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Found 3 results

  1. .i think Britney's starting to get her old face disclaimer i think britney looks amazing whatever i fell like the lips fillers she had starting to fade away i know her lips form changed due to here nose job but you can see her lips in 2016, 2020 and 2020 2016: glory cover: 2019: you can still see the lips 2020: white dress but overall, i think the problem in Brits "new" face is her node job, her skinny nose is far too high from her lips and his force-able skinniness have pushed her cheeks higher and with the bad lips have created her "Joker" smile its obvious she had a couple face lifts that rised up her cheeks. I edited one of her latest pic, and ONLY thing i did is but her lips slightly down and make her nose a bit fatter. she look like she just came from 2012
  2. Guys she's doing Piece Of Me in Europe. If she revamped the show, what would you choose to change? I mean... something like she did for Pom 2.0 (new outfits, 3-4 new performances, new dancebreaks) and not an entire show. What would you like her to change, since we're not getting over Pom yet? -The show is shorter, around 80 mins with 19 total performances -No more DYWCO -There are more ballads so she can catch her breath -There is more choreography of course -No catwalk, the platform with the stair put on the center of the stage -New remixes, props and interludes ACT 1 (new outfits kind of similar to the 2015 bbma's one, fitting with the military theme. Black hight boots. New intro video with Chris Cox Megamix to hype the audience) 1) Work ***** (new prerecorded vocals (please Britney it's a spoken song, it's too embarrassing), for the love of god britney do the choreography like your dancers! It's been 4 years and she still cannot do it properly) 2) Womanizer (new remix and prerecorded vocals, same Po 2.0 dancebreak but the old Circus promo choreography for the rest) 3) Break The Ice / Pom (it's ok as it is, playback and all, but restore the old Pom instrumental dancebreak 'cause the nerfed one from the last leg is awful) ACT 2 (new outfits similar to the dancer, with high-waist short jeans, a sparkly bra and a little jeans waistcoat. Nike tennis shoes similar to the pom 1.0 ones) 1) Me Against The Music (new remix and prerecorded vocals, same performance but with the second chorus and the break choreography more similar to the dancers) 2) Gimme More (new remix, same performance but Britney do the same movements of your dancers instead of ALWAYS moving the wrong arm or leg all the time) 3) I Love Rock And Roll (same) ACT 3 (New outfit with a black jacket and hat for circus - sparkly golden catsuit under. Short golden boots) 1) Circus (new remix, music video choreography (chairs and all) with just the first chorus choreography taken from the old Pom). 2) Freakshow (new remix, more Circus-ish, prerecorded vocals. Same performance) 3) Lucky (live or good prerecorded vocals. Guys it's a gh tour and lucky is really engaging for the audience. With a proper live or believable prerecorded track it would be good and she would be able to catch her breath for a while) ACT 4 (New outfit similar to the red robe she wore one night for the Work ***** section but dark purple and sparkly. White robe for Slumber party. High black boots and black gloves) 1) I'm A Slave 4 U (Glory promotional tour performance without the pole, but with first chorus and "get it get it" choreography taken from the original one) 2) Breathe On Me / Touch Of My Hand (initial Pom 2.0 choreographies restored (spins and backflip). Both songs shortened: Breathe On Me stops right after the second chorus, before the spoken part, and touch of my hand goes like verse - chorus - dancebreak - ending, avoiding all the useless and ripetitive parts) 3) Slumber Party (same performance, no Tinasha.) ACT 5 (Scream and shout interlude, neon and lasers from the old boys part. New outfits with black latex hight waisted shorts and neon-coloured top. Black tennis shoes) 1) Hold It Against Me (new remix, FFT performance but with improved second verse and final chorus choreography. Chair part with sexier and sharper moves) 2) Toxic (new remix, more club-friendly, with no slow parts. Performance similar to the itunes festival, with the proper BBMA's chorus choreography restored and a properly executed instrumental break. Original "intoxicate me now" choreography added for the ending) 3) Criminal (new electronic mix with the same tempo. Live or prerecorded vocals. Britney sits down among lots of lasers, smoke and neon lightnings.) 4) Make Me (new eletronic mix with the same tempo. Live or prerecorded vocals. Britney stands up and walks toward the crowd sorrounded by lasers and neon. No G-Eazy part, with the song ending after the second chorus. No choreography) ACT 6 (No flying wings, just a long, white, sparkly dress for Britney. Black, simple, strapless, sparkly black catsuit for bomt and oops. A short fake white fur for ttwe above the catsuit. Black high boots) 1) Everytime (new mix with strings and drums, live or prerecorded vocals, Britney stands with a handmic in front of her) 2) Bomt / Oops (new prerecorded vocals, bomt choreography restored from pom 1.0, oops shortened after the second chorus without the useless instrumental break) Fake goodbye after Oops. All the lights shut down, some dramatic special effects, explosion and Britney comes out again for the encore 3) TTWE (pom 1.0 verse choreography restored. FFT "ooh ooh" part choreography added) What do you think of my Pom 3.0? What would be your take?
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