solo careers in music, while Leigh-Anne may embark on television. “The girls have been open and honest with each other, and with their current management team. They have started discussions with some prospective managers and agents about what their solo careers might look like. Some of the girls might end up taking on solo projects with their current management team too. But this isn’t about ending the band, it’s about looking to the future. They still have a tour scheduled to start in April next year, and even if that is delayed because of Covid, as is quite likely, they will still complete it. That will happen either with or without Jesy, who is taking some time out for as long as she feels she needs or wants to.” The source continued: “They’re talking about trying to emulate Take That, where each member has been able to drift out at times and work on their own projects, but come together at other times to tour and work as a group again. They love the band and all that they’ve achieved, and still get on very well as great friends. There is absolutely no fall-out between them and they’re all supportive of each other doing new things. It’s an exciting time.” That's a bummer but I imagine they're probably all curious how they would do as solo acts. I was rooting for them to stay together. Thoughts, Exhale? Related:
  9. Confetti was announced by Billboard that the latest little Mix album is debuting in the US at #83. That is 43 Positions lower than LM5. Mixers are calling out the US Label columbia Records (this is their Final Album under the Six Album deal for US Distribution. Only one problem. A physical CD wasn't released For Local Distribution. Amazon listed it as Available on Friday the 13th, which meant it was only via Import for both Standard and Limited Edition CD. After some investigating. Columbia cancelled the CD version, Removed Little Mix from all website and social media platforms. They had no intention on finishing the contract since the contract was signed with Syco back in 2012. But the switch to RCA UK (which got British mixers upset since They failed to add more bundles of physical products in the chart battle) actually cancelled the columbia contract in the US. So the girls really have no recording contract In the US. I do think a lack of physical caused this low performance. But fans also complained (nobody is ever really pleased) they love the Album. But the lack of photos in the booklet of the CD was another huge deal. But @Slayer can tell you. Confetti was probably planned for a Summer release. At the end of Wasabi video. The fabulous Super Deluxe of LM5 exploded into confetti (hinting album title), new era pending. I learned the Album was mostly finished. Just some tweaks to the girls liking was just what needed to be done. Those tweak's were done when the restrictions were lifted but the girls did it by themselves not as a group.
  10. Meghan trainor sure knows how to let her Man know. When you let go of your Mommy and Grow up, Then we can date. You gotta not By Little Mix is a Meghan Trainor written track. And it's her usual subjects of how men should be. Don't smoke cigs, Call your mom, mommy, don't ask for money from her. Literally that's one of the things most gay men and men hate in general about her is judging then by sleeping around (that's not how you're mama raised you, you're better than that). If one of the reasons why she's not so successful is her Girl powered lyrics are misogynistic towards men. There was a reason why Ain't your mama by Jlo flopped in the US. It was jlo singing a Meghan Trainor track and she's or any artist's are better than that.
  11. The grandiose production and/or controversial lyrical content are not the only ways to make a certain song memorable. Sometimes, it takes meticulous listening to noticed the slightest and simplest yet smart decision in a song, showing the artistic value and direction of the artist and producer. Here are my examples: Tsunami (Katy Perry) After the first chorus, and the start of the second verse (01:20), you will hear heavy synth-drops that I found so addictive, considering the song has low-esteem dynamics. It's like a some sort of a build up. Don't Start Now (Dua Lipa) The opening line, "If you don't wanna see me." completely contradicts the rest of lyrics. Simple but very clever songwriting. Sweet Melody (Little Mix) Notice the pause between the "real – love". If you will count the number of syllables of the first and second lines in the chorus, sync with the same tempo, the second one would turn out off-tempo. But hearing the "love" pronounced like an extension or transition word for the next line really blended well, and is indeed a very wise move.
  12. Little Mix's "Confetti" album debuted at #2 in the UK behind Kylie Minogue. This becomes their sixth consecutive Top 5 album. Official Charts Company also revealed "Confetti" was the most streamed album of the week. "Confetti" debuted at #1 in Ireland and became their third #1 album there. Little Mix sold 49.9k albums of Confetti in the first week and became the highest selling album in the first week for a British act in 2020. Little Mix's new single 'Sweet Melody' has landed at #3 this week and non-single 'Confetti' (song) debuted at #23. It's a big achievement for them and it's extremely well for a girl group who have been together for nearly a decade Little Mix thanked their fans for giving them a Top 3 album and single and for all their support! Biggest Albums Chart debuts of 2020 in the UK: 1. Kylie Minogue - Disco - 54.9k 2. Lady Gaga - Chromatica - 52.9k 3. Bruce Springsteen - Letter To You - 51.8k 4. The Killers - Imploding the Mirage - 50.4k 5. Little Mix - Confetti - 49.9k Also today Shout Out To My Ex went x3 platinum - Little Mix & the Spice Girls are the only girl groups to achieve that in history.
  13. The Closing track Breathe (Outside Japan), Has Fans Convinced a Certain Harry Styles is throughout the track. Mixers think this is indeed accurate. #1. The Girls covered Falling for Radio 1. #2. A Songwriter when asked if the Rumors are True or not. Left this emoji. 👀 Which to emoji users, usual means in the lines. It's like the secret was cracked. #3. Jade, herself on the Confetti streaming party on Twitter when asked by a fan about Harry Styles and Breathe. She can't confirm or deny the rumor, but wants to just milk it to get all the streams. Mixers are convinced it's him. the girls said they had PLANNED a big duet for this album, but it didn't work out. Mixers are convinced on Youtube it's Breathe and it was supposed to be a duet with Harry. Mixers aren't disappointed cos like they said. It's pretty much abd it seals the deal, we were this close to a One direction duet with Little Mix. They take anybody but Zayn. What do you guys think? @Jordan Miller @Slayer
  14. Tonight was a big night for the girls, they hosted the show and also performed. The girls won two awards tonight, they won Best UK & Ireland Act and Best Pop. They are now the most awarded girl-group in MTV EMA History (6 awards). Jesy was not there as she is ill.
  15. A music producer reacts to Sweet Melody by Little Mix, and boldly claims this is what us mixers wanted. A very R&B dance pop. We got it here and there, but Simon Cowell always pigeon holed them. He also touches on the vocals, loves how clean their vocals are, and how there's no auto tune (which we learned Simon did a lot on these girls). He praises how each girl gets their own verse to shine, and how the harmonies are some of the best. He also praises that they waited until the end to give the big vocal deliveries altogether like a call and response to each other. Even as a Music producer he says "If I work with them, this is exactly in terms of music and vocals is what I want from them. Dubs it his favorite track by Little Mix by far.
  16. The girls have released another song ahead of the release of their sixth album 'Confetti', they dropped the title track. What are your thoughts? Are you going to wait until the album release or listen now? I'm going to try my best to not click play and listen
  17. When Sweet Melody dropped the album Time length was just 16 minutes, looks like either Tuesday or Wednesday we could get a new track ahead of Friday's release. If we go by the pattern something tells me the title track "Confetti" track 4 could be the final track we could get before the album release this Friday. .. If I'm right the first six tracks would be available before the remaining 7 gets released, making a little EP @Slayermore music is coming before it drops this Friday.
  18. Hey guys, so I couldn't find a thread about this and I can't believe it because this show is actually really good! I'm watching it here. It is currently postponed due to positive coronavirus tests, but it'll resume shortly with the remaining two live episodes. Seven episodes have aired so far (6 taped, 1 live), and there are two left: the semi-final (November 6), and the final (November 7). I can't believe how good the casting was... I didn't like ALL the auditions as much as the girls from Little Mix did (too many praises if you ask me) but when they put together each band I think they made MAGIC! The bands that they came up with are six, and they are (in alphabetical order): Jasper Blue (Jordan, Liam, Melina, Rosie) > I LOVE THEM! Melladaze (Aislí, Ellie, Lauren, Liv, Megan) > I love the band name, I think it's original and sounds great, it's the best one. New Priority (Adam, Kaci, Lee, Talis, Zeekay) > THEY ARE ALL SO HOT Nostalia (Esther, Mya-Louise, Shanice, Tamara, Tyler) > I hate the name. I think they are going to win... Since September (Harry, Jacob, Matthew, Patrick) > THERE ARE SERIOUS STARS HERE. Harry Holles could be the new Harry Styles if you ask me yes I'm serious. YChange (Ashley, Eden, Romina, Versay) > I like them a lot together! I'm having a hard time finding good pics online but I linked all the bands to their official Instagram accounts. What do you think about Jasper Blue being eliminated?! :( :( I really like them!! I mean look at this... I'm hooked:
  19. They snapped with this song and video! It has become their 16th Top 10 single, it debuted at #8 on the UK's Official Charts. Sweet Melody also hit #1 on UK iTunes earlier in the week for a few days! What are your thoughts on the song and video?
  20. Little Mix gave their debut performance of 'Sweet Melody' on Little Mix: The Search's first live show. Band member Jade was unable to perform as she was self-isolating at home, however Jade was still featured on the show carrying out her Judging duties via video link They killed it and did amazing last minute without Jade! I can't wait until we get performances of them all together.
  21. 'Not A Pop Song' is officially out! It was co-produced by MNEK and Tayla Parx. It is not the third single, I believe it is a promo song! The third single is rumoured to be called 'Sweet Melody' and apparently the video has already been filmed. Their sixth studio album 'Confetti' comes out on November 6th. Not A Pop Song is a fun/lighthearted diss track about Simon Cowell. The girls were signed to Simon' label Syco from 2011 to 2018 after they decided to leave the label due to numerous issues with Syco. Little Mix claimed that they were not taken seriously because they were women and were discouraged from writing more of their own music. Little Mix also previously stated in 2018 that they were told by their record label to flirt with music producers/song writers and they refused. Enjoy Not A Pop Song! The girls have today also added further tour dates to their 2021 tour:
  22. Little Mix might become a trio for awhile, this past weekend Leigh Anne celebrated her 29th Birthday. But she broke serious Covid 19 laws by having more than six people at her Party, including you guessed her band mates.. Everybody is saying, they knew this was coming once they saw her Instagram stories. The laws in the UK for the pandemic is actually serious, and jail time is a requirement. So Little Mix might end up promoting And Touring confetti as a trio. If The court of British law throws the required one year jail sentence at Leigh Anne. If that happens should Little Mix postpone the release of Confetti and the tour til Leigh Anne gets out of whatever legal endeavors she has to do. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=4797163816976686&id=161385360554578
  23. A billboard editor is working extremely hard to get Little Mix a performance slot at this year's bbmas She also states. She doesn't understand why the US won't give one of the most talented girl groups ever the proper recognition they truly deserve. @Slayer @Jordan Miller
  24. Little Mix have announced that their sixth studio album is called 'Confetti' and is out on 6th November 2020! You are now available to pre-order! They have also announced a UK ''The Confetti Tour' starting in April 2021. CONFETTI 🎉 We are soooo happy to share this news with you guys, our new album will be all yours 6th November 2020. So much love, emotion and energy has gone into the making of this record and now the news is out we can finally get excited about it with you!! #CONFETTI 🎉🎉🎉 Related:
  25. UK do love their chart battles, as a big tradition advertised weekly by the OCC. For a While, it was a safe bet Kylie was going to go #1 with Disco and extend her record as the only act to have a #1 Album in five consecutive decades. All was fine until today. The lovers had their confidence a little shaken, as Little Mix announced Their highly anticipated Sixth studio album "Confetti" out the same day. The Kylie fan base remind themselves they had a huge lead in pre orders since June, but they are worried as Kylie doesn't have streaming numbers like little Mix does. They also know The girls gets a bigger push as their talent show looking for the opening act for their forthcoming stadium tour airs this fall on BBC one. Plus Kylie is starting her US Promo month Tonight. They want Kylie to push Up disco or delay it a few weeks til she can focus on the UK. As that is what led Golden to be a huge success in that market. She focused on the UK leading up to it's release. It's Pop legend Kylie vs. Little mix In the UK. Place your BET's. Who you think is going in at #1 for the release week of November 6.
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